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Supergirl #12 - Inheritance Review


It's round 2 for Supergirl and Superman. He has some new information for her that could determine how their encounter plays out.

The Good

As great as it's been for Supergirl to get a chance to explore the world on her own, it makes more sense for Superman to be involved in getting her acclimated. She may be older than he is but due to her being in suspended animation and his time and experience on Earth, it's up to him to try to explain everything to her. Of course with her being mentally younger and more powerful, it's going to be harder for Superman to try to reason with her.

There is a bit of mystery still surrounding Supergirl. This is fascinating and should be played on to further develop her and make her even more interesting. The explanation for why she is more powerful was great and seeing Superman try to accept this is fun.

The art by Mahmud Asrar is fitting for Supergirl. His style suits her character and it's always a joy seeing the different expressions he draws depending on her situation.

The Bad

We need a major sit down between Superman and Supergirl. The fact that she still doesn't fully trust him needs to be dealt with. It's an interesting read but I keep trying to ignore the previous relationship they had when Supergirl was reintroduced in 2006's*** SUPERMAN/BATMAN issues. I'm don't want to dwell on the differences but I'd like to see this resolved at some point.

I do enjoy Asrar's art but his interpretation of Superman seemed different from others. This is a problem in the New 52. We're seeing many different interpretations by different artists (and I'm not referring to his younger look in ACTION COMICS). Between here, JUSTICE LEAGUE, SWAMP THING and of course SUPERMAN, it's sometimes hard to determine how old/young he's supposed to be.

The character that pops up at the end made me scream out, "Nooooooooooo!" Or at least I did to myself in my mind. I'm really not a fan of this character. There is the opportunity to change things since the last time I saw this character but I'm really not looking forward to the next appearance.

The Verdict

We're finally seeing more interaction between Supergirl and Superman. From the way they met, it's not going to be the smoothest of relationships, at least not yet. This is something I'd like to see explored further as it is Superman's responsibility in some ways. We are getting some answers about Supergirl as well as some interesting new questions (which apparently will be addressed in next month's issue #0). I'm really digging the art on SUPERGIRL but Superman feels like he's being drawn different by all the different artists that have depicted him since the New 52 started. There's the 'return' of a certain character at the end that some may enjoy but I'm simply not a fan of this character. There's plenty to see here and this issue reminded me why I enjoy the idea of having Supergirl in current continuity.

Posted by Twentyfive

Finally, a Supergirl review. One of my favorite new 52 books. Can't wait to pick it up.

Posted by G-Man

@Twentyfive: I've been on the fence with the series. I'll admit, the confrontation with Superman is what made me review it. This is an important bit. Can't wait to see more.

Posted by Gordo789

I really love supergirl but her series has been hot and cold with me. Hoping that it starts picking up a bit.

Posted by Augment


Posted by Mbecks14

I was put off by new 52 supergirl because I miss all the character development that seemed to vanish in the reboot but I didn't follow the sereis, how is it?

Posted by pspin

@Mbecks14: pretty good, the "redesign" of Silver Banshee was cool. There has been some but there is a lot of mystery building up in it as opposed to getting into her character but it is still good.

Posted by Mbecks14

@pspin: What is her character like now? My interpretation of what i skimmed over was she was back to being a swing first ask later girl who was just lost on earth.

Posted by zackattack529

@Mbecks14: its "good" but thats about it aha


i can tell you that i enjoy it better than superboy

if i were to rate the superman titles it would go:

Action Comics




Posted by LightningTiger2190

Can anyone tell me why she is stronger than superman? I don't read this series so I am lost on the details.

Posted by G-Man

@LightningTiger2190: We could tell you. Or you could buy this issue. They explain it. And more answers will be given in next month's zero issue.

Posted by LightningTiger2190

@G-Man: I would but as a struggling college graduate,I already read Earth 2, Batman, Action Comics, Nightwing, and Batman and Robin. I decided to add Wonder woman too. Priorities mean I can't read them all lol.

Posted by Zoch81

its was pretty good issue it also explains why she so powerful I didn't like Asrar's interpretation of Kal didn't look good, overall not much happend.

Posted by Shotgun

@LightningTiger2190: Its cheaper to get them all at Comixology.

Edited by Ravager4

Wait, so they explicitly stated that Supergirl is stronger than Superman?

...excuse me while I go bury the last tiny shred of interest I had in Superman.

So, this also means that either Supergirl is also stronger than Wonder Woman, or Wonder Woman is also stronger than Superman (by a lot, judging from Wonder Woman #12).

