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Superman Unchained #1 - The Leap Review


Scott Snyder and Jim Lee team up to deliver a new Superman series that will bring a smile to your face.

The Good

We've been waiting some time now for this series to debut. We've been wondering how it will begin and what Scott Snyder and Jim Lee will give us. It's safe to say this comic doesn't start out the way you would think it would. Snyder has mentioned in interviews that he is bringing in a new character and the big questions are how will this character fit in and what will they mean for Superman?

The opening pages immediately show us that Snyder and Lee aren't going for a typical Superman story. The scenario brings about a great sense of mystery and you'll find yourself closely looking over every last detail on each page to try to get an idea what this could all mean. It's a secret from the past - from a time before Superman even arrived on Earth. It could be something he's not prepared to deal with.

Jim Lee's action explodes off the page. He delivers a great variety in tone and feel, based on the different aspects of Snyder's script. You might have seen the released images of the giant fold out pages. It's a great way to really give perspective to the situation. Some might say Superman is overpowered but seeing him out in space shows there are some things bigger than even Superman.

In this scene and in Superman's return to Earth, Snyder provides some narration through Superman's thoughts. This is always a tricky move as trying to capture Superman, or any characters,' inner thoughts has to be done carefully. The way a person thinks to themselves isn't always indicative of the way they speak aloud. How many Superman-action scenes have we read? 'Seeing' how Superman feels and the description of everything as he returns to Earth is something I never really thought of. Too often we just take Superman for granted. He has amazing powers and can pretty much always save the day and come out on top. By giving him an inner voice, Snyder makes Superman a little more human. This is something many writers have struggled with in the past.

It's not just Superman that Snyder gets to write here. We also see glimpses of Lex, Jimmy, Lois and even Perry White. Snyder makes all the interactions and conversations feel natural. It's like we're taking a peak into a private world and you'll immediately get the itch to want to explore more.

I can never get enough Jim Lee art. I've already touched on the massive action scenes. Lee also does an amazing job with Clark sitting in front of a computer or Lois holding a cup of coffee while on the phone. I'm not sure if I admired the big massive space scene more or the way Lois' hand looked as she held the coffee. Lee's attention to detail in even Jimmy's camera or a simple bagel is breathtaking.

Lee's art is complemented by Scott Williams' inks (as usual) and Alex Sinclair's gorgeous colors. Everything just pops off the page and gets sucked into your eye sockets.

If you want a nice juicy mystery and cliffhanger, you'll get a beauty of one as well.

Let's not forget the epilogue by Snyder and Dustin Nguyen.

The Bad

I am completely sold. This is an all-star creative team. It would have been nice to get some more Dustin Nguyen pages as well.

The Verdict

Is it any surprise this book is a home run? DC went all out when it came time to set up the creative team for this book. Scott Snyder has already won us over with his writing on BATMAN. Superman is a completely different character. The fact that we get a detailed view of his inner thoughts immediately gives the book a different feel. Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair make this an extremely gorgeous book. This isn't an issue you'll want to zip through. You will want to carefully look over each page and panel to take in all the art as well as carefully digest the mystery pouring over the pages. The addition of an epilogue by Snyder and Dustin Nguyen is like getting dessert after a great meal. This is what I want from a Superman comic. The only problem I had with book this is I want more.

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Posted by MuyJingo

I actually really enjoyed this issue. Not a fan of Snyder's Batman at all, but his Superman seems to be amazing! I really enjoyed this issue. The characters all felt right, the story is interesting and the art was great. I loved all the little nuances.

I also learned how to spell lede, originally thinking it was a spelling mistake.

@hawkguy said:

One question... Idk why, but after Invincible it really bugs me... Sound in space? I enjoyed the issue but for some reason its really bugging me :/

There can be sound because there was still atmosphere to carry the sound. He makes a point of talking about them being OK while there is still atmosphere...

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

@tikhunt said:

@squalleon said:

@battle_forum_junkie said:

Does anyone know if all his issues are going to cost this much or just his opening issue?

Only the first issue.

Oh thank God, Allah, Odin and Zeus for that.

You forgot Ganesha, Buddha, and Grant Morrison.

Posted by KnightRise

Snyder and Lee nailed it. Its a good week to be a Supes fan.

Posted by JoeEddie

I was expecting more from Lee with the art.

Edited by GrumpyBear74

Big Echo to most of the posts here. Loved the issue, hated that they made the fold out part of the issue and not a pure Jim Lee art poster. I have been wanting to like a Superman book for a long time and this is the only one I have liked since he fought Ali and that was only because of the drawing with all the celebrities in the audience. Good job on this one but please DC, DO NOT do another insert like this.

Edited by yo_yo_fun

I loved it! It was a solid 1st issue.

Can't wait for issue #2!

Edited by sinestro_GL

The writng for Lex was much better than Diggle's AC#21

Posted by ComicAddict2814

Can someone tell me how we score our ratings on the new site? We used to just click on how many stars we feel each comic earned at the top of the review, however I cannot find where we are able to that. Thank you.

Posted by Vaeternus

Great new series, great art, plot hard to not like this.if you like superman. Only thing that confused me was the ending..what the hell happened to him?

Edited by tim_mik

This is near-perfect. I only tried to pick up a solo Superman title for the first time with New 52 and was disappointed. This issue was awesome!

Edited by mickeymayhew

is it me or is Jim Lee's art not quite as breath-taking as it was when he first appeared on Uncanny X-Men, like it looks a little more sketchy and less refined now?

Posted by cloudzackvincent

is it me or is Jim Lee's art not quite as breath-taking as it was when he first appeared on Uncanny X-Men, like it looks a little more sketchy and less refined now?

it's not just u.. although i found it spectacular in his other works, in unchained it was not very great...