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Superior Spider-Man #17 - Let's Do the Time Warp Again Review


Could it really be Spider-Man 2099? What possible reason could he have to be around in today's comics and how did he get there? Get ready for a crazy ride.

The Good

The 90s were an interesting time in comics. There were some interesting things that happened as well as some pretty bad things. One thing that a lot of still have found memories of is Spider-Man 2099. Dan Slott jokingly teased his reappearance before this series began and now he stays true to his word. Spider-Man 2099 is back.

Of course I can't go into the specifics. Is he really back? Is this the Spider-Man 2099 you love and remember? Maybe it is. If you've seen the preview for the issue, you know we do get to journey to the year 2099. That may reassure some fans that we won't simply get a fake out, like we've seen recently.

The big question is, does Spider-Man 2099's appearance here work? The answer is yes. It absolutely does. If you really think about it, you may already know how it could work. Dan Slott is one to take the tiniest seed from a past issue and coax it to sprout into something magnificent. There's also another easy way (from outside this comic) for it all to work. It's great when all the pieces line up nicely.

There is also a lot more than just Spider-Man 2099. Dan Slott turns the attention to Peter's coworkers at Horizon Labs once again. It's a great cast of characters and it's fun to see them return, especially in the situation here. There's more continued developments that Slott has been weaving with a certain character and I can't believe I never saw a certain connection before.

Ryan Stegman returns in full force. There were times the 2099 universe looked a little hokey but he makes it, and Spidey 2099, look really really good. Whether it's big crazy action in the future or new developments with Horizon Labs, Stegman's range is brilliant. The comic jumps from scene to scene and it all flows perfectly. Edgar Delgado's art highly complements Stegman's art adding layers and enhancing the mood in the scenes. This comic looks so good it's like a wake up slap in the face.

The Bad

I tried to not have any preconceived notions as to what to expect with the possibility of the return of Miguel O'Hara. This issue was a complete joy to read.

The Verdict

There's so much fun and excitement here. The recent issue have been great but it's like suddenly this issue got super-charged. The idea of Spider-Man 2099 possibly meeting with SUPERIOR Spider-Man is bonkers but leave it to Dan Slott to make it work wonderfully. Everything makes sense and adds up nicely. We see plenty of repercussions from previous story threads and wait until you see the new developments. Ryan Stegman and Edgar Delgado enhance Slott's story in a great way. The art is just so solid it practically knocks you out of your seat. Dan Slott continues to rev things up in ways you never thought possible. It's great when reading a comic can be so much fun.

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I bet I'll be disappointed

Edited by sheldipez

Slott knows how to take readers for a helluva ride. Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on this.

Posted by Deranged Midget

I'm eagerly looking forward to it! Nice review.

Posted by G-Man

@deranged_midget: I held back so much to keep it spoiler free. I didn't even mention the Goblin stuff!

Posted by Deranged Midget

@g_man said:

@deranged_midget: I held back so much to keep it spoiler free. I didn't even mention the Goblin stuff!

Stop teasing me! >.<

Posted by TobenRacicot


Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Hey @g_man ddoes your comic shop know you run CV?

Posted by maxicere


Posted by Master_Thief

Hey @g_man i only read #1-5 and was wondering if you think uatu jackson has any relationship to Uatu

Posted by Icon

Oh how I love this series.

Edited by GeekBait

Good to know it's picking up again. I'm excited to see what happens in the further issues of SSM (especially #22 judging by its cover).

Posted by PunyParker

Where did you find this?!

Posted by R3DF13LD

Mig is my favorite Spidey! I can't wait to get my hands on this issue!!! Last time I read about Spidey 2099 it was in the Exiles...

Edited by MadeinBangladesh


Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Hey @g_man i only read #1-5 and was wondering if you think uatu jackson has any relationship to Uatu

I think in an issue on AMS they say theres no correlation in an editors note

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

@g_man I am sort of waiting for Peter to return. Will he be taking over or just another Ock/Spider-Man meets and reacts to another Spider-character?

Posted by PeppeyHare

@artisticneedham: 2099 isn't taking over the book but people at Marvel have said, if this book does well enough 2099 may get a solo series in the future

Posted by G-Man
Edited by G-Man

@punyparker: Marvel sent over this, INFINITY and ALL-NEW X-MEN #16. Seriously, all of them are really really great. Trying to get reviews done for those but not sure if I'll get them posted early. BATTLE OF THE ATOM, we got to review last week.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber
Edited by PunyParker

So now after that "ComicVine is digging Superior Spider-Man" on instagram,or whatever, every SSM issue,wont get under 4 star,am i right,fellas?!....

Edited by PunyParker

@g_man: Why only this month? post reviews early in the release day...(?)

Edited by G-Man

@punyparker: Sorry, that's just stupid logic. And if you're trying to be funny, I'd just give up.

Posted by ngrey651

Miguel did drugs and worked for a soulless corporation and he was more a hero than the "superior Spider-Man" or SpOCK is. He was unique, from the future, so it made SENSE that he wasn't Peter. But we're not interested really in a selfish, arrogant jackass who frequently murders and brutalizes his foes to be Spider-Man. They tried to go that route in a similar way when Peter became "the Spider" a short time before the Clone Saga began, when he lost himself in the role and let his humanity be buried. It drove readers away in DROVES. It was a bad idea then, and its a bad idea now.

Edited by PunyParker

@g_man said:

@punyparker: Sorry, that's just stupid logic. And if you're trying to be funny, I'd just give up.

