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Silver Surfer #1 - The Most Important Person in the Universe Review


There's a new Silver Surfer series and it turns out he hasn't explored all of space like he thought he did.

The Good

How long has it been since Silver Surfer had his own series. One of the things I've always found so fascinating is we have this character of such immense power and dedicated to be the noblest hero he can be. What we don't often think about is the vast number of atrocities he unknowingly took part in while serving Galactus.

This is one of the points that Dan Slott touches upon in this new series. The Silver Surfer is both honored and feared across the universe. While going about his personal mission of helping everyone and anyone, he is approached to be a champion for somewhere he's never heard of. This doesn't make sense since he claims to have traveled to every corner of the galaxy.

While this is going on, we are introduced to a young female from Earth. If you've seen the story in the POINT ONE issue or the cover of this comic, you know that eventually somehow she will become a sort of traveling companion to the Silver Surfer. But first we have to find out who she is and where she comes from.

The art and colors are wonderfully provided by Mike and Laura Allred. Allred always manages to capture the essence of a character's personality. It's practically written all over their faces. Even though our main character has a twin sister, you can easily tell them apart by their body language. If we're going to see a new area of Space in the Marvel Universe, having the Allreds in charge will be fascinating.

The Bad

With this being a new Silver Surfer comic, it's understandable for there to be a new take. Norrin Radd did feel a little different than what we might be used to. But with this being a first issue, there's plenty of time to figure out where Norrin is after soaring through the galaxy since last we saw him.

Along with that, this is a total build up issue. We have a brand new character to get to know and a new area in the galaxy. You get an immense feeling that the story is going to deliver but we just have to be patient until we get there. That will not be a problem.

With Allred on board, things usually get pretty funky. It's almost as if this is rubbing off on Slott. Slott can be extremely humorous and entertaining himself but there were tiny elements of humor where it felt it should be a little more serious.

The Verdict

Dan Slott and Mike and Laura Allred on a new SILVER SURFER comic is fantastic. We are introduced to some new characters and areas in the Marvel Universe but that also requires sitting back and watching it all unfold and shown to us. This may not be the Silver Surfer some have been expected but you can feel the enthusiasm bubbling under the surface. We are going to get to see some new and funky places. This comic is definitely going to be a ticket to fun times.

Posted by monsterduc

Can't wait! Gonna be AWESOME!

Posted by Cap10nate

I wasn't a big fan of the point one story and I don't love the way Allred draws. When I heard that we were getting a Surfer comic, I was hoping it'd be the Surfer that we saw in the Infinity infinite comics.

Posted by ptigrusmagus

Will probably check this out

Posted by BR_Havoc

As soon as I see Mike and Laura Allred it's added to the pull list. Here is hoping Slott can deliver She-Hulk era humor.

Posted by G-Man

@cap10nate: the Infinite comic was indeed cool but this really has the potential to be new and different. We've had so many of those types of good stories. I do believe this is going to be great and different.

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Sweet ! been waiting for this series !

Posted by consafo80

I loved the point one story, love the Allred's art Dan Slott's a good writer and Silver Surfer is my fave Marvel character. Can't wait to read this.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

Was expecting a 5. Might give 2 issues to grab me.

Posted by comic_shaun

Looks like this will be the only review to give it the thumbs up. Newsarama has basically given it the verbal finger so far.

Edited by PunyParker

It's Slott......everyone will fight for the gag.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

Is there much Zen in this comic? A big thing I like about Surfer is that he's basically space Buddha

Posted by Dark_Guyver

Craveonline- 4/10

Newsrama- 4/10


Here's a few other scores. Seems like Slott and Surfer might not be a good mix. I'll still pick it up because I'm a huge fan of Surfer.

Posted by Omnicrono


Posted by baneofdemon22

@punyparker said:

It's Slott......everