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Supergirl #28 - Rage Quit Review


Kara’s rage reaches an unheard of level just as a very specific ring finds its way to her to stoke the furnace.

The Good

After believing she’d killed Lobo, Kara is driven to the point of madness by rage at seeing him up and about, having actually felt incredible guilt over her actions. The fact that he’s relentlessly taunting her does little to cool the raging inferno. They battle across the planet, even outside of it, before landing in New York where Lobo tries to reason with her. It doesn’t go terribly well. Tony Bedard does a good job of bringing more characterization to the ever-controversial Lobo, revealing more of his sneering, snarling jerk who’s actually good at fighting with his head, and an assortment of gadgets, as he is with his fists and weapons. We even get a glimpse of his ride which is, as the kids say, “off the chain.” That’s still a thing, right?......right? There’s also a pretty sly tongue-in-cheek reference, at least that’s how I took it, between Siobhan and her roommate.

Yildiray Cinar’s pencils along with Ray McCarthy’s inks communicate a tremendous sense of impact and the protracted fight scene that stretches from one end of this book to the other has an incredibly kinetic feel.

The Bad

For an issue that has a giant fistfight from cover-to-cover, this book moves at an interminably slow pace. Between Lobo narrating exactly what he’s doing from panel-to-panel and Kara spelling out, and really shouting out, what her exact emotional state is and what her motivations are, this book is bogged down in unnecessarily expository dialog. Kara’s temper has been a hallmark of the character for some time now, but this issue feels like it escalates it far, far too quickly in the interests of getting that red ring on her finger. Having her bottle up the rage and then the ring find her the moment it explodes out might have made for a less “forced” plotline. The sense of whimsy and wonder established in the previous storyline is all but gone from Kara, replaced by this one, all-encompassing characteristic: an out-of-control temper tantrum.

This book also has a lot of little problems that add up into a great big one. Lobo talks to Kara while she’s in the vacuum of space. Yes, he’s using his ship’s communicator, but that’s STILL not how that works. He then takes her to New York, assuming that she’d rather talk to him than level the city she’s living in (even though she’s been estranged from it and if her rage is so out of control, why would she settle down so quickly?). Siobhan’s return, funny moment aside, falls flat, especially as there’s an explosion outside her apartment and she merely tells her roommate she’s going out and to not wait up...not the most elegant job covering. The colors are muddy and murky, but that doesn’t feel right for a book like this, one that’s far more sci-fi/superhero themed. It lends the whole thing an air of gloom when it should be frantic and bright. And that’s the one big problem all of these add up to: a lack of coherent storytelling and characterization.

The Verdict

There’s a good match for this concept hiding somewhere in this book, but it’s buried pretty deep at this point. Kara would actually stand out MORE in the Red Lanterns in the state that she’s in for being so completely defined by a single personality trait: her anger. She needs more than that as both an amazing legacy character and the protagonist of her own series. There’s such a rush to show how angry she is this issue that they neglect to show us why we should care.

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i was looking forward to this but not any more.

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I considered picking this up because of its current ties with Red Lanterns, but it would seem I made the right choice in not getting it.

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@thefirstlantern: I wouldn't worry about the score. Last issues score was low as well, and I got it anyway. It ended up being the best comic for me for that month.

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I have never seen a two-star Comic Vine review. Wow. That good, huh?

Posted by TheFirstLantern

@lifeboy said:

@thefirstlantern: I wouldn't worry about the score. Last issues score was low as well, and I got it anyway. It ended up being the best comic for me for that month.

I looked through it and like the art. I will still pick it up bc of the red lantern arc.

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Huh? I agree with almost all of this review, but it should definitely be rated more. Strange how that works... At worst, the issue seemed rushed and semi-forced. It never compromised believability though.

That moment when the review doesn't match the quantified 2/5 stars...

It was a good issue. The Red Lantern arc is finally what I needed to be interested in Supergirl. I'll definitely be following this story.

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I really think the rating system should be removed I agree with the review on everything but the rating but the art bumps it up to three or four stars for me yay arbitrary numbers.

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I thought it was pretty awesome...

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I would give it 4 stars. It was a good issue. It was really cool seeing her get the ring. babum babum BABUM BABUM! So cool!

