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Swamp Thing #2 - When it Comes A'Knockin' Review


There is a grand epic feel to Swamp Thing as secrets are revealed to Alec Holland. Snyder and Paquette are opening the door for a bigger world involving Swamp Thing. The story also heats up as we find out more of the new and deadly villain.

Just when you (and Alec Holland) thought you knew everything there was to know about Swamp Thing, more is revealed showing that the notion of being Swamp Thing is much bigger than anyone thought.

The Good

Last issue shows Alec Holland trying to readjust to being alive and having memories of a life as Swamp Thing that technically aren't his own. He was somehow visited by a Swamp Thing and we also so the birth of a creepy and deadly villain. With the visit to Holland, we get a little history on Swamp Thing and the Green. There is a purpose for the way things happened and we see there is a grander scheme in motion. Why would the world need a Swamp Thing and what does that have to do with Holland? This is just some of what we discover in this issue. The villain seen in the first issue is named here as we find out more and see the latest move towards Swamp Thing. Be prepared for things to get ugly for Alec Holland.

There is a lot of dialogue here which is needed and welcomed in laying out the groundwork for what Swamp Thing is actually all about. It's great having a comic once in a while that you don't zip through in a few minutes. I found myself hanging onto every word, taking them all in to firmly get an idea of what is being said. With Snyder, there is often layers to his work with hidden clues and meanings under the surface. You know he has something huge and crazy set in motion and you'll want to try to catch any clues that are most likely sitting out in the open.

Yanick Paquette's art is amazing. I had one minor complaint last issue but there's nothing to complain about here. From the flashback sequence (that fully captures the time period depicted) to Holland out in the swampy area to the nightmare-worthy scenes with the 'villain,' it's all a treat to see. There are some interesting panel layouts as well. Normally I'm not a huge fan when this happens but it truly adds to the art and completely fits in with the way the story is told.

In the first issue the appearance of Superman felt a little weird. That doesn't happen here but there is a...surprise appearance in the comic that hopefully people will read before hearing about it.

The Bad

Nothing. I loved the first issue but this one was somehow even better.

The Verdict

There is a bigger world to the idea of Swamp Thing and Scott Snyder is slowly pulling back the curtains. The idea and feeling that there is much more to Swamp Thing than we thought is an exciting feeling. Often when this has been done in the past with other characters, a secret history revealed, it can come across as forced. That isn't the case here as Snyder clearly has taken all the past incarnations of Swamp Thing under consideration and it all fits perfectly.Besides finding out more about Swamp Thing, we also see more of that creepy backwards head possessing villain and find out what 'it' means for Swampy. Yanick Paquette's art is a treat here. Everything from the flashback scenes to the times in the swamp and the deadly villain all look great. There is also a nice surprise appearance in the book that hopefully won't get spoiled so readers can witness it and get a big smile on their faces. I loved the first issue but this one was even better. I'm so excited to see what's coming next.

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Posted by SC

!! Can't wait for this, thank you for review G-Man. Better than the first?? *falls off chair... into a swamp*  
Might turn into my fav DC book. 

Posted by Saren

Great review. Hope Animal Man #2 is as good.

Posted by DickDastardly

Cant wait to pick this up in Half an hour! This series had me from the first issue. I have a feeling those not impressed, or sold on this series yet, may miss out in the long run..

Posted by ChernobylCow

Judging by the cover, Swamp Thing <3 hugs.

Posted by Rise2Ragnarok

Great Review Tony! Can't wait to get this in the mail, and the review only makes it worse a wait!

Posted by Jackile

Can't wait to read this. I loved the first issue. I'm so happy Swamp Thing has returned to the DCU. Scott Snyder is quickly becoming my favorite writer out there today. With this, Batman and how good American Vampire is, the guy is hitting home runs left and right.

Posted by comicbookheretic

Loved this book! Great review

Posted by difficlus

wow so many 5 star reviews for the new 52. Marvel need to step it up.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

This and Animal Man are top reads of the week for me. I knew I wouldn't be let down by Scott or Jeff.

Posted by horshbox

Just read this and I really enjoyed it just as good if even better then the first issue!

Posted by DickDastardly

Just finished reading #2, and it was as good as i hoped it would be. The art is amazing. The borders that seperate the panels on some pages are works of art in themselves, and scott snyders writeing is really growing on me (no pun intended) Now if only issue 3 would hurry up..

Posted by Om1kron

I feel like such a tard, I was so excited to see that they had the re-prints in the store for the first issue that I missed I forgot to grab the 2nd issue for this but grabbed the 2nd issue for nightwing *facepalm* and now it's going to be sold out when I go back tomorrow =( 

Posted by Greenlantern206

man swamp thing 2 was such a great book cant wait for 3 and i am so glad i took a chance to pick this series up

Posted by Booster_Bronze

Ever since I learned Swamp Thing would be one of the new 52, I picked up the back issues of Brightest Day: Search for Swamp Thing. Between those 3 issues and Swamp Thing #1, I learned very little of who or what Swamp Thing is or was. This issue, however, really filled in the gaps. I found more answers to some of my questions in the dialogue in this issue than I did in the previous 4 I had collected. It was a very necessary issue for new readers of ST, and I thought it was pulled off beautifully. I also enjoyed the possible references to Animal Man mythology, and I think that a cross over between Swamp Thing and Animal Man in the future would be great!

I do have one question though:

Who is the woman at the end? I don't recognize her. Could someone tell me, possibly in an e-mail so I don't ruin the spoiler for other people by posting on here?
Posted by carnivalofsins00

So far this is the best book I've read this week.

Posted by longbowhunter

I agree this was better than issue #1. Hope this becomes the running theme.
Posted by Eyz

Another solid book!

And we didn't even need this whole reboot-thingie to get it, it's more or less what Brightest Day was setting up :P

Posted by hippiehop

There was a really amazing moment for me while reading this book when I realized that they weren't starting from scratch or retconning the old Swamp Thing out of existence, but building on the mythology. The issue was a bit exposition heavy but ultimately worth it especially with that ending! Really my only problem with this book is that it is not Vertigo.

Edited by gangly


She is mentioned throughout this issue as the "woman with white hair". Also, in the previous issue we learn that she is a part of the memories that Alec has, which he doesn't understand. She's a very important part of the Swamp Thing mythos, but aside from that, I'd recommend just waiting to find out more from Mr. Snyder in issue #3. ;)
Posted by CODYSF

just finish the comic now and he is right the 2 issue is better then the first.