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Superior Spider-Man #24 - Darkest Hours, Part 3 of 4: Dark Embrace Review


Spider-Man is connected to the symbiote again and Peter is getting super-irritable!

The Good

Peter, now reconnected with the Venom symbiote, tries to become the Superior Venom, but quickly learns it's harder to keep under control than he thought.

The last issue was the reveal that Spidey and Venom are one, once again. This is the first issue where we get to see the character move about the world, and we also get a really good look at the new costume. It's a really cool mix of the Flash Thompson Venom, classic Venom, and Superior Spider-man. Humberto Ramos really brings this new character to life here. Superior Venom is cool, sleek, and intimidating.

We've seen it before, but I'm always a fan of seeing how the symbiote changes its host. We get a lot of that here as we see Peter's personality change towards Anna Maria, Mary Jane, and Aunt May in this issue. While long time Spidey-fans may be thinking "been there, done that," what's great about these scenes is that is really introduces the Venom symbiote to a whole new generation of Spider-Man fans. On top of that, this really isn't Peter we're dealing with. Writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage present this in a bit of a new light, since it's the mind of Doc Ock, who thinks he's mentally superior to Peter, dealing with this foreign body in his, well, foreign body.

Again this is a great issue for those who are interested in the long-time "relationship" between Spidey and Venom, especially newer readers. Maybe I'm just a big jerk, but it's about time someone yelled at Aunt May. She's overbearing. Peter does it here, and it was pretty awesome. Who do you think you are, Aunt May? You can't forbid a grown man from working for Spider-Man!

The Goblin story line finally works it's way into the world of Spider-Man here, and while I've stated that I'm not the biggest fan of where it's headed, I like how it's all weaving together here. I may slowly be turning for the better for this upcoming story. I'm starting to like the idea of a goblin army waging war against Spider-Man. I can't pinpoint what brought me over to the goblin-side here, but the idea of all these guys going up against Superior Spider-Man or even Superior Venom is a really awesome idea.

On the downer side of things, there's a few small reveals here about the future for Flash Thompson, with his new fancy robot legs. He's got only a small amount of time to get that symbiote back onto him or things can get a lot worse for Flash Thompson.

The Bad

I'm a big fan of Humberto Ramos' style, but there's one character, on the final page, whose face looked really bizarre. She had almost no jaw and chin. In fact, all the characters on that final page looked really weird, and surprisingly enough, they didn't fit too well with the rest of the regular characters in the book.

The Verdict

Darkest Hours is turning out to be one awesome thrill-ride. I really love what Slott, Gage, and Ramos are doing here. Superior Venom has a great design, and you'll be on the edge of your seat finding out what he's going to do next. The Goblin story finally weaves its way into the main story, and you'll get pretty pumped for the next issue, especially after a big reveal page where we find out who's jumping into this series next. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

Posted by HollowPrince65

I am not a fan of Ramos' art work. It just has never done it for me. I'd rather Giusseppe or Stegman draw personally. The story line though is getting good. I really do wonder what will happen to SpideyOck in time. I know Slott has said Peter is dead and blah blah blah blah blah, but...I think in due time we'll see the beginning of the end of SpideyOck. Just not anytime too soon.

Posted by spinningbirdcake

Man that last page reveal was a good one. Seems like things are definitely moving forward. And I also love that this series seems to be one of the few I'm reading nowadays that isn't written for trade. Every issue has important events in it. Slott's doing some killer work.

Posted by InnerVenom123

This comic made me so happy.

Posted by Master_Thief


Carlie's a goblin



Posted by PeppeyHare

Story is really good, but I still don't like Ramos lol.

Posted by inferiorego


Carlie's a goblin




Posted by danhimself

man issue 25 is going to be Amazing!!!

Posted by spacemanspiff85

I've just got a little tired of how like every issue for a long time has a page or two showing what the goblins are up to. a lot of it just seems to be the same beats, and it's come off as repetitive to me. I think I'd enjoy it better if they just had a one-shot before Goblin Nation starts to cover the same material.

Edited by Master_Thief

@spacemanspiff85: how can you say the last pages of this issue was repeative?!

Edited by DatHomieSilverSurfer

i read it, but am i missing something about the last page? What was the reveal?

wait, was the last page the avengers thing? When does goblin say he knows about ock?

Posted by Maddpanda531

So excited for issue 25!

Posted by GeekBait

Good issue. Really excited for what's to come.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

I'm really liking this i just feel like the pages are a little too crammed, maybe thats just Ramos style.

Posted by cameron83

@geekbait said:

Good issue. Really excited for what's to come.


I like this series.

But how DARE Ock treat Aunt May and MJ so! Now I really want the Avengers to f*ck him up! I got so happy seeing the last page and seeing them,because now I know that they meant business lol

Posted by danhimself

i read it, but am i missing something about the last page? What was the reveal?

wait, was the last page the avengers thing? When does goblin say he knows about ock?

yeah...he knows that Ock is in control of Spider-man's body but he's been trying to get Carlie to tell him who Spider-man is

Edited by spacemanspiff85


I'm not saying the last pages were. I just mean for a while now, there's been one or two pages in each issue that basically just show that the Goblins are up to something. I think it would be better if they came completely out of nowhere, to be honest.

Edited by Fenderxx

I really like the tension added by not knowing how Ock will react to situations, will he kill or cross the line into being a villain, and now that is just pushed to the extreme with the addition of Venom, and Spider-mans arrogance this could very much push him over the edge. Killing it Dan Slott .... Killing it.

Posted by Life_Without_Progress
Edited by Mezmero

This issue was incredible! Peter's been forgiven for his radical use of the symbiote before so I wouldn't be surprised if Superior could talk his way out of it by the end of this arc as many anti-villains have in the past. It was very cool that the only time he had true control of the Venom symbiote was when he was with Ana Maria. He pretty much loses it completely with everyone else. The art was really good too. Superior Venom is a pretty twisted and grotesque design that I think Ramos captures perfectly. I like the touch with the big old hunch on his back. It's like the symbiote is storing extra brain mass in its spinal column to compensate for Otto's brain waves. I am so excited to see more of this.

The biggest surprise is the identity of the "New Goblin" that Slott teased about. Holy crud it's the one person who fought the hardest to stop Doc Ock's plot. At least it seems clear now that Green Goblin IS in fact Norman Osborn which I am happy about. He even refers to himself as the one true Green Goblin and that's the only thing that would make sense at this point. He also discards a ton of money and says that it doesn't matter. I imagine all the off-shore accounts and investments he probably made during Dark Reign would make money a non issue for his operation. Goblin King as a character has been awesome from the shadows of this story but I'm even more stoked to see him in action against Superior Spidey.

Edited by Star_Boy616

Finally... This arc began more or less weak, but this issue, man this issue was AWESOME. And the Superior Venom design is really cool looking, I hope Flash and The Avengers kick his ass.

Posted by JonSmith

Frankly, I didn't even consider that SpOck's behavior towards May and Jay was the symbiote influencing him. Just seemed like standard SpOck to me.

Posted by red_rover

I loved the way Venom's tentacles were used like Ock's arms. Sure Superior Spidey has arms on the back but Superior Venom seemed to be channeling some Ock moves. Well played.

Edited by J_HickmanIsGod

i dont understand all the hate Slott and Company are getting for this Superior series.

its still pretty solid. even more now imo. #24 is beyond good.

Posted by mickeymayhew