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Swamp Thing #22 - The Whisky Tree, Part 1 of 2 Review


A tree popped up that gives off whisky. Why is that such a problem for Swamp Thing? And find out what Constantine thinks about it.

The Good

Charles Soule is continuing his take on Swamp Thing. The "chase" continues as the mysterious Seeder is going about the world, seemingly offering help but is actually causing serious problems for The Green.

In a nice change of pace, the story takes place in Scotland. Coming upon a small town, Seeder asks what the town would wish for. A few years back the whisky distillery that gave life to the town shut down. Seeder plants a seed which causes a special whisky-giving tree to come about.

While this might sound like a cool notion, the problem is whatever means Seeder is using to go about his business, it's affecting and harming the Green. This is why Swamp Thing is involved.

In an almost random fashion, Alec finds himself in the company of Constantine. We all know Constantine can be a tricky guy to get along with. What ensues is a great exchange and interaction which should appeal to fans of both characters. You get the impression Soule is having fun with this story and suddenly the story veers in a different direction.

The art by Kano is great. Swamp Thing can sometimes look a little goofy. From his different forms to the people and location of the story, it all fits nicely here.

The Bad

I understand why and how Swamp Thing and Constantine meet up. For this run in to take place all the way in Scotland still seems a little coincidental. But then, what do I know about this magical world they live in?

The story of the Seeder is interesting. It feels a little odd with last issue focusing on Capucine and then it shoots back to the pursuit of the Seeder in Scotland. It's a slightly sporadic feeling unless it turns out they are connected in some way.

Last issue, in the "Next Issue" portion, it called this issue "The Whiskey Tree." This issue, the title and throughout the story, they use "whisky." I know both are acceptable but I find the lack of 'e' disturbing. (No, this isn't a serious gripe against the issue).

The Verdict

There's some serious business going on yet this was a fun issue. I'm still recovering from the end of the previous run and the results that caused Alec Holland to be a little less cheerful. With the pursuit of Seeder, the Whisky Tree and appearance by Constantine, Charles Soule is shaking things up in a good way. Things are getting interesting and with the way it ends here, there's no telling what might happen next.

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Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

@g_man well Whisky is Scottish and Whiskey is American maybe that's got sumit to do with it?

Posted by G-Man

@jonny_anonymous: Oh I completely understand. Believe me, I know a little about whiskey, besides the fact that Comic Vine used to be part of Whiskeymedia. It also bothered me a tiny bit in Tintin. But a minor thing, of course.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

@g_man: lol they talk about Whisky in Tintin? Anyway how is this book since Snyder left? Has it kept the same tone or is it more superhero now?

Edited by longbowhunter

Charles Soule may have the best voice for Constantine out of anyone in the current stable of DC writers. I really liked this issue.

Posted by Tiso

I was going to drop Swamp Thing after Soule's first two shakey issues, but issue 21 renewed my interest. Glad to hear it #22 doesn't drop the ball!

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Charles Soule is doing an awesome job following Snyder's run!

Posted by Cap10nate

@jonny_anonymous: It has been really good since Soule has taken over. It has become less grotesque but has not moved towards traditional superhero style much at all. He is trying to find his place in the world as the avatar of the green and try to keep his humanity. He is very conflicted and it looks like it will continue to build for the near future. Definitely looking forward to see where Soule takes it from here.

Edited by manwithoutshame

Soule keeps finding inventive ways to use Swamp Thing's powers, and the way he describes a tree's feelings is a nice touch.

Posted by Eternal19

When is Swamp Thing going to feel like a horror comic again? Soule's Swamp thing isn't really creepy

Posted by Bogey

Another great Swamp Thing issue.

Posted by Jake Fury

I am already enjoying Soule's run more than Snyder's. This issue was great.