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Supergirl #15 - Into Kandor Review


H'el shows his true colors and Supergirl just may fall for him...

The Good

Overall, I really enjoyed artist Mahmud Asrar's art in this issue, even if there were some moments where the characters appeared a bit strange. For example, I wasn't too keen on the way the artist depicted Superman and Superboy, to me it didn't really look like these two characters. Other than that, however, I loved the way he drew Krypton and the interaction between Kara and her friend Tali.

I thought it was great to see the story open with Kara and Tali, two best friends who love each other a lot. I think it's rare to see friendship between two girls depicted in comics, but there is a great example of that in this issue. I love the line where Tali mentions she would "trade a million kisses from Tak-Ro for another day with her best friend." It's clear that their friendship is really strong and meant a lot to Supergirl and it's nice to see that she actually had someone important and special in her life.

The flow of the story was really good. In the start of the issue Kara mentions that she would want "the next person she kissed" to really mean something. I think it's fair to say that she is, very obviously, manipulated in this issue the way that Mike Johnson structures the story. First he introduces this great friendship between Kara and Tali, and then he has Kara face her best friend who is stranded in a sort of stasis. Whether H'el knew of the relationship between the two girls or not, after seeing her friend in that state Kara was left vulnerable, and it's obvious that H'el then proceeded to prey on that vulnerability.

The Bad

It is still unclear what H'el's powers are, exactly. There is a scene where H'el shrinks Kara down and transports her to Kandor. In this scene, H'el uses an "astral projection" to show Kara what he used to look like, but he only does this when she is still in Kandor. When she leaves Kandor and goes back to her "normal size," H'el appears to her as he did before. What is strange is that he doesn't shape shift or manipulate her into seeing him the way he used to look. Perhaps he doesn't want to give his powers away? He doesn't want to show her all the cards he has up his sleeve, so to speak? Or perhaps he isn't strong enough to manipulate his own image to appear to her the way he used to look. Anyway, all of this is unclear and I think I would have liked to see more of an explanation of his powers in this issue.

I also understand that Kara is young, but it's strange to see her going into this situation so blindly. Where are her instincts? Doesn't she feel a bit hesitant about trusting this guy she just met? I think that might be my biggest problem with this issue; it doesn't paint her in the best light. She doesn't seem very intelligent here.

The Verdict

Although it's great to see Kara wearing her heart on her sleeve, sharing an awesome moment with her best friend, and having these events pull on her heart strings; I think it's still a bit off that Kara isn't thinking about the consequences of her actions and is trusting H'el so blindly. Although it creates a great dynamic and leaves readers with a cliff-hanger, it was a bit predictable, wasn't it? I was also hoping to see the writer delve further into H'el's powers and get into the reasons for his actions. Hopefully we'll see more of that in the future. All in all, not a bad issue of SUPERGIRL, but not the best either.

Posted by doordoor123

I'm thinking He'l powers are a big plot point. I don't think that is a problem, but I do think it is a problem that it hasn't been questioned yet.

As for Kara, I think people are sometimes blinded by things they really want. It looks bad when were on the outside looking in. I think bad dialogue is the reason we aren't connecting with her choices.

Overall, I think it was a solid issue. Not good, but solid. Lets hope these problems are solved by the next issue (and these are issues that are totally solvable by the next issue).

I know I'm still having fun reading this.

Posted by Icarusflies

Yeah, there have been some fairly major characterization issues in this series...

Posted by jwalser3

She better not fall for him!

Posted by Outside_85

Sounds more and more like H'El is going to be a one story villain with all the powers he apparently keeps manifesting.

Posted by Cavemold

a sereis thats not really necessary.

Posted by Superguy1591

I'm not going to be so brash like the last time, but again, I'm disagree with your review. I think Mike Johnson has done a great job on Supergirl, but to each their own.

To answer your negatives about this book,

1.) Kara doesn't know H'El is a shape shifter, only Kal does. I don't know how you can say it is a negative for a villain to be withholding information about himself, but like I said, to each their own.

2.) Kara, as she's consistently been since book 1, hates being on Earth. She even tried to fly all the way to Krytpon after Kal told her that it was destroyed. Kara is a girl who just woke up in a world she's unfamiliar with with her only family being a man who calls himself her cousin, the same cousin she held as a baby a week ago (in her memory), telling her that everyone she knows and love is dead or frozen. Is it really that hard to believe that Kara would be willing to believe anything that would take her back home? It's like something I read in Sociology a few semesters ago, Cancer patients are willing to believe that even the most mundane things can cure them because they're desperate to go back to their old lives. Kara is one in the same.

I don't know why we keep disagreeing about the Super-books, I thought your Wonder Woman review was spot on. I guess, it's all about "to each their own".

Posted by Superguy1591

Also, to help explain why H'El wouldn't show Kara that he can shape-shift would be because H'El knocked Kara out and told her it was Kal. If Kara thinks H'El can shape-shift she might start to question his story.

Posted by Icon

I don't want everything revealed in one issue though. I like that we still don't fully know what H'El is capable of or how he is manipulating Kara. It's fun to have a little mystery, especially around a character who is supposed to be here for the long haul. I want to see how he does what he does too but I'm not impatient about it. We'll get answers in time, we don't need them all right away.

Posted by jointron33

Kara is cute

Posted by pspin

While I agree with this review, I disagree with Kara's blind trust of H'el being a negative. Given the way she has acted with the rest of the series, it makes sense, she has no loyalty towards Earth and she wakes up on a strange world to find everyone she knows and loves to be dead or at least gone; I think that trying everything to get them back is a normal reaction. But I totally see where you are coming from though.

Posted by cc1738

Even if the issue wasn't perfect anything is better than the mediocrity that was Superboy last week. That almost made me stop getting the crossover.

Posted by TheCrowbar

I like how the one issue I pick up of SG since dropping her after the first 2 makes her seem downright stupid.

Posted by UrbanChill

idk how h'el not revealing his full power set to kara is a bad thing

Posted by Jean199999

What if...big what if, but what if H'el was some version of Brainiac?