Seriously, why did they make the New 52 Superman so much weaker than he was before? I mean, Wonder Woman is apparently stronger than ever before, now Supergirl is stronger than him, too, but Superman gets nerfed? Or maybe I'm just misinformed on this whole thing? Help me to understand here...

Posted by ltbrd

Its never stated in the comics that Supergirl is stronger than Superman. Its implied, due to her new origin, that she's stronger than Superman was at her age. In Supergirl #2, despite the fact that Supergirl is wailing on him in blind rage and fear, Superman is able to take and bounce back from every punch he receives and even counter her movements with little effort while trying to calm her down. So the fact that he's older than her gives him the advantage now. But if they had met during the start of the new Action Comics timeline than Superman would have been at a disadvantage.

Personally I don't see Supergirl's level of power lasting much longer given how she's been using her abilities and what may occur with this new villain (which I completely agree with your reaction to).

What bugs me about this series is just how much its a complete redo of the last Supergirl series.....and not a good one at that. As much as I thought the last Supergirl series was too disjointed and rushed in giving her a new origin, it beats the new 52 version by far.

But, I may be a bit jaded because I think Power Girl is a better character than Supergirl. When the new 52 was announced I was really hopeful that DC would lean towards a character with a maturity and presence more like Power Girl but with a look and costume in keeping with Supergirl (but replace blue with white to both give a nod to PG but also make her standout a bit from Superman). Such a mashing was how I envisioned the new 52 being when DC talked about and trimming down the roster of characters.

Not saying that Supergirl series couldn't start the same way, with her arriving on Earth in the present. Just saying that rather than make her so childish and memory lapsed (a horrible origin staple to start with in my opinion, right up there with possession like G-Man talked about in his last "Ask and Ye Shall Receive....Answers" video) she could have emerged from her ship with memories but unaware of how much time has passed (being in suspended animation or something) and thinking she needed to find baby Kal-El, still get surprised, and still have to go out into a new world and find her place. Its just this way comic book writers have of showing teenage angst/anger/authority issues/etc of late that really bugs me. Does anyone really relate to that. I really miss the days of good teenage writing like we used to get in Teen Titans and even Young Justice. Today's writers just don't seem to get it and it really keeps a long standing series like Supergirl from being a better comic than what it is.

Posted by pspin

@Mbecks14: That is close but she hasn't learned English yet and the first two major story lines were about people fighting or attacking earth. There has been a lot of emphasis on showing that the is not a girl with Superman's powers as well. There is also this subplot that was touched on that she may be a weapon instead of a regular girl. The series is definitely taking its time and overall it is not super great but it is better than last time.

@Ravager4: She isn't stronger now, but when they were the same age (17, 18, 19) Supergirl is much stronger because her pod orbited the sun for a while and Superman straight up said this but now in the present Superman implied that he is stronger and has better control over his powers so he could beat her in a fight if he had to.

Posted by Ravager4

@pspin: Well... that makes a bit more sense. Not the conclusion you get by reading this particular review, though.

Posted by Booster_Bronze

I'm just relieved that the authors are moving away from the whole "beat the crap out of each other first rather than talk" approach. I was glad to not see Superman and Supergirl simply reduce it to a slugfest in this one. Too much hero-on-hero violence in the New 52 in my opinion.

Posted by fps_dean

I thought this series started out really good, but the past few issues have gotten away from who Supergirl is. They were not terrible but they could have been better. Glad to see this series back on track.

Posted by hyperman

@Ravager4 said:

I mean, Wonder Woman is apparently stronger than ever before,

Do you really think that?? I don't think so, I have not seen her displaying great powers such as super strength or flight, or super speeds, like she did in the pre-flashpoint universe.

Posted by Ravager4

@hyperman: You haven't read Wonder Woman #12, have you?

Posted by hyperman

oh yes. I've just read wonder woman 12 , pretty good fight... but my humble opinion... it was nothing in comparison to what she did here =). that was the most powerful wonder woman

Posted by Ravager4

@hyperman: I read your post wrong, apologies. Ignore the posts I deleted that are undoubtedly sitting in your inbox right now. The point is, she's already been powerful so far (look at her rampage in Justice League), and the notion that she now has a super power up trump card that allows her to beat the stuffing out of gods is kind of ridiculous.

Posted by enigma_2099

@Booster_Bronze: @Booster_Bronze said:

I'm just relieved that the authors are moving away from the whole "beat the crap out of each other first rather than talk" approach. I was glad to not see Superman and Supergirl simply reduce it to a slugfest in this one. Too much hero-on-hero violence in the New 52 in my opinion.

STAY AWAY from Marvel for a while...

Posted by DocFishstick

i am going to have to pick this comic up and check it out.