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Superman/Wonder Woman #1 - Power Couple Review


DC's "power couple" get their own title. Charles Soule and Tony Daniel prepare to show us a different side to the two and hopefully they'll survive long enough so we can see more.

The Good

There may be some that feel Superman and Wonder Woman should not be a couple. This is how some feel in real life and in the DC Universe. Where we stand in the New 52 timeline, both these characters are still developing and evolving. This is something that Charles Soule displays right away. Superman and Wonder Woman may have found some common ground to relate to each other and this is an opportunity to explore that.

What Soule does in the first issue is give us a little more on their personal lives. In their own titles, there is usually some crazy villains causing destruction or other distractions that take over the issue. Soule has stated that he does intend to include both their supporting casts. We see Clark working with Cat on their website. We see Wonder Woman training in London. These little moments show us that this isn't just going to be a series focusing on two superheroes dating.

Oh yeah, there's some big action taking place here. Soule mixes things up by jumping back and forth within the story. It's cool to see the mix between the two and you will be impressed with what happens in the action scenes.

Tony Daniel gives the story a great touch. His art really captures the emotion, action as well as the normal everyday scenes. This gives the story a more realistic feel. Superman often comes across as an overly stiff character. The same happens with Wonder Woman sometimes. Daniel's art makes them feel a little more human.

The Bad

This is a set up issue. It's a great way to start. There may be new readers than need to catch up on this version of the two. While there is action, there are times when things slow down a bit. Again, this is important to flesh out the series and direction. It almost felt as if we had more pages of the two separated than together.

The Verdict

Superman and Wonder Woman are two of DC's greatest characters and we're finally getting a series devoted to the two together. Charles Soule gives a great mix of action, emotion and character development in this debut issue. It should convince you to stick around for more to come. Tony Daniel's art adds depth to the characters. His layouts make this feel completely different than the regular SUPERMAN or WONDER WOMAN comics yet it feels like this is how it was meant to be. While we do get a mix between the action and quiet times, you will be left hanging and hungering for more, especially when you get to the end. It's a glorious start and let's all cheer for DC's "power couple."

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Posted by spinningbirdcake

Alright well that review sold me on at least trying out the first issue. I'm not inherently against the idea of those two together, and Soule seems to be liked by more than he's disliked by, and Tony Daniel has been doing killer work on Superman as of late so I'll give it a shot.

Edited by SNascimento

I enjoyed it, the balanced between action and quieter moments was very good and the pace was appropriated. Even when they were not together, how both of what they were doing was being show at the same time gave it a interesting dynamic, and the stuff with Cat will become more relevant once she gets the letter. Also, who is the sender?

The art was outstanding, the openning with them on the storm was beautiful, and overall I have no complains. The last panels were fantastic too, both in the art and writting.

A cool scene for me was Clark giving Diana the flower. It's a really normal thing do do, yet, when you look the flower, you realize that it's not. Kinda like their relationship.

Edited by fallbrigade

I'm gonna be giving this a shot. I understand that everyone wants Clark to be with Lois because it's just "the way it's meant to be", but I think this isn't such a bad direction. Plus, I think we all know they won't be staying together forever. Something will happen down the line, and they'll split. I think that's inevitable, for the sake of a good story and some sort of development.

Posted by darknightspideyfanboy

i agree a more pages would been great but still a great issue and a good start

Edited by Shallbecomeabattoo

Great to hear that it spends a lot of time with their personal lifes! That is something that a lot of superhero book aren't doing enough. It is such a waste to only concentrate on the punshing and fighting. If the personal life of the hero is interesting and he has meaningful realtionships, which get explored in each issue, the action becomes that much more thrilling and serious.

Books like Daredevil, All New X-Men, Superior Spider-man, Batman and Hawkeye do that very well, for example. Good to see that this book does as well. I am too old for meaningless fight fests in every issue. Thats why I was so let down by most new 52 Superman stuff (apart from Morrisons Action and Snyders unchained, of course)

Posted by BloodyNights

I'm not exactly a big fan of the two together, mostly because it felt really forced. I'll still read this series, because it has one of the characters I originally thought I didn't like, turn into someone I had to read whenever she popped up, and dats dat Wonder Woman. So as long as they do her Justice I'll be happy with whatever the outcome.

Posted by turel_hash_ak_gik

the issue was nice but everything that happened here could've been done in either ww, superman, action comics or even justice league (doomsday especially, but i guess they had to throw something big in this issue to sell people on the next). the moments were nicely done but after those run out idk if the book will survive. i give it 10 issues before it is renamed or cancelled. oh and the art makes ww really butch. man butch.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by patrat18

This will get canceled before it's 20th issue.

