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Suicide Squad #21 - Discipline and Punish, Part Two of Two Review


Harely Quinn takes Amanda Waller hostage and gains control of Belle Reve!

The Good

Ales Kot and Patrick Zircher, please never leave this book.

Kot's take on Deadshot is legendary and his Harley Quinn is lovably obnoxious. He's taken a book I dropped due to a lack of interest and boosted its quality approximately a gazillion percent. The team is heading in an awesome direction and the changes implemented makes me want more and more by the time I'm done with the issue.

It has yet to be revealed who hacked the system and let Harley Quinn free Deadshot, but the results of the mysterious person's actions were terrific. Like I said above, it gives Deadshot a great chance to shine and the violent result is a blast. At first, I thought the structure of beginning and ending in the future was a bit odd, but after thinking about it for a bit, I kind of dig seeing the aftermath of the deal before witnessing how it comes to fruition. Ultimately, it'll boil down to how well Kot balances the two time periods -- assuming he continues to use that strategy, of course. Besides, if it means I can see King Shark gnawing away at a gigantic achilles tendon, then I'm in.

Zircher's art is unparalleled. It's highly detailed and uses just the right amounts of shading to give these characters the dark and twisted look they deserve. It's pretty much the best and most fitting visuals a book like this could ask for. There's some enjoyable panel layouts and there's one instance where Quinn looks downright sinister -- it's quite cool.

The Bad

I'm by no means an expert on the character, but having Cheetah with a massive mini-gun just feels off to me. She's a powerhouse and therefore I imagine she wouldn't really need one. I mean, a few months ago she was wrecking the Justice League completely unarmed and it's all thanks to her physicals.

The Verdict

Issue 21 is fantastic and deliciously dark. After just two issues with the new creative team, SUICIDE SQUAD has become one of DC's most enthralling titles. Kot has a solid grip on the characters' unique voices and manages to deliver just the right dose of crazy fun action and, of course, mystery. Throw in Zircher's insanely good art and you're looking at a book with a whole lot of potential.

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Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

Go Harley.

Edited by czechoslovakia

Freaking loved it

Posted by Hawkguy

Got rid of uncanny x-men for this on the ol pulllist. The new creative team is unreal! I can't wait for next month

Posted by batmannflash

I didn't like the New 52 Harley, but the new creative team is great!! This issue is awesome

Posted by TheFirstLantern

Harley on that cover is just amazing

Posted by dondave
Posted by lilben42

Is this a good place to start reading?

Posted by The_Tree

@lilben42 said:

Is this a good place to start reading?

No, go for the previous issue.

Edited by ripjim93

One of my good friends Justin Zircher is Pat Zirchers nephew. Apparently he was a avid gamer at my LCS. I want to get this issue signed.

Posted by lilben42
Edited by manwithoutshame

I got back into this series with the last issue and Suicide Squad has continued to kick my ass. The creative team just gets these characters. One of my favorite series out now.

Posted by DennisReads

I agree with this review. Was a great issue. Kot and Zircher knocked it out of the park.

Edited by victorcheenoanleu

Agh! When 20 was released I found it to be a pleasant surprise, was sad to see Zircher leave Shadowman but if this is what he's going to be doing instead I'm all for it. Kot is giving us back the Harley we're all used to. I'm happy I didn't drop this on issue 16.

Posted by longbowhunter

As a huge Deadshot fan I've been waiting for this book to turn around. Last two issues have been really good. Just added Kot's new Image series Zero to my pull list today. Guy's a pretty solid writer so far.

Edited by bladewolf

Awesome issue, I'm glad to see this series back on track. I'm excited to see what comes next. Everyone should buy it, since if this gets cancelled I'll probably tear up just a lot (read: a lot).

Posted by TommytheHitman

They ran out. Picking up next week!

Posted by Billy Batson

As a huge Deadshot fan I've been waiting for this book to turn around. Last two issues have been really good. Just added Kot's new Image series Zero to my pull list today. Guy's a pretty solid writer so far.

You should check out his Change if you haven't. The trade's coming out in two weeks.


Posted by danhimself

am I the only one who thought that it was hilarious that Waller's password is "shallowhal"???

Posted by XSpectreGreyX

I like this issue, but it has a lot of problems. The structure is off, with stories shifting between each other at inappropriate ties, and it feels really rushed and chaotic (although I think that's the point). If this was stretched put a little more, I'd like it a lot more.

Posted by DrowningCactus

Check out mah gangsta skeelz!