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Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #5 - The "Superior" Six: Part 1 Review


Why has SUPERIOR Spider-Man been 'collecting' members of the Sinister Six? Well, the title does have "Team-Up" in the title. Check out what Chris Yost is setting up for Spidey.

The Good

For months now we've been seeing SUPERIOR Spider-Man collect his former Sinister Six partners in an undisclosed location. This is where his reasoning becomes clear. Determined that trying to work with the Avengers simply won't work, Otto Octavius (in Spider-Man's body) decides to form his own superior team. He may have the arrogance to think his plan will work without a hitch but you'll have to read to to find out how it all goes down.

Chris Yost returns to the series after a two-issue INFINITY crossover bit. This issue continues to show how much of arrogant SpOck can be. It also picks up a bit after SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #19. Some big changes occurred there and it's great to see this series immediately pick them up and run with them. It further tightens the continuity between the two series.

Marco Checchetto's art with Rachelle Rosenberg's colors comes across as very crisp and neat. With so many characters and so much action, the art never skips a beat.

The Bad

It is great seeing Alchemax already up and running but it almost feels like we missed something since SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #19 just came out a couple weeks ago.

SpOck's arrogance is always entertaining to see but there are times it gets to be a bit much. The story also builds up and then quickly resolves with an appearance by a 'new' enemy for SpOck that I wasn't too impressed with.

While I did enjoy the art and color, some parts felt a little odd. Sandman and some of the unmasked characters seemed a little off. Not in a bad way, but something didn't sit right with me.

The Verdict

Chris Yost returns to SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP and we finally get to see the next phase of SpOck's plan, involving his former Sinister Six partners. With some tight continuity with SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, we see some immediate follow up to the new developments Dan Slott introduced in Spidey's universe. SpOck is setting himself up more and more for a big fall and it's almost hard to watch. Marco Checchetto and Rachelle Rosenberg's art and colors gives the issue an interesting feel loaded with detail and big action. We are left with a set up for a new problem for Spider-Man and we'll have to stay tuned to see how it all develops.

Posted by flazam

Great Review I might pick this up

Posted by Ando123

I'm really gonna pick this up¡

Posted by Meteorite

Love that cover. Hopefully it gets onto the Best Covers of the Week!

Posted by Dark_Guyver

Who is this Mysterion character? And what happened to Mysterio? I've been out if the Marvel loop for a few years.

Posted by GhostWriter

I didn't like the lack of Mysterio. I really hate the character of Mysterion.

Posted by Trevel8182


Posted by Ando123

The fight scenes were crazy awesome

Posted by Jacobin_Wisdom

I hope the big fall does not result in Parker returning as I was to see how Octavius deals with the aftermath of his abducted world falling to pieces. I want Octavius to be Spiderman for 5-6 years, maybe even a full decade back before having Parker return.

Edited by PeppeyHare

@dark_guyver: No idea who Mysterion is but I think Mysterio is trapped in the Ultimate Universe

Posted by Dark_Guyver

@peppeyhare: That's right. I completely forgot about the Spider-Men story.

Posted by Mezmero

Really enjoyed this issue. I was sort of hoping that Superior was going to trust these guys with his true identity and convince them to fight for him willingly. The actual scenario is still pretty cool and a whole lot creepier. I love it.

Posted by Ando123

@jacobin_wisdom Yeah The Spiderworld needs to have a change. And id octavius is able to resurface fof the falls od the Superior Six and The goblin nation he's gonna learn a lesson and become a Really Superior Spiderman

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

I loved the Superior Six

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what is the whole Mysterio/Mysterion deal?