Posted by Saren

Yeah, it's very likely that a book starring Superman and Wonder Woman and featuring a bunch of popular villains will get cancelled.

Posted by justice teen

@citizenbane: Agreed

I cant wait to see wonder woman train superman

Posted by ptigrusmagus

BUYING THIS! My fav artist!

Posted by YouRight12

This issue was really good also it throw's all that "Superman's girlfriend" thing out the window

Edited by Herokiller12344

The "Bad" really seem forced. I mean this is one of those sections where it just feels like the only reason it's there is to be fair.

Posted by iaconpoint

I love Tony Daniel but I just can't see myself getting into this book. If it were Bruce and Diana or Clark and say, Catwoman, I'd be all over it, but Supes and WW just seems too forced or something not quite right.

Posted by Lvenger

Yeah, it's very likely that a book starring Superman and Wonder Woman and featuring a bunch of popular villains will get cancelled.

Sadly this is correct. Until the romance gets chucked away, this title isn't going anywhere soon.

Edited by HollowPrince65

I enjoyed this book. It has my interest. I'll give it an arch or two before I say for sure "This is bad" or "This is good". Right now, I enjoyed the issue and can't wait to see #2

Edited by UltimateSMfan

I enjoyed this issue. Good first issue....4.5 from me only because,well it's not Wonder woman but the idea of Supes being with anyone apart from Lois just feels really weird to me. I just have to try and embrace the new. Hopefully i'll get used to it as this series moves on.

Edited by SanoHibiki

“Bad” part of review looks forced to me. So far only downside of this issue – it’s so d…mn short!

Would have give 5/5, but not sure in my own objectiveness, so 4.5/5.

P.S. To people who said about Diana being arm candy for Supes – go away. She ruled in this issue, I even felt that potential problem should be called ”Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend, Superman”.

Posted by Mercy_


Posted by Primebonnick

i loved it. The art WOWOW my god it was breath taking i will be following the series. I like the refernces being made to their solo titles as well. Still can some one tell me if this takes place b4 foverevil/trinity war?

What i hated about it was that it was so short i wanted more pages. Oh well at least doomsday showed up can't wait to see him and diana go all out

Posted by Fallschirmjager

Gotta say the art was beautiful, and that's probably the best thing about it so far.

I'm not a huge WW/Superman romance fan, but I'll give it a go. IT was a set up comic as said, so there's not much story right now.

Doomsday showing up was AWESOME THOUGH!!

But yeah. I'll give it a go for a little bit. As said, the art is wonderful. So theres that at least until we have enough issues to get a good story going

Posted by Sleepbutnodream15

Tony Daniel's artwork since the New 52 started has been killer. I'd pick up this book just for that. And I think it's kinda dumb for people to complain about Wonder Woman and Superman being together. They're both very similar power-wise and are both kinda alone in the regular world, it actually makes sense. Comics kinda go on forever, so eventually I'm sure he'll eventually be with Lois.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

if there is any reason one should read this, it's because of the villans. Zod, Doomsday, etc.

i could care less about the romance.

Posted by Bloxxeh

I will never ship them.

Posted by Saint_Wildcard

How to you present a challenge to these two heroes mother pucking DOOMSDAY! That's how, now if only Greg Pak had written a good VM title. Never a fan of romance but doesn't mean I dont approve of them dating, I would say its a decent 8.5.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Cannot wait to pick this up! Daniel is easily my favourite artist from DC at the moment.

Posted by Deranged Midget
Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@lvenger: Honestly the romance isn't a huge deal. When you consider the fact that Wonder Woman finally has another book Superman is getting some more lime light instead of always Batman and Zod and Doomsday being the main villains plus an incredibly strong creative team. Not to mention this issue was very solid (I have read it. So the romance isn't a big deal it's being handled fairly well. This is more of a team up book. Although I would've greatly preferred a more a Trinity series about SM/WW/BM.

Posted by Lvenger

@theincrediblesuperhulk8642: It's still a useless series to put these two characters together when organic explorations of their relationship has stayed as a friendship only, nothing more. Romance is not in the cards for Superman and Wonder Woman. And whilst it's a good creative team and there are good villains, the inherent concept is flawed and therein lies the problem for me.

Posted by akbogert

While I won't be reading this (call me old-fashioned, but DC's entire attitude towards marriage and long-standing relationships has mostly turned me off to them, and a series engineered specifically to focus on a couple doesn't help with that), it's good to know that it's a decent title, and that it has things going for it beyond the mere novelty of the titular characters.

