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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #19 Review


General Krang is holding the Neutrino King and Queen hostage. Time and power isn't on their side, but the Turtles and Rebels form a plan to save the duo.

The Good

My favorite part of this issue is easily Karai's story. Not only did it deliver the slickest moments (artist Ben Bates rocked those scenes), but its connection to TMNT: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE FOOT CLAN gives the series a grander scope. It's making us loop back and wonder how all of these elements are connected. It also has me excited to see how these pieces will soon play out. I love how everything is slowly coming together in such an organic manner. 
There's some nice brotherly love going on in this issue, but their own unique personalities are also given more of a chance to shine. Unlike the rest who opted for stealth, Raphael relishes the chance to be a part of a more direct and action heavy assault -- this is something that has me looking forward to the next issue. Mikey of course has a few childish and funny lines ("I've done this a zillion times") and seeing Leo facepalm in response to his orange masked brother was priceless. Donny's excitement over being in a high tech lab was also a pretty adorable and heartwarming moment.  

The final battle is one helluva mess. It might be too crowded for some people's taste, but I loved scanning those panels and trying to soak in all of the chaos. Bright lasers flying every which way, tanks rolling around, planes swooping in... it's just a fun illustration to gaze at and imagine it playing out in motion.

The Bad 

I can't help but feel like General Krang is way too cliche here. He looks great, but I could totally see this version shaking his fist and yelling, "Curse you, Turtles! You haven't seen the last of General Krang!" if he's defeated in the next issue. I get it's tough to make this character unique, but I really wasn't feeling the characterization in this issue. 

There was so much time leading up to the battle and I think the issue would have benefited from trimming some of the conversations on Neutrino. The basics of their plan was spelled out a handful of times when it didn't need to be -- it's not a complex plan, after all. Also, we spent so much time waiting for the final assault on Krang's base and when it finally happened I couldn't help but feel kind of underwhelmed as it carried on. Luckily, this cliffhanger makes it obvious that Tom Waltz is saving the most thrilling parts for the next issue.  The Turtles vs. Krang? Oh, yes!

The Verdict   

I know some of you are probably shocked by the 3 star rating. I regularly praise this title and constantly give it 4-5 stars, but to me, this issue felt like a lot of filler (Karai aside, that is) and didn't really deliver with its final rush. Overall, it's an okay issue. I don't find myself reflecting positively on this issue... instead, I'm left anticipating how things will play out in the next one.
Posted by Dark_Guyver

Is this the end of the Krang arc. I haven't gotten a chance to read it.

Posted by k4tzm4n
@Dark_Guyver said:
Is this the end of the Krang arc. I haven't gotten a chance to read it.
No, this issue doesn't conclude the Krang arc.
Posted by The Stegman
@k4tzm4n: I just recieved the third and fourth trades today, after I read em, I should be able to catch up on this series right away, I can't wait!
Posted by Dud317

Dude WTF? My LCS didn't have this issue again. The same thing happened with #18. I was told it was a shipping error. Did the same thing happen again or is my shop dropping the ball?

Posted by danhimself

I feel like Krang would be a really hard character to do seriously....the best we got was Utrom Shredder in the 2003 animated series and even then the moments where he's outside of his suit were borderline ridiculous

Posted by Superguy0009e

I finally caught up to TMNT and I have to say, all of these issues ROCK!!

Even for a build up issue, it was incredibly entertaining and fun.

Posted by Xwraith

I thought this issue was at least 4-star material... but getting my letter printed may have swayed that opinion.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@The Stegman said:

@k4tzm4n: I just recieved the third and fourth trades today, after I read em, I should be able to catch up on this series right away, I can't wait!

What do you think of it so far?

Posted by benblanks

Couldn't agree more on the rating. This is the only title out of my pull list this week that I actually put down shortly after starting, mind you it was late and my attention span was slipping, but nevertheless rarely do I start reading a comic without finishing it. All that dialogue on Neutrino between the characters that WEREN'T turtles, I couldn't care less about, and they kept saying each other's silly names when I just wanted them to get to some action already, I get that we as readers need to be reminded of who is who, but it was done in such a way that it was unbelievable to think that anyone would talk like that. It's like if we exchanged "Greg, I liked your review." "Thanks Ben." "Greg, no problem." "Ben, happy to do it, Ben." Not that bad of course but you get what I'm saying.