Little touchy feelings i see there?!....c'mon,i'm trollin',not trying to be funny,just teasing.If i suspected something like that,i would have unsubscribed.
Your review was great!....ok not great,just good...("PETER WILL BE BACK" is missing as a signature!... :P )

Sorry if that offended you,i was teasing.

Posted by G-Man
Edited by PunyParker

@g_man said:

@punyparker: It just gets really old. Questioning a person or site's credibility. If it helps, Newsarama gave it an 8/10. You can check out other reviews as they come in here:

Dont get me wrong,read the above post of mine....i was teasing,i really wanted to tick ya :)

And dont get me wrong on the issue will probably get a 10 from me myself.....i mean,it's Miguel O'Hara,that's a 8 to start with!

If Goblin isnt Norman,it falls to 5.....just tell me right i gonna freak out....or wait an issue or two....(?)

Edited by G-Man
Edited by ChocolateFrogs

How many issues is this story arc? I'm guessing at most 4, so Marvel can keep publishing trades with only 5 issues in them.

Posted by HollowPrince65

As much as I love this series I'm starting to get more and more aggravated that no one is catching on or doing anything about it. I want to say that Miguel would catch it but he and Pete aren't exactly buddy buddy and then Carlie may figure it out and if Felicia doesn't get it, I'll blow up. Its starting to get predictable and its starting to get kind of annoying in some ways. I know Slott said Peter as we knew him would never come back but....I just can't see this Superior Spider-man being as long living as Classic Peter was....

Posted by slimchin23

if they kill Miguel im so done with this series.

Posted by JamDamage

When I first got into comics and started buying issues every month, was a special time. Chris Claremont and Jim Lee were on Uncanny X-Men, and Dave Michilene' and Todd McFarlane were on Amazing Spider-Man. I read the title for a long time and then it got stale, and Clone Saga came along and I dropped all S.M. titles all together. I was able to get my S.M. fix later on when Bendis started Ult. S.M., and ocasionally I would pick up a trade here and there about S.M., but lately I've been back. I just love Humberto on S.M. If there is any comic book out there that works so well with that Humberto Ramos, Joe Mads, Bachelo type of, (dare I say it) American Manga type of cartoony style, it's Spiderman. Ramos is not on the title right now, but the writing has kept me along, and that's more important. Title is fun, I never read S.M. 2099, but I'm excited to see what happens, because the idea is cool as hell, and the cover of this issue, and the review art has been silly.

Edited by Cavemold

It wont be PAd but I hope its good

Posted by Kerrigan

The last few SSM issues have been huge fun, and possibly in no small part because Otto's involvement has been comparatively small, and the review suggests this continues here. I personally don't think he's fun enough to carry a book long-term, but the villains and supporting class cover a lot of the cracks.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

As someone who is similarly named as Spider-man 2099, I always loved the series and collected every single issue when it came out. I am a fan of sci-fi and futuristic things and was a fan of Spider-man, so the series hooked me right off. It was also one of the first series I had a regular subscription too. So glad I pre-ordered this.

Posted by Trevel8182

I'm only here for Miguel so I hope it's him or I going to be out 3 dollars when I could spend that money on the few issues of Spider-Man 2099 that where released on Comixology.

Posted by saoakden

Looking forward to reading this!!!

Edited by PunyParker
Posted by TheCheeseStabber

I literally just noticed the Spiderman underneath the Gargoyle/Eagle/Light Bright Device

Posted by 8008S

Alright so given the explanation for the "holey" looks on some characters from 2099 I'll go ahead and guess that Miguel and possibly his timeline altogether are being erased on issue 20.

Edited by timelord

With all this time travel going on how does the Marvel Universe not shatter?

Edited by cincyducksfan35

Picked this up because the artist is going to be signing at a convention I'll be at this weekend. Cover looked very nice! Hope it's a good read

Edited by spacemanspiff85

I really knew nothing at all about Spiderman 2099 going into this, and the beginning of the issue threw me off. It almost felt like an issue of SM2099 rather than SSM, which I wasn't too crazy about.

Posted by stetson12

This was a great issue, and thats say a lot considering all the build-up and hype leading up to this. Very fun read, and the art was amazing

Edited by Vaccine

Plot twist: It's SpOck 2099.

Posted by nappystr8

As a love letter to Spider-Man 2099, I think this issue hits the mark perfectly. I haven't been reading Slott's run on Spider-Man with any regularity, but I am familiar with the cast of the book, and the idea that Tiberius Stone is Miguel's grandfather is a great revelation (not so much a twist, as it was clear early on in the book that this would be the case). It makes me wonder if he's been planning this since the first time he used the character around 650, or if it was a happy coincidence that happened later. Also, I guess the character first appeared in Iron Man, so I assume it's a happy accident that it ended up fitting so perfectly.

The way Slott is weaving these two world's together is proof of why he is one of the best concept guys in the business. I just wish he and Gage would team-up again, as I think both writers are stronger together than they are apart.

Edited by Mezmero

Slott's Now series just gets better and better. I really like that they immediately followed up on Ty's check list from the previous issue. Love this issue, love this series, love this review. What more can I say?

Posted by Owie

Am I missing something in regards to Liz Allan? She seemed to be at least semi-evil here (at least in the first scene, a little less when she talked about being saved by Spidey so much). Is she evil these days?

Edited by The_Titan_Lord

This is really nice.

Grandson sees Grandpa kick some ass!!. lol

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