Frankly, if it weren't for the romance angle (and it doesn't need to be an angle in the book -- just knowing it's a canon relationship is enough to put me off to it), I would probably be buying this book. The characters are long-standing friends with a lot of awesome tag-team storytelling potential; I just don't want to do anything which would (financially) suggest to DC an approval of the current relational status quo.

Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@lvenger: It's not at all a useless series I don't think you would be saying that about this series if they weren't in a relationship and it would just be a team up book between the 2.

Posted by saoakden

Looking forward to buying this book & reading this series.

Posted by Manute117

will start this as one of my regulars,thanks

Edited by braynehurricane

Overall this was a little better than I expected. Still too cliched for my tastes. Wonder Woman venting to a friend that Clark is keeping their relationship a secret is kind of odd. I don't see that fitting her personality. Also that almost-sex-scene was just kind of gross. I don't want to think about Supes and Wondy doing the deed, sorry.

Posted by jwalser3

Pretty good start. I loved the art in this!

And dat Doomsday :)

Edited by ImagineMan16

@patrat18 said:

This will get canceled before it's 20th issue.

No it won't. It stars two extremely popular characters with large followings, showcases art which is almost universally adored, has a decent writer, and gets plenty of hype/promotion. That's a large readership right there, not even counting the large number of people who do like the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship (I'm not one of them, but there are many out there).

An unpopular romance isn't going to kill this book any more than Snyder recycling old plotlines is going to kill Batman. Like it or not, this book is here to stay.

Edited by patrat18

@imagineman16: Until Dc switches the writers,sales go down, It will fall.

Edited by GrenadeFlow

I really enjoyed this

Edited by Mercy_

@lvenger said:

@theincrediblesuperhulk8642: It's still a useless series to put these two characters together when organic explorations of their relationship has stayed as a friendship only, nothing more. Romance is not in the cards for Superman and Wonder Woman. And whilst it's a good creative team and there are good villains, the inherent concept is flawed and therein lies the problem for me.

LOVE this post.

Edited by Mercy_
Posted by AllStarSuperman

I loved it, but I spend way to much money weekly already. I'll force myself to trade wait...

Posted by Deranged Midget
Posted by manwithoutshame

It was good. I don't know exactly what I expect from this series, but I'm giving it a shot.

Posted by Rocky_hornung1

I loved this opening issue. I hope it lasts at least 24 issues. The romance dynamic forces the writers to address character development which is something that is very much lacking IMHO in WW and Superman's other titles.

Great story and great art. A breath of fresh air. And frankly it is about time that WW got some more comic book time. She is, IMHO at least as interesting as Superman and deserves the spotlight more often. And having Superman alongside her in this series really peeks my interest.

Posted by Lvenger

@theincrediblesuperhulk8642: If it were a buddy series, I'd be all for it. It would remove the inherent flaw within the series and focus on the meaningful friendship between Superman and Wonder Woman, not the forced romance between the two.

@mercy_ said:

@lvenger said:

@theincrediblesuperhulk8642: It's still a useless series to put these two characters together when organic explorations of their relationship has stayed as a friendship only, nothing more. Romance is not in the cards for Superman and Wonder Woman. And whilst it's a good creative team and there are good villains, the inherent concept is flawed and therein lies the problem for me.

LOVE this post.

Edited by ImagineMan16

@patrat18 said:

@imagineman16: Until Dc switches the writers,sales go down, It will fall.

I doubt it. Even if there were a creative switch (which is less likely if the book is doing well, though, given DC's track record, certainly not impossible) the book should already have a large enough following that it could stay afloat for a time, as long as we aren't dealing with a downright terrible replacement like Liefeld or something (I mentioned him because it would mirror the Deathstroke incident). A book doesn't have to be good to be popular. Really, all it needs is a character that people are already fans of (as evidenced by the continuation of Superman, TDK, and Teen Titans) and Superman/Wonder Woman has two.

I want to be clear that I'm not reading this book, though if it continues to get good reviews I might buy the first trade and see how it is. But in no way do I expect it to fail.

Posted by comicfan11

So the much expected and overhyped debut of Charles Soule's book come's down to "Hey Superman I know you have been a superhero for more time than me and you punch villains on a daily basis, but here's mommy to teach you martial arts!"

After at least 6 in continuity years of Superman as a hero and after we saw him read an entire library in seconds in Grant Morisson's Action comics THIS is what Charles Soule thought was an engaging plot point?

Making Superman look like a clueless dude who just happens to have superpowers.

And Diana's role is to teach poor unskilled Supes?


1 for the art and 0,5 for Doomsday.

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