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The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #7 - Beetlemania Review


How did Janice Lincoln, the daughter of Tombstone, become the Beetle?

The Good

How did Janice Lincoln become the Beetle? Her origin is explained here.

SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #7 is a quick, but awesome origin story. It gets pretty in-depth with Janice's first heist, as she stole all the presents and cake from a friend's birthday, all he way up to The Fixer giving her the Beetle suit. Writer Nick Spencer does a great job of giving us a great insight in who Janice truly is. She's a character who wants to be in the position her father is in. She wants to be a super-villain and one that is a leader as well. Her father doesn't think she has what it takes because she's a woman, but she wants to prove her wrong.

Spencer always writes some fantastic gags. A chunk of this story takes place as Janice is a mediator between two villains. The idea itself is hilarious, but it also plays out so well, as we see a couple of villains acting like spoiled toddlers. In addition, there's another great moment when the Fixer remembers the moment when he first met Janice, when she was a child. Fixer and Tombstone are talking and Janice is holding a severed arm. It's little scenes, like this one, that make this such a fantastic book.

In this issue, Rich Ellis takes over on art, along with Lee Loughridge on colors, and he does an amazing job. His style meshes so well with Spencer's writing tone. His page layouts are fantastic and his art really keeps the story moving. While we don't get a lot with backgrounds, that's fine because the focus is on these characters in these singular moments and these bizarre situations. Finally, the final page of this issue, featuring Janice in the Beetle suit for the first time, is downright beautiful. Loughridge's colors here are vibrant and brilliant and Ellis' art is clear and crisp. It's weird not to see Steve Lieber here, but Ellis does a bang up job.

The Bad

There's a panel, towards the end of the issue, where the top of Fixer's head isn't inked. It stands out quite a bit because he's the only thing in the panel.

The Verdict

SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN is a series that continues to impress me. Each issue is hilarious and zany and at no time does it feel over-the-top. Spencer and Ellis put together an extremely fun issue with a really cool story. If you wondered how Janice became the Beetle than this is the issue to read. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

And introducing "Don Cinderella". Seriously, this series has been amazing. Every issue has been worthy of a monthly "Top of the Pile" spot.

Posted by Darkmount1

Now I've gotta read this issue--this Beetle is my fourth favorite Marvel villain. For some reason, I picture her with a Brooklyn accent, it works for me.

Posted by cyberchop979

Another great issue of a great series.

The wrong Fixer was linked in the review though. It should have been the Paul Ebersol fixer with 241 appearances, not the fight promoter Fixer with 30 appearances.

Posted by monsterduc

Seriously, where is the Private Eye (by Brian Vaughn and Marcos Martin) review.

Posted by skyjumpermike

This could be an Image book. It's that good!

Posted by HunterM

Truly a great series. I would recommend it to everyone, especially if you like Hawkeye...but not just then. Issue 1 was not that good, but the issues after that they just got better and better!

Posted by Ando123

One of the best series on the shells

Posted by DatHomieSilverSurfer

Great read, hot dayumn

Posted by longbowhunter

I'd like to see all the members get a one shot like this. Really great issue. Cool, to see the Fixer again. This series has been good about bringing in old Tbolts characters.

Posted by kantrip

This was easily the best way to start the new year. Marvel has a new awesome Beetle and I can't wait to see how the cliffhanger last issue plays out.

Posted by MideonNViscera

I would give this issue a 4. Still good, but not as funny as recent issues.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Love this series.

Posted by Owie

Love this series, and this was a really fun issue. Janice is a great character.

I was not as much of a fan of the new art though, and there were a few other weird coloring issues beyond the inking mentioned above. Tombstone's text was rendered in inconsistent colors, and Janice was weirdly colored as well. She was all white, Tombstone-like, in her first appearance in the issue but changed back to her normal coloration soon after. Plus the flashbacks were oddly colored; they were sort of sepia, but not consistently so. Kind of annoying. But overall this is still one of my very top series each month.

Posted by Jake Fury

1st issue of the book I've read. Gonna have to collect the first six issues, this was great.

Posted by admwriter

Eh, it was okay. I didn't really find Janice interesting enough to dedicate an entire issue to. Plus I really thought Spencer's take on Zemo and Fixer to be cartoonish after so much time and effort was spent making them into three dimensional characters in thunderbolts.

This is a nice, fun, albeit unnecessary series. This issue fell flat to me.

Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

I loved this issue, one of the best. This is one of the few titles I read that I actually can't wait for it to come out.