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Supergirl #20 - Home Invasion! Review


Two Supergirls for the price of one. Supergirl and Power Girl met last issue but being together is having serious consequences.

The Good

Supergirl has gone through some crazy times so far in the New 52. Now that H'el on Earth is over, we're able to see the story focus back on her. But that didn't mean things were going to get better. After getting poisoned by Kryptonite, it seemed Power Girl was able to bring her to the safety of Sanctuary, her Fortress of Solitude. What makes that bad is Sanctuary is having serious problems with two Kara's being present.

Michael Alan Nelson cranked things up in this issue. Aside from the big action as they fight for survival, there is so much humor and fun times crammed in here. I never would have thought I'd be so entertained by an issue with both Supergirl and Power Girl. The banter between the two and the situation they're in makes this such a fun read.

Mahmud Asrar's art keeps growing on me. Seeing the differences between the two Supergirls as they try to fight for survival is great. Their expressions speak volumes as they often wonder what the heck is going on.

Power Girl may already have a 'partner' in WORLDS' FINEST with Huntress but this was just a blast to read.

The Bad

The reason for the battle felt a little forced. I kept wondering if there was one facet that wasn't mentioned that was causing the problem. We'll definitely need to see more. And we definitely need to see more Power Girl with Supergirl.

The Verdict

A comic with both Supergirl and Power Girl may be a wish come true for some. Michael Alan Nelson must have had a blast writing this because you definitely feel that ooze out out of the pages. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun reading a Supergirl issue. If this establishes a new relationship between the two, I'm completely on board. If you're looking for a great and fun read, be sure to check this out.

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Posted by czechoslovakia

i don't usually follow this book, but the preview had me sold and i loved it!

Posted by Trevel8182

I had a feeling this was gonna be good.

Posted by lifeboy

That issue 19 stunk. I happy nelson is on board as the new writer. I'm always looking forward to a new sg comic arriving in my mailbox.

Edited by lifeboy

Its too bad supergirl is in the current era. They should have sent her to the future like in JL animated series to the Legion, then maybe that comic may have surived.

Tony, do you feel you shouldn't be reading/buying a comic with a girl as the main character. I hate the mailman knowing I have a subscription to sg.

Posted by IronAngelX

@lifeboy lol I know what you mean! I am a security guard with a lot of down time and yesterday I just got Supergirl issues 0,8-19 and read them all while my partner sat here and did her school work. But I wasn't ashamed, I read all 13 with no problem. But there is that bit of paranoia.

Edited by IronAngelX

Speaking of Supergirl. You guys might find this picture cool. I wondered if someone made a pic like it and sure enough I found it as soon as I googled it. Would be cooler if the model had been blonde.

Edited by Bubblegum_Justice

The one thing I loved was that, for the first time, you could really tell Supergirl and Power Girl are the same person. PG really looks like an older version of Supergirl.

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

@ironangelx: Perfect she's hot and everything just needs to be blonde. Now if we find ans actor just like her with bigger assets we have Powergirl.

Posted by akbogert

I bought this issue on the merit of the preview alone. I haven't laughed at/enjoyed a single issue of a comic like this...well, possibly ever? It was honestly a riot.

I don't need subsequent issues to be so funny, but if they're as well-written as this one Nelson just earned Kara a spot on my pull list. Quite a shame that folks say PG isn't being written as well in her own book, or this might have actually gotten me to check out that as well.

Posted by Twentyfive

Supergirl is another n52 book that I faithfully read.

Posted by r3d_rob1n

Why is Power Girl in her old suit on this cover? Forgive me if I'm wrong, as I have not been reading World's Finest or Supergirl, but I thought that she changed suits in the New 52 and abandoned the giant hole on her chest

Edited by Ravager4

It's amazing what can be accomplished with PG when one doesn't write her like a... well, I think I'm beating a dead horse at this point. Someone fire Levtiz please and put Nelson on WF.

Edited by agitatedandroid

@r3d_rob1n: In the issue prior to this Power Girl exchanged her poor excuse for a costume for something Kryptonian provided by Sanctuary.

Posted by Tev18

I can't wait to read this

Edited by monopolyloser

This was a great issue! Been reading the majority of New 52 Supergirl, and this issue, and issue 19, are the best by far. Dialog was well paced and quippy, had a good natural flow. Asrar's art is great! Really enjoyed this issue. I had almost given up on it after H'el on Earth. *shudder*

Edited by batfan916

I lovde new52 supergirl (worlds finest ehhh...I hear its getting better) but this was a fun issue, the series has been solid to me except the H'el on earth arc those whur meh. But this is for sure in my top 5 fav new5 series

Posted by blackkitty

I have always loved Powergirl although what they've done to her personality since she's come to 52 is a crime. I don't know why they couldn't just leave her the way she was.

Posted by CommanderShiro

Looking forward to reading this

Posted by Dernman

I wonder if that will be the new Eradicator.

Posted by Owie

Totes agree! I haven't read this series before at all, and despite being a PG fan only bothered to read one issue of World's finest, but I thought this issue was a lot of fun, and hopefully they keep both of them together. I would totally pick this series up regularly if it kept being like this. The CV preview from a few days ago sold me on trying this.

Posted by jesusdisciple001

@ravager4 said:

It's amazing what can be accomplished with PG when one doesn't write her like a... well, I think I'm beating a dead horse at this point. Someone fire Levtiz please and put Nelson on WF.

considering Dc isn't firing bad writers this may never come true

Posted by Hanson724

Great issue. I'm sooo glad the tqste of that crossover is outta my mouth and this book can get back to being awesome!

Posted by Shanana

When they relaunched SG, I was so pissed about it; that didn't bother to pick it up. I was terribly wrong, this series has been so fun to read. I love the new aggressive Kara

Posted by RedQueen

Excellent issue, except for one glaring error; How is it that the Karas are having a conversation in space?

Edited by bigboi100000

@redqueen said:

Excellent issue, except for one glaring error; How is it that the Karas are having a conversation in space?

cuz their super

Posted by GothamCity

This cover reminds me of Superman #6 (new 52) anyone agree?

Posted by XSpectreGreyX

I really liked this issue. It does what the Superboy issue with Kon and Kal snarking back and forth should have done - Be funny, have characters work off each other well, and in general be awesome. That issue felt out of place (having Kal and Kon snark constantly in the middle of a big crossover just felt wrong), but this feels like a nice breather issue. Absolutely loved this issue, and I'm so happy that H'el on Earth is finally out of the way, because it sucked. Truly, the worst crossover of the New 52. Thankfully, this series can go back to being awesome.