Posted by confusiongrows

I thought this was the best issue of the book since at least #22, before Mike Nelson's story turned into complete tripe the next issue. This was pretty engaging for me, I really liked it. I can't see why the reviewer thought the colours were murky here, they look damn vibrant to me!

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I didn't mind it. I actually liked it

Posted by CommanderShiro

Eh? Only 2 stars? Well I personally liked it.

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@andy_117 said:

I have never seen a two-star Comic Vine review. Wow. That good, huh?


Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

This issue helped trigger my Lobo blog. Horrible interpretation of the character. But other than that, they're really putting over emphasis on how Kara is some angsty teenage b!tch. Poor girl has not been treated well in the reboot, no wonder she's a Red Lantern now.

Posted by skim172

It's incredible just how absolutely unlikable Kara is in the New 42. On the one hand, I get it - you take an angsty teenager, destroy her home and everything she knows, throw her into a completely unknown environment, and then give the traumatized product the power to kill with a thought. But cripes, the way she's written, none of that pathos ever comes out. Instead, she's always flitting between whiny, self-pitying bitch who looks down on everyone and everything and homicidal rage-maniac who also looks down on everyone, because she's murdering them - and then blaming them for making her do it. "I hate having to live with you stupid humans - SO I WILL KILL YOU UNTIL YOU TAKE ME BACK TO KRYPTON SOMEHOW - why are you forcing me to do such terrible things to you - I'm such a victim - SO I SHOULD DESTROY EVERYTHING UNTIL EVERYONE REALIZES WHAT A VICTIM I AM."

I get that they're trying to take her in the "angsty teen" direction, but this just completely goes off that scale - instead, she's actually kinda fuckin evil. She's thoughtless, careless, completely egocentric, has no moral reservations about killing things when her emotions go off, blames everyone else for her problems - She could make a good supervillain - that storyline where (spoiler) she and Hel team up to try to destroy Earth - the only plotline that seemed reasonable and realistic for Kara to belong.

I only started reading Supergirl after the New 52 reboot, so maybe she was different before? But the only good I've gotten out of it is how much the Supergirl series makes me appreciate that Power Girl exists. I'd read a few of the New 52 World's Finest - thought it wasn't great - but after reading Supergirl for a few months, I went back to check World's Finest out, just to marvel at the existence of a Kara who wasn't the horrible individual. The Power Girl Kara is everything that Supergirl Kara isn't - thoughtful, reasonable, has a sense of subtlety, has a moral compass, will give two shits about helping a stranger, seems to actually care about people and has other emotions besides self-pitying misery or murderous anger. She's not perfect, not entirely a likable person - the writing could use some work - but actually seems like a person, as opposed to a weepy teen that cries in the shower after shooting up a high school.

And if I could add a word about gender portrayals, that Supergirl seems to be a hormonal idiot who's the most gullible thing in the world, never makes a decision herself, and always reacts to everything like a caricature of PMS, is pretty damn stupid. And the stereotypical "moments of strength" and "girl power" that have showed up at the climax of every Supergirl storyline so far involves her screaming "NOOOOOOOO" like a Bieber fan and then punching things like a berserk maniac. WTF man - I never would've thought that the version of Kara whose primary defining characteristic is a "boob window" would be a more balanced, rounded depiction of womanhood.

Posted by Tyrannotaur

I'm glad she is getting some guidance now, even if it is from the Red Lanterns. I like the Supergirl book but this won't convince me to start getting into the Lantern books.
I did feel like they sort of rushed the process along, but at least we can get some interesting stories now. Supergirl was going downhill a bit for me with the whole Cyborg Superman arc and all the stuff with H'ell that took forever. I'm hoping this Red Lantern arc helps the book improve.

Posted by lifeboy

@skim172: nice comment lad. Persi nally, the teen angst version of kara works for me far better that all other takes on her. This issue was nto great but it is giving you your moneys worth. Im not a gan of where the story is going (red lantern); I would have liked seen her continue to do her own thing, but if it means that I get to see kara take her angst to the n'th level, then I'm down for that. I will watch her eventually kill someone. Eventually the writer will bring her back around to who she was. Just as long as she returns to her teen angst and NOT responsible/ mature Kara. I think she's benifited a lot from the new52 mostly in terms of making her younger and that cool new costume! So in closing, hopefully we see a new douchbag boyfriend in Kara's life!