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Spider-Men #1 Review


It's Spider-Man and Spider-Man. How could this happen? Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli will answer that question here in the the crossover you never expected to see.

With a title like 'Spider-MEN,' you have to wonder, can this really be a crossover between the 616 universe and the Ultimate one? Is this a good idea or pushing things too far?

The Good

Upon hearing that Spider-Man would possibly be meeting Miles Morales, there's no denying that I had serious doubts. The Marvel Universe is rich in the the number of alternate realities and the Ultimate Universe has always thrived at staying in its own little corner. Now that the line between the Ultimate Universe and the 616 is going to become blurry, you can't help but be a little nervous.

The great thing is having Brian Michael Bendis on board as the writer. I wouldn't really think of him as a Spider-Man writer when it comes to the 616 universe (despite several appearances in Bendis' Avengers titles) but there's no question he owns the Ultimate version of Spidey.

The big factor on the success or failure will be the "how." How the heck can we see a crossover between these two universes? I won't go into the details but yes, Bendis makes it work. The issue has to set up this event. We start off with the Spider-Man we all know. But with this inevitable meeting, there are still lots of questions. The big one is where exactly will this crossover happen? Will we see Miles travel to the 616 universe or Spider-Man journey to the Ultimate universe? Or, could it be some other random universe? A question I brought up before was the fact that villains or people from alternate realities could abuse secrets from one world on another. Everyone knows Peter Parker was Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe. This is something that should really be explored.

What about the art? We've been wowed ever since Sara Pichelli came on board ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. It's great to see her on what could be an extremely important series. She draws Spider-Man looking like Spider-Man. There's no question who is under the mask. But perhaps my favorite part was seeing the differences in New York Cities.

The Bad

It's the first issue. It has to set things up. Will we see the Spider-Men interact immediately? That would be too much if it happened right away with no build up. Despite that, it's a tiny bit frustrating in the way that we've been teased by this event and even though the first issue is here, we still have to wait for the real action to begin.

The Verdict

As a big fan of Spider-Man in the 616 and Ultimate universe, I was extremely nervous that this crossover would end up as a mere gimmick. Brian Michael Bendis knows what he's doing as he's mastered telling the story of Ultimate Spider-Man. We have a plausible 'reason' for this crossover to happen. There is plenty of ramifications to this meeting that needs to be explored. Having Sara Pichelli on the art duties is a treat and you will appreciate how distinctly she draws the characters and environments. As a first issue, we do have to go through some set up for this momentous story. Everything can't be and shouldn't be rushed. But with the way Bendis handles it, you'll be wishing for for the next issue as soon as you reach the final page. The SPIDER-MEN crossover is here and neither version will be the same after this. Bendis and Pichelli are just warming up here.

SPIDER-MEN #1 is sale June 13.

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Posted by ravisher

cant wait

Edited by nappystr8

I can't wait for this book to drop. A much cooler idea that AVX ever was.

Dan Slott said there was a major change coming to Spider-Man approaching issue 700, something that will make a lot of fanboys really upset. I wonder if after the events of this miniseries there are plans to keep Miles in the 616 for an extended period of time? It's a cool thought anyway.

Posted by Novemberx2

i still don't see the point of this story what so ever...

im a massive ultimate spiderman fan, but im gonnna avoid this series like the plaque.

Posted by Xerdek

This will be interesting. Though, I still miss Peter Parker of the Ultimate Reality (Earth-1610). At least there will be interaction between the two realities. :)

Posted by KidNexus

Bendis. *Yawn*

Posted by Cafeterialoca

I still think it's much too soon to have Miles meet Spider-Man. I mean, he hasn't been around for a full year and he's getting this huge honor? Just feels a bit soon...

Posted by Duo_forbidden

I am SO looking forward to this series.

Posted by DanteTheRedKnight

I'm not sure about this. I was soo excited for the debut of Miles Morales which turned out to be boring. I am not getting my hopes high for this.

Posted by CircularLogic

@KidNexus said:

Bendis. *Yawn*

Say what you will about Bendis, but there's no denying his run on Ultimate Spider-man, right up to Ultimatum, was one of the greatest runs of all time, critically and commercially, and that's thanks to Bendis. Admittedly, I dislike just about everything else he puts out nowadays, and I'm not completely sold on Miles as a hero (I think he's a bit too young for this) but the Ultimate line is something you can't take away from BMB, despite everything.

@Cafeterialoca said:

I still think it's much too soon to have Miles meet Spider-Man. I mean, he hasn't been around for a full year and he's getting this huge honor? Just feels a bit soon...

I agree. I think he's only properly suited up maybe twice so far? This needed a bit of time, but I guess with Before Watchmen coming out they needed to crank out a few top sellers

Posted by SpitfireINK

Umm - Sorry ... SPOILER ALERT?

Posted by Kallarkz

Guaranteed that a good majority of the people on this site that say bendis is crap haven't read ultimate spiderman or they are mindless followers and they believe it cool to hate bendis. #bandwagon. I am looking forward to this. Someone commented that they don't understand why the was necessary....well why is anything in comics necessary? Why is it necessary for Aquaman to fight black manta...cant they just get along? Why does Hope have to be the host to the phoenix force? Why can't it be Storm (I imagine that made some fanboys mouth water). It'd done for a good story. Ultimate spiderman with miles morales has not been slow they have simply been introducing a new character and it takes time. I'm glad they are taking the time to show us miles life as well as gradually build him into his role as spiderman. But I think bendis does want to kick this story into gear and will have these two individuals meet so that spiderman (Peter) can help miles get adjusted to his new role a bit faster while mataining things believable. I'm really looking forward to this story. And you're right gman...bendis does own ultimate spiderman.

Posted by drian

"here in the the crossover you never expected to see."

saw it coming as soon as they announced there was gonna be a new spiderman in the ultimate universe

just didnt expect it to be this soon

Posted by JamDamage

I just want to see if this is how Miles hets his web shooters

Posted by Lvenger

Saw this crossover coming. It's as bad an idea as Avengers vs X-Men. Miles Morales is a bland replacement for Ultimate Peter Parker. If you're going to kill Spider-Man at least make the replacement good. As for Bendis, his writing recently is never enjoyed by me so the only reason this mini series will succeed is the sheer idea of having two Spider-Men meet up. That's it.

Posted by RedOwl_1

@Duo_forbidden said:

I am SO looking forward to this series.

Oh yeah

Edited by SpitfireINK

@nappystr8: So they have 8 to 9 years planned out? hmm.... 2020 ....?

Since Amazing is only at #686 - unless they plan to bump the book back to - twice monthly.

Anyone's guess that this point - because a Death of PETER PARKER wouldn't actually do it - Best Guess is they are planning to replace him by then.

Replacing Peter Parker would make quite a few people upset - even more so - reveal that Peter was never really Peter after all (stupid clones).

May even be possible that Miguel O'Hara is going to replace Peter? .... hmmm ....

One last thought - Could Flash Thompson replace Peter? - now that might actually be interesting - Very upsetting - but ...

In any case - it will most likely be short-lived and just enough to drive sales.

Posted by KainScion

the new ultimate spider-man has been on the scene for 10 issues and hes already getting mad props? this is bulls**t. damn you bendis!

Posted by CapFanboy

I still think it would be a better story with ultimate Petey. Just think of the growth that both characters would get, 616 as being a mentor and ultimate being given a new role model, himself.

Posted by mattwing87

@Lvenger: Just cause you don't like Miles or Bendis does not mean your point is valid. It is all personal preference. I like Miles. I think he is great replacement for Peter Parker. Ive been reading both Ultimate Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-man and now it is even easier to read them with two DIFFERENT characters instead of the same character.

Posted by flip_nosis

I think Nick Fury will have a big role in this series.

Posted by Lvenger

@mattwing87: How is your point more valid than mine just because you like the character? As you said we are entitled to our opinions due to personal preference. Here's why I don't like Miles. Miles is a character whose personality is about as exciting as watching paint dry, his supporting cast is unappealing and not a patch on the previous supporting cast which Bendis wrote very well. His past work such as Ultimate Spider-Man and Daredevil is way better than his current work like Avengers and this.

Bendis is a select writer, some things he can write well whilst others he can't. In Ultimate Spider-Man, there's no good writing, no amazing story, little humour. Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man is vastly superior to Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man in every regard.

