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Talon #4 - Nightmares Review


Calvin Rose faces off against 'The Gotham Butcher' in the latest issue of his self titled series.

The Good

I was never the biggest fan of artist Guillem March on CATWOMAN, but I do believe he is better suited on this series. He executes fight scenes in this issue very fluidly and his style really compliments the story. March also has a lot of attention to detail, which I think is important to a lot of the scenes in this issue.

Overall, this story is really well organized. Even some of the story's supplemental characters (like Anya) take center stage and give a really great show without stealing all of the spotlight. It's clear that 'The Gotham Butcher' is a very violent, extremely dangerous and unstable character, and it's obvious that he is being set up by this series' creative team to be a prominent villain and member of Calvin's own rogue's gallery. The overall portrayal of The Gotham Butcher' in this issue and his interaction with Calvin certainly has an "edge of your seat" feel, and if I had to compare this relationship to any other in a comic it would probably have to be Bane and Batman's interactions. There are definitely similar elements between these two characters.

The set-up of the plot is really good, too. I think James Tynion IV does a great job covering a large range of emotions in this issue. You see a lot of fear, suspense and even a very sweet sentimental moment by the time you reach the end of this issue.

The Bad

I can understand that "The Gotham Butcher" has a very specific role in this story and his job is simply to blindly seek out Calvin and eliminate him for the Court of Owls. This would be fine, except that there are certain lines in this issue that indicates there is some kind of deeply seeded rivalry between the two characters. As if there is more history here than maybe we originally thought. Overall, though, the interaction was really good.

The Verdict

Overall this was a good issue. The story is pretty action packed and the structure and layout are relatively well organized. I think that there is a lot of great set-up for a solid rivalry between Calvin and The Butcher, and based on that last page, I doubt we've seen the last of him. It will be interesting to see the interactions between these two develop, Overall, pretty solid story.

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Posted by Cavemold

i really loved this gave it 5/5. i dont agree your score because there should be more than meets the eye. like you said there seems to be past history between them. which enriches the story , i think.

Posted by SavageDragon

Nice review Babs, I agree Guillem March is really suited for this book. and I really dig his art on this book. Its got this really sharp approach to faces and lines in action scenes which builds up the representation of speed and agility of a guy like Calvin.Yeah this story was solid, I think the villain could be the first real real big villain for Calvin other than the Court obviously. Every issue so far has left me wanting to know what happens next, and that's a great thing.

Posted by HollowPrince665

I love this story so much. The whole premise is really kind of cool and I feel like it is kind of like DC's Elektra in a sense that they were both Assassins that have removed themselves from a larger body of assassins that have hands all over the world. I cannot wait to see what The Court of Owls has in store for Calvin, Casey, and Sarah. The interactions with the characters and the depth of the history between them, though we still don't know too much, is very engaging. I cannot wait to read more and see where all this will lead to. Definitely a great book to pick up and the first DC title I picked up. Thanks to this I looked at other titles (Flash, Batwoman) and really do believe that with time this title will become one of the greats.

Posted by BatWatch

I'm pretty much with you on this one. I enjoyed The Gotham Butcher as a threat, but I also thought his dialogue needed some help. I did not get the impression that he had a previous relationship with Calvin, but rather, it just seemed that he was a generic, bloodthirsty villain. I'm hoping Tynion will develop him further.

I loved the action in this book, and I think March is doing a great job. I do wish there was a little less action and a little more character development in this issue.

The BatWatch Review is up.

Posted by doordoor123

Okay, I agree.

Posted by mcbean

2 out of 5 lame

Posted by entropy_aegis

Felix Harmon seems like Venom, great issue.

Posted by longbowhunter

This wasn't a bad issue but seemed a little too by the numbers. I also got the feeling Harmon's hate boner for Calvin had to be coming from somewhere. I hope this gets clarified.

Posted by markslurpee


The Harmon/Rose feud was pretty vague and there were a couple over-the-top cliche responses/actions in the book but they were more or less negligible. I hope the feud gets explained soon because I adore this series.

Posted by gunmetalgrey

Unless Harmon had some kind of history with Calvin's ancestors I don't see how there could be a backstory between them.

All I see is a psycho who wants to savor his first new plaything since waking up after over a century.