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Superboy #20 - A Wretched H.I.V.E. Review


Justin Jordan comes on board as the new writer and the first thing he does is remove Superboy's powers. What? Looks like we have a mystery on our hands.

The Good

Superboy has been a tough character to relate to in the New 52. He started as almost an villain, causing problems for the Teen Titans. Their conflict eventually settled and started seeing glimmers of the character we knew before. With Justin Jordan coming on board, he does start out with a bit of a mystery as well as tying up some lose ends.

Similar to what we've just seen in BATMAN #19 (and other comics obviously), Superboy is in a bit of a predicament. How he got there, we're not quite sure as the story jumps back to show us the events leading up to it. As I mentioned on the recent Batman issue, it's a fun change of pace that we've seen before and it does add to the suspense, even though you know where events have to go.

We have more of Dr. Psycho, who we've seen in the last couple issues. This version is interesting and it's hard to figure out what exactly he's after. He will be playing a role in this story and whether or not he'll be helping Superboy or turning against him remains to be seen.

Normally I have big issues when there's more than artist on an issue. This one has four. You can see the change in art but it almost flows together smoothly. Almost. We do get some nice depictions of Superboy during his fight.

The Bad

I did mention the change in art. It wasn't as bad as we've seen before in other titles. It's just unfortunate when there is a need for it, despite the chance to see different artists' interpretation. It does pull you away from the story momentarily.

While we do know what will eventually happen but this story doesn't quite take us to that point just yet. It could be considered a bit of a cliffhanger but it also makes you feel like they left you hanging.

The Verdict

Justin Jordan is setting things up for Superboy. We get an interesting first page and then get to see how it starts to come together. You can feel Superboy is trying to find a direction for himself and this story and mission might be what it takes to make that happen. We have a good mix of art as there are four different artists in this issue. But that's also a bad thing as you momentarily get pulled out of the action when you notice the art style change. I've gone back and forth on this title but I am interested to see where this new direction will take the series. If anything, the last page should definitely make you want to come back for more. This could be the beginning of something wonderful.

Posted by The Stegman

Finally, Superboy has been dangerously close to coming off my pull list, he's just been so blah, especially compared to Supergirl.

Also, I hope they stop with the introductory exposition.

"My Name is Superboy, and I was created to be a weapon, in case you haven't read the first year of story, I'll tell it to you all over again."

Posted by LordRequiem

First thing he does is remove his powers. Wow. What a terrible idea, as if it hasn't been done a million times before.

Posted by SupBatz

This looks like a promising jumping in point for Superboy. I haven't been reading since the New 52 began but I'll be picking this up.

Posted by modunhanul

I haven't read Superboy until now but it looks interesting. Thanks for the review G-man.

Posted by Red_Robin212

I'll admit I've been enjoying Superboy so far, I'm curious to see what Justin Jordan does.

I've enjoyed his Run on Deathstroke & Team 7

*Also I love the cover*

Posted by sentryman555

Is the main artist still the same? Its odd I liked their work at the beginning but the more I've read Superboy the less I've liked the art for his comic.

Posted by UltimateSMfan

One thing I didn't like in this book were the art changes, when I saw Rocafort's art I got so exited n then the art after that was really crappy but story wise it was a good issue, can't wait to see how krypto gets involved.

Posted by AlForeigner

I bought the comic yesterday, still yet to read it (other comics to read first) but the cover looks brilliant, I absolutely love it, and I've heard good things about Justin Jordan so I hope he can make a positive impact to the Superboy title during his run. I gave up with Scott Lobdell's and Tom DeFalco's run on Superboy so I'm hoping things start to look up with this new writer.

Edited by batfan916

its okay I'm giving it 3 more issues but as of lately the book has been everywhere. I hope Jordan makes the book more grounded and gives superboy a purpose as of now he just feels like he's going from cross over to cross over and when he has his own "solo" issues they feel forced and bland. I'm interested in the Hive aspect and how krypto and him get along.

Posted by stephens2177

Witty banter, that is superboy, jordan deliverd it.

Edited by YdurZatara

I love the character, the writting hasn't been bad. But I dislike Silva's art A LOT. I understand SB is the Boy of Steel, but Silva's style makes him look like a doll. I don't want a Connor with Batman's body type, but I would greatly appreciate it if he didn't look like a really tall 9 year old.