Posted by TheHeat

I'd like to see Spider-Man 2099 return.

Edited by haydenclaireheroes

I am defenitely getting this when it comes out

Posted by ivolution2k1

miles needed webshooters peteys gonna hook him up

Posted by mewmdude77

@nappystr8 said:

I can't wait for this book to drop. A much cooler idea that AVX ever was.

Dan Slott said there was a major change coming to Spider-Man approaching issue 800, something that will make a lot of fanboys really upset. I wonder if after the events of this miniseries there are plans to keep Miles in the 616 for an extended period of time? It's a cool thought anyway.

I agree. right now, AvX is really dumb, but this Spider-Men seems exciting. I like Miles Morales. It was a ballsy move, but good.

If that is the major change for issue number 700, that would be a fun switch. It'd be interesting to see what the 616 world would do when Peter parker randomly disappeared, and was replaced by someone else, and what the Ultimate Universe would do if an older Peter Parker randomly appeared there.

Posted by Teerack

I guess i'll check it out. I don't really have any expectations for it, so I can't be disappointed.

Posted by moywar700

Of all the alternate realities, why this one.There are so many out there and just by chance spider-man happened to end in this one.

Posted by Cavemold

Pass I was hoping for all the spider like charcters do be in this comic .

Posted by Master_Thief

Its going to be interesting how peter reacts about his death in that universe and how other characters such as mj react if she sees peter

Posted by saoakden

I want to read this book!!!

Posted by feargalr

This isn't out for ages!!?! WHY GOD WHY!!!!

Posted by CrimsonAlchemist

@Xerdek: Me 2 he was my favorite Parker.

Posted by thenexusrebound


To be honest perhaps it can help miles grow. Right now he really has no mentors other then his uncle, and that can only end up badly. With Pete he can actually meet another spider-man even if it is another reality version. I am interested to see how it will effect Miles.

Posted by SavageDragon

@TheHeat: Me too man. That costume is awesome.

Posted by Danial79

@TheHeat said:

I'd like to see Spider-Man 2099 return.

This :)

Posted by nappystr8

@SpitfireINK:My bad, issue 700 is what I meant.

Edited by bunkerbuster05

Wow, that is a really great idea. Peter's identity could be revealed.

Oh my god, what if they switched characters for the books? Miles was the new 616 Spider-Man, Peter returns to Ultimate Spider-Man. That would be crazy crayy.

Posted by Oedipus_Rex

You know what story I want to see? "Misters Fantastic". And I'm not counting that zombie one.

Posted by jaredbright

I saw the preview, obviously drawn on a computer.

Looks way better than, say, Brandon Peterson though.

Posted by sora_thekey

Gah! So excited!!

While I do think that it would have made more sense for Miles Morales to have met Miguel O'Hara first, I can't help but not be excited for this limited series.

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAY!!!!! I'll miss ultimate Pete, but Miles is a really good replacement. Nice to hear this is good =D

Posted by Skaddix

Should be good. I wonder if we can get an all Spidey Team Up with Miguel O'Hara, Spider-girl from MC2, etc.

Posted by TheWitchingHour

@KidNexus said:

Bendis. *Yawn*

That's weak and you know it. Bendis has had his share of flops but even those are readable. And when it comes to Ultimate Spider-Man Bendis knows what he's doing (not to mention his fantastic run on Daredevil). I know it's fashionable to hate on Brian Michael Bendis and most of the time he deserves it but don't pretend for a second he doesn't put out a great Ultimate Spider-Man comic issue after issue.

Posted by buzz86us

I know a good way to do the crossover have it be a nightmare of 616 Peter Parker after he went out partying with Johnny Storm

Posted by primepower53


Posted by Nudeviking

@Skaddix said:

Should be good. I wonder if we can get an all Spidey Team Up with Miguel O'Hara, Spider-girl from MC2, etc.

Do NOT forget Spider Ham...

Posted by enigma_2099

Wow... you think Bendis writing this is a GOOD thing...

Posted by sora_thekey

@enigma_2099 said:

Wow... you think Bendis writing this is a GOOD thing...

I think Bendis' run on Ultimate Spider-Man the past 10 years have been overall great!

Posted by cjkloster

Can't wait!

Posted by BKole


That was a boring, boring comic.

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