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Snapshot #2 Review


The mystery continues to unravel. New players are introduced but the danger is far from over.

The Good

SNAPSHOT remains a great change of pace in a comic book. The majority of mainstream comics are full of superheroes. There's nothing wrong with that and Andy Diggle and Jock have both produced some great ones themselves. SNAPSHOT is a story that's more grounded in reality.

In the first issue we saw an average kid find a phone in the park. He soon discovered photos of a dead body. The body turned out not to be dead...or was it? That's where the mystery began. Diggle is giving us a story full of mystery, suspense, action and twists. Due to the more 'realistic' take of the story, it is a situation that the average person could sort of see themselves (unfortunately) falling in.

The combination of Diggle's writing and Jock's art makes the story and action fast paced and easy to focus on. I always go back and forth whether comics should or shouldn't be colored but seeing the art in black-and-white does a different feeling to the story. It helps to give it the gritty and realistic touch the story calls for. (And when I keep mentioning the realism, I'm not suggesting this sort of thing actually happens in real life -- at least I hope not!).

The story does introduce us to another character. You'll immediately wonder which side they are on. That's part of the charm of the comic. You have to expect the unexpected and that still won't prepare you.

The Bad

There was a couple panels where the action got a tiny bit hard to follow. It may be a minor thing but the physics during a car chase left me thinking.

I'm on the fence over the new character introduced. It could easily go into clichéd territory but I'd like to assume it won't go there. The decisions made at the end seem a little unlikely given the danger of the situation but I suppose when desperation arises...

The Verdict

SNAPSHOT is the sort of comic you owe it to yourself to check out. We need and deserve variety in our comic. It's especially great when creators like Andy Diggle and Jock show us they can be versatile with the types of comics they produce. Too often readers get comfortable reading the same types of comics so hopefully people will be willing to check out this series rather than let it slip by.

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Posted by JonesDeini

Love Jock but have been sour on Diggle ever since Shadowland. I suppose everybody deserves a chance to prove me wrong though. I've heard nothing but good about this book so I'll be looking into this at some point, G-Man.

Posted by soumya

SNAPSHOT is a good read.Diggle and Jock come up with a great plot and a great artwork.I liked the noir feel all over the pages.SNAPSHOT may not be the best comic book in this week but it sure is a breath of fresh air.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I'll get this in trade, if it remains this good throughout.

Also i think the cover is wasteful. Most of the cover is black. The title fills up quite a bit then there's only a kid on a bike.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

this is a great read