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Superman #15 - Because I'm a Scorpion Review


Superman and Superboy meet with Lex Luthor in the latest issue of his self-titled ongoing series.

The Good

Superman the diplomat. That's the first thing I got from reading the first few pages of the latest issue of SUPERMAN by Scott Lobdell, illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort. The issue opens with a very concise recap of what has happened thus far, but before that though readers are introduced to Lex Luthor. It's a really well written scene, so far, that reminded me a little bit of the Lex we saw in ALL-STAR SUPERMAN years ago (and yes, that is a huge compliment).

One of the highlights for me in this issue was the interaction and dialogue between Superman and Superboy. It feels really natural and flows really well. From the start of this issue we see a different side to Superman. He's not a push-over, he's strong and he'll respect other people in power, but he will get what he wants. I think the dialogue in the scenes at the start of this comic are key and were, for the most part, really well written.

Lobdell really captures the snarky and superior nature of Lex Luthor, even after he's been "shackled" at Superman's request. It's a great scene that really plays up on this idea that these two characters are bitter rivals. The dialogue here is great and will really draw you into the story -- I was really impressed with the interactions between characters in this issue.

The Bad

The final scene in this issue was a little bit cheesy. Although it's nice to see Lobdell give a nod to the current status of Superman's romantic life, I don't know how necessary it was. Additionally, some of the dialogue felt really forced when Superboy talks about being a member of the Teen Titans. Aside from these two moments, though, this was a solid issue.

The Verdict

I think the only thing I would change about this issue is the fact that it doesn't stress enough (in my opinion) the idea that the Superman could potentially get his biological parents back. He could bring back his home planet, turn back the hands of time and live a life on Krypton. Either that or save Earth. I think Lobdell could explore Clark's character a bit more through this dilemma, and I expect that he will in the coming issue (or at least I hope he will). Other than that there is a lot of really strong dialogue here, and a lot of great character development between Clark, Lex and Superboy. This is one of the best issues of SUPERMAN I have read since the start of the 'New 52,' and it reminded me a lot of the Superman and Lex relationship we saw in ALL-STAR SUPERMAN.

Posted by coolguyr99

Lobdell is doing a great job on Superman, just hope he can keep it up. I like that they are acknowledging Superman's intelligence.

Posted by Hyperion322

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and have each chapter. I'm also glad Wonder Woman and the rest of the League are being brought in, as I'd like to see how Lobdell handles them. ~ Hype

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

So has Lex been in jail since Brainiac invaded in Action Comics?

Posted by Squalleon

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

So has Lex been in jail since Brainiac invaded in Action Comics?

No,we still don't know when or how.

But issue 18 of Action is gonna reveal it,i think!

Posted by Dark_Guyver

I'm just getting into Superman. Really enjoying it so far. But how did Lex get his scarred face?

Posted by knightofthechronicle

"Holy Cow!" Those were the first words that came out of my mouth when I saw Superman with a five star rating. I mean, has this series ever got a five star rating? Man it's good to see Superman getting a comic that doesn't get down scored. Can't wait to pick this up.

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i really like where this comic book is going.i think that we will see in a couple of months in action comic issues what happend betwen lex and superman.

the mistery to me is how lex knew that h'el was watching superman even in #2 of superman.

we also see that there is going to be a plot for superboy and lex in near future.

i can't wait to see how this story arc is going to end

by the way,the art is great

Edited by rym

Liked the book, especially the dialogue between Lex and Superman

thought Lobdell would have messed up Lex, but it turned out better than I expected, and I cant wait to find out how Lex and Superman got their scars, and damn the way Rocafort draws the panels puts me off the story a bit, not completely but a tiny bit, which I do overlook since he is a good artist

Posted by JLDoom

Pretty cool issue

Posted by Icon

This was a great issue. I live for the face-offs between Supes and Lex when there are this well done.

Posted by cacarl

After reading TT, I was kind of happy knowing that Superboy is busy with this arc. Superboy looking for RR? That will only take a couple of minutes.

