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Spider-Man 2099 #2 - Women & Secrets Review


Liz did some digging on Michael and wants some answers.

The Good

SPIDER-MAN 2099 is a different type of super-hero book, especially with this issue. Sure, Miguel does his spider-duties by stopping bank robbers with his own style of justice, which is a lot more abrasive than Peter Parker, but the majority of this issue deals with Miguel being a man out of time.

This issue is very dialogue driven, but not in a way where the reader is blasted with walls of dialogue. Writer Peter David does a great job at capturing Miguel's voice as well as redefining who he is in this series and this timeline. He's a straight to the point guy and comes off as a bit of a jerk, but that's what I find incredibly appealing about the character. He's not your atypical hero.

Throughout the issue, there was one scene that was fantastic, where Miguel reveals to Liz that he's from the future in a very futuristic outfit. This is a perfect scene for new readers and those who just don't know too much about this character. Aside from that it's a chunk of expositional dialogue that serves a purpose in story and isn't just there to fill gaps.

Will Sliney and colorist Antonio Fabela do some great work here. Artistically, they tell a great looking story that's more driven through facial expressions and body language over fists in faces ad explosions. Sometimes, a dialogue heavy issue can have trouble keeping the reader's attention but this art team makes these scenes exciting without going over the top on the facial expressions.

The Bad

The series hasn't won me over yet. The first issue was incredibly down the middle of the road for me, and while I think this issue is a vast improvement, it doesn't have a grip on me. There's TONS of potential here and right now, it's just the matter of waiting and seeing what happens next.

The Verdict

SPIDER-MAN 2099 #2 is a solid read. I'm not incredibly sure where the story is going, but David is still setting things up for a character that really hasn't appeared in 20 years. It hasn't completely won me over, but there's a lot of potential for this series as a whole. The dialogue heavy issue was an easy read and flowed incredibly well. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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Posted by TheCheeseStabber

I laughed so hard at the Window Scene

Posted by The Stegman

The first issue was...decent. I'll read this eventually.

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Who's Michael?

Posted by w0nd

Who's Michael?

Miguel goes by that in the present

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In this revieal scene Miguel looked like Booster Gold, lol)

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I don't actually know much about 2099, but the review has me interested. I wonder if it'll all tie into Spider-Verse at some point.

Posted by 8008S

Great stuff :)

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Aw man, I'm loving this series so far. The window scene was great!

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This serie has been awesome for me. Funny has hell

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Would this have gotten a 5 if Skullfire had appeared?

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Would this have gotten a 5 if Skullfire had appeared?


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For some reason I thought the window scene actually happened. Damn it, I'm stupid.

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@inferiorego: Is this the same Miguel O'Hara that was in the Exiles?

Posted by snarkybits
Posted by snarkybits

Also, I kinda felt dumb typing that...

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@w0nd: argh! He HATES being called Mike!

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This issue was hilarious. The first issue didn't blow me away, but I loved this.

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i liked this issue all around great set up issue and a lot character dialogue development Willam really does great facial expressions here. Which is nice to see

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This is way better than the main spidey series love this book already

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This is way better than the main spidey series love this book already

AMEN to that! Hopefully will change once Dan Slott leaves I guess.

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I think that Liz sexually harassing O'Mara at work would make a really interesting direction for the series. I like that the book is starting out strong with establishing relationships between him and Liz an his landlord, and not just being stupid with "SPIDER MAN FIGHTING SOMETHING DUUR"

Miguel's fantasies make me laugh a lot, and his whole telling the trust to blend in method was great.