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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #210 - Fungus Humungous Review


The turtles, April and Casey are forced to face their biggest fears!

It's no secret the creative minds behind Nick's TMNT really, really dig horror movies. That's been more than transparent with many of the new mutants and the themes behind some of the episodes. Well, the latest one, "Fungus Humungous," seems like it was pure bliss for them to produce and it is without question one of the most creative episodes we've yet to see from the series.

Throughout the show's history, we've seen what each character is afraid of and this new threat gives each of those fears a chance to reemerge in a totally explosive manner. Having an episode that revolves around each character being hit with what's essentially fear gas gives the show's team the chance to generate some massively fun visuals and moments. Just about every bit of nostalgic awesomeness the show has delivered can be found in this episode (e.g. old school cartoons, vintage video games, etc). Plus, it has what is easily the trippiest musical number you'll see all week. It's great stuff.

While this episode is all about the crazy ways it'll please your eyes, the writers didn't neglect laughs, action or a bit of character depth, either. As always, the show has more than a fair share of lines and gags that'll keep you smirking or even make you burst into laughter -- I know I sure did more than a couple of times. Thanks to Greg Cipes' voice work, Mikey's random lines here and there are adorable and effectively hilarious. The other characters have some lines that'll give them a chance to tickle your funny bone, but when it comes to laughs, Mikey's definitely the go-to dude in this episode.

As for the action, it's basically limited to the team going all-out against a swarm of smaller cannon fodder. There's nothing too energetic or over the top here, but it's always entertaining to see these characters show off their skills. While we do get to see how each main character reacts to an overwhelming amount of fear, the focus is primarily on Leonardo. We've seen him have his doubts about leading the team in the past, but given their obstacles, it's understandable that he continues to question himself, even after all they've endured. This offers a moment of wisdom with Master Splinter, and, let's be honest, those scenes are always solid and engaging. It's a great episode for Leonardo, and, even though it's unlikely these developments will make him never question his abilities again, it's still enthralling to see how he overcomes his worst fear.

As awesomely creative as this episode may be, there's no shaking the feeling that it's another "mutant of the week" episode that doesn't move the overall plot forward. It's a little bit of a letdown since, over the past couple of episodes, they've really begun to show us more about the Kraang -- not just what they're up to, but also who they are and how they operate.

"Fungus Humungous" is full of imagination and it's a real blast. The episode's a treat for your eyes and will undoubtedly keep you entertained as it delivers some of the most creative bits yet. It doesn't move the narrative forward at all and the action isn't up to par with the other episodes, but it's one that any TMNT fan will likely have a great time watching.

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Posted by ShadowPro

i love this tmnt this chap looks awesome

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I'm never usually a fan of one and done tv show but man I love TMNT

Posted by Wolverine08

Sweet episode!

Posted by NightFang

Rap and Casey had it the worst.

Posted by redhood21

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Posted by NightFang

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Can't these people just be banned?

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Leo rulez!

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I'm Freaking Out! I'm Freaking Out! I'M FREAKING OUT!

Posted by Vaeternus

I thought it was great, enjoyed it.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

There's 2 kinds of fear hallucination episodes: the kind where realistic fears are brought to life, or the kind where minor fears are enhanced into acid sequences. This was mostly the second one, except for Leo and maybe Donnie.

Oh, and the Donnie vs Casey headbutting has officially begun!

Posted by Lurkero

It all managed to tie itself together. Good episode after we've been able to explore the personalities of all the characters and their fears.