Posted by Eternal19

lobdell is starting this year with a bang i see

Posted by The Stegman
Huh, this is like the first 5 star  rating for New 52 Supes...nice.
Posted by zachkastner

I'm quite curious about Superman giving Lex those scars. Luthor's now visibly flawed, which never has been an aspect of his character before. Normally he was concealed evil, like a snake in the grass. Interesting change.

Posted by hunter5024

Do I have to read Supergirl and Superboy for this issue to make sense?

Posted by TheCrowbar


Superboy's genes are unraveling and only superman's armor can keep him from dying.

Now you can read the comic without feeling lost.

Posted by Superguy1591

The New 52 was my introduction to monthly comics, before that I only read a few Superman books here and there(Mainly Birthright), but all my friends who were comic fans have always hated Scott Lobdell. I wasn't excited when he got the gig, but I've loved his run ever since the Annual.

I know when it comes to Lobdell, fans are divided, but I like him. Can't wait for Morrison's final two issues on Action Comics! 2013 is Superman's year!

Posted by evensteve11

Thank you Scott Lobdell. Thank you. This issue was great! 

Posted by MadeinBangladesh


Posted by SandMan_

I liked it.

Posted by ScoSal

Get issue, I started reading this Superman run at issue 13. The artwork makes me feel more in touch with the writing that Lobdell conveys in this issue. Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that Lex was not denying Superman, but acknowledging that they were, in fact, equals. I really didnt expect that to happen. I also agree to the summary Sara writes that Superman is a diplomat, not going off as "Punch now, ask questions later," kind of guy that most of my friends believe he is.

Overall, great stuff. Wished it came out last month, would have made my Christmas :)

Posted by KnightRise

Luthor's dialogue was chilling, belittling, and so Luthor-tastic that it gets a new adjective.

Posted by RedX9

Are you kidding me?? Everyone is praising this why? The dialogue is terrible! Its overly written in a manner to try to sound intelligent are tries too hard to be fun and it gets a five? This site really does try very hard to appease all the writers out there. This was mediocre at most. The art alone keeps this issue alive.

Edited by deaditegonzo

I have to agree with the OP, but im going out on a limb and saying this is one of the best new52 issues ive read to date.

And the highlights really are the arrogant Luthor's banter with Kal, and then him harshly hinting at Superboy's "secret" origins and completely shutting him down.

I actually liked the references to main universe things, like the Teen Titans, and particularly WW and Supes romance (which has been all but neglected outside of Justice League).

Lex actually feels like a threat to Kal again, and he has not felt that way to me for a LONG time. And he actually came off as more ominous than H'El himself.

Also, he asked a question I, myself have been wondering. Why is H'El so superior to Clark? Lex implied that Clark knew the reason. Years of history between them were spoken in a phrase and a glance, and the Lobdell and Rocafort team is so excellent, that I the reader got the message: Kal wants to be Human, he's holding back his own potential.

The one complaint I will give is what OP said, that this should be something Kal puts some thought into, how else can he change Supergirl's mind, when she wasnt even raised on Earth, she knows what she lost?

At the moment, im honestly a little too stoked for words. To me, the Assault on the Fortress of Solitude is more worthy as a JL crossover than the Throne of Atlantis arc.

Posted by entropy_aegis

@KnightRise said:

Luthor's dialogue was chilling, belittling, and so Luthor-tastic that it gets a new adjective.

Absolutely agreed,I got this only for Lex and I was surprised to see how well he was written.I might just start reading this run after the H'el arc is over.

Posted by johnqestion

Best Luthor. Puts the one in Action to shame actually. Great stuff between Superman and Superboy. Great to see the Justice League. And as for calling the acknowledgment of the Clark/Diana relationship unecesssary...that's kind of silly. The narrative of Lobdell so far has been to see the iconic characters through Clark and how they fit into his life. This woman is going to be a part of his life in a very big way so why shouldn't there be something to acknowledge that when she appears? It is time the Superman writers acknowledge it.

