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Supergirl #13 - Sanctuary Review


Supergirl has the chance to find out about the day she left Krypton. The question is, will she be able to handle the truth?

The Good

Let's start off with the art. It's always a bummer when you hear a book's regular artist is taking an issue off. Mahmud Asrar's style has really grown on me in this series. But when I found out Sami Basri was the guest artist, it made it a sweet piece of news. Basri's style fits nicely with Supergirl. We get to see several different expressions on her face as she deals with different revelations. It's always a good testament to an artist's ability when you can clearly read the emotions without having to read the text on the page.

The story picks up from August's issue #12. Supergirl is faced against the newly transformed Simon Tycho. He was an unlikeable character in the beginning and he continues to be so. With his transformation, he proves to be more of a problem for Supergirl. He may not be the ideal nemesis I'd want to see but it's also great to see Kara have a villain of her own, even if he bears some similarities to a certain Superman villain. Or at least he used to.

The idea of Supergirl getting answers is interesting. There is something about having a sense of mystery but at the same time, having it drag on too long could be tiresome. With the revelations, Mike Johnson is making Kara feel a little more human. The ending was a great lead in to the upcoming Superman crossover, "H'el on Earth."

The Bad

I still don't like Simon Tycho. That may be the goal but he comes across as more annoying than menacing. His transformation is interesting but also looks a little goofy. I'm not sure which appearance was harder to take more seriously.

The idea of Supergirl having her own Fortress of Solitude is great. Hopefully she'll find time to decorate it a bit. It came across as pretty plain. I would think there'd at least be a more crystalized appearance.

The Verdict

SUPERGIRL has been a roller coaster for me. I really enjoyed her first appearance in the New 52 but some later issues started making me lose interest. Things are looking up as Supergirl deals with the transformed Simon Tycho seen in the early issues. She also discovers the truth about her final days on Krypton. It almost feels like it's too soon to give her all the answers but at the same time, it's refreshing to see this not dragged out for too long. Sami Basri does a remarkable job as the guest artist. It's always refreshing to see Basri's name on the credits of a comic. The series has been amping up lately and the upcoming crossover sounds promising.

Posted by cc1738

I'm getting the He'l on Earth crossover. Since the ending of this leads into that, should I get this?

Posted by zackattack529

Is it too bold of a statment if i said I think this is the better of the superman titles right now? cause i think so.

Action Comics dissapointed me, i don't like Supermans creative team or direction, and i never cared for superboy.

Supergirl is awesome! I like her character better. Even in the JLU cartoon she had a better character than superman lol

Posted by CircularLogic

@zackattack529: No, it's not. This is literally the best Super-family title out there (not including the actual book starring the super family), with Action Comics closely behind (though admittedly I may be saying this because I expected better from Grant Morrison, it's not bad by any stretch).

Edited by agitatedandroid

I was thinking that this was one of the best issues of the series thus far. The art was phenomenal and Tony was right about the expressiveness of Kara's face in this ish. I think the best that can be said is that Supergirl has delivered on what was promised prior to the launch of the New 52. Kara is a confused teen with crazy power trying to come to terms with her new life while snatching moments to grieve her old life. This ish pretty much made my day as I'd been hoping for the moment when Kara would finally have a place, an ally. Not that I want the action to stop but the girl needs a place she can just sit down and breathe and think for a minute. Sanctuary feels like a reward (for Kara and the reader) after 12 issues of tumult. Just, so good.

Posted by Zoch81

this was a good issue, I really liked the art I like it before but this much better I have say that Sami Basri really needs ongoing now that Voodoo is finished hell I think should replace Asrar, as for story I liked it Im glad Kara has own fortress and that Tycho Improved more as villain then when we first meet him thought was generic in terms of villain, Im also glad going into H'el on earth wonder who Kal was fighting on last page Doesn't look like H'el I guess found out in Superman 13.

Posted by Twentyfive

Supergirl is awesome. That is one thing I know for sure.

Posted by jointron33

Her face when she tells the lights to come on and when she's berating Tycho, telling him to change, is SO CUTE!!!

Posted by whitelantern64

Im excited for Superman comics in general for the future, what with lobel's hel crossover with the new volume of Superman (earth 1 i think but I'm probably remembering the name wrong), and then we get look forward to snyder's and lee's superman story, superboy has been getting better and I think I might even start to pick up supergirl because its starting to sound too good to miss out on. Way to listen to the readers DC, and right one of ur most iconic franchises.

Posted by Jorgevy

@jointron33 said:

Her face when she tells the lights to come on and when she's berating Tycho, telling him to change, is SO CUTE!!!


I really liked the guest artist (Sami) and the issue was pretty good, my second favorite Super title that DC is putting out (behind Smallville - thus nº1 in the New 52!)

And what about the sneek preview at the end? Superman did a really freaking big feat, that scan will be shown for ages around the dicussion threads for N52 Supes

Posted by jointron33

Does anyone have a scan of the scene where she's berating Tycho and asks for the lights to go up?

Posted by lifeboy
Loved this issue. Sami drew kara perfect. Like a 13 year old girl. Unlike other artist who draw her as a 16-18 year old. Im more interested in seeing the adventures of a 13 year old. I must admit, i have a bit of a crush on her.
Posted by Thaxus

Supergirl is awesome another "Bang for the Buck" series if you know what I mean. :) :) :) :) :) 5/5 :P