Posted by Sovereign91001

Excellent issue, spot on characterization, awesome art, an excellent potrayal of Luthor, a little tidbit of SM/WW (that dig in the main article was unnecessary though and it wouldn't have made sense for there not to be some acknowledgement of their relationship) and the H'El on Earth is picking up steam, can't wait for the next issue. Superman is becoming a joy to read and I'm looking forward to it's release on a month to month basis, thank you Mr. Lobdell; I'm happy to be a Superman fan again.

Posted by frandj

Got to be agree with @Johnqestion with Clark/Diana or Teen Titans things. It may not directly connected to superman (H,ell) story... If JLA got involve, why not bring it up? Anyway it's one big universes... And so is with TT things. They are one important aspect to superboy story right now... In fact It made me remembered of young justice...(such a nostalgia I guessed). For me this issue is quite good... At least for superman standard. But still not the strongest story I ever read in new 52. The bad actually come from the art. It's not that Rocafort art is bad. But rather on how he put the sequence or how to put the talking balloon. I meant imagine if when supes talk to lex... There are more split or single column which can provide or address more tension or deeper talk between supes and lex? But anyway... It's good all the way. Keep up the good job. I hope it's getting better and better...

Posted by Dernman

I like Superman a lot and usually I'm defending him but wow I really did not like this issue. I thought the Superboy was way out of character and even to a lesser extent Superman. Lex seemed like a parody of himself.

Posted by supermanfan1234

it was a good issue but some of the scenes where superman and other characters were written makes me wonder how lobdell got hired in the first place.

Posted by sinestro_GL

I wanted to know more about why Luthor was in prison...of course I get the whole Super-Villain thing, but it hasn't really been established in the new-52.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I thought it was a good issue. It added a lot to the story but I gave it a 4, though because it didn't once show H'El and it was all dialogue, no action whatsoever. It's somewhat forgivable because of what was added to the story of H'El on Earth but with as formidable an opponent as H'El, I expect to see at least some fighting.

Edited by supersmith

Great issue. Everything as people said, Superman himself, Lex, superboy and the JL. It's a shared universe. You get the sense that things are serious when Superman calls the JL. I too don't get the point of the reviewer saying the writer should have Superman/Wonder Woman ignore their importance to each other.

It's called acknowledging continuity (read Justice League one would know) and what is going on between them. It would be stranger if nothing was said seeing that is how Lobdell has used ongoing third person narration. I can't wait to see what goes down in #16.

Posted by toptom

@coolguyr99 said:

Lobdell is doing a great job on Superman, just hope he can keep it up. I like that they are acknowledging Superman's intelligence.


Posted by Dayvid3

@zachkastner said:

I'm quite curious about Superman giving Lex those scars. Luthor's now visibly flawed, which never has been an aspect of his character before. Normally he was concealed evil, like a snake in the grass. Interesting change.

Agreed, I like it. He's seemed kind of too perfect in the animated movies these days. Besides wasn't his original anger towards superman about being turned into a baldo? In these days of shaved heads, maybe he needs some physical damage equivalent to what that was in the past?

Posted by hunter5024

@TheCrowbar said:


Superboy's genes are unraveling and only superman's armor can keep him from dying.

Now you can read the comic without feeling lost.

Thanks =)

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

Meh, it was okay. I don't see the appeal of Lobdell's writing. It was great to see Luthor, though.

Posted by Fastblender

Tend to side with IGN: "The Super-book crossover H’el on Earth has been a colossal disappointment every step of the way, an opinion that has only been reinforced after I caught up on the entire event as well as every issue of each title involved. While Lex Luthor’s presence does make this chapter at least bearable, Superman’s douchey personality continues to weigh down the book. Seriously, this Superman’s behavior is so unrecognizable that you would need to go watch Zack Snyder's Man of Steel trailer to remind yourself what experiencing Superman should feel like.."

Posted by DanteTheRedKnight

Loved this issue. The art was pretty amazing too!

Posted by Zoch81

A good issue the art was great I enjoyed the characterization of Lex came across both scary and damm well smart he much better here then was in action comics same goes for Superman also written be also smart one didn't like was how Superboy was written seemed lack confidence compared how he written in own book also liked the that Lodbell had a Superman and Wonder Woman mention, overall thought was good issue.

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just a litle something i tried from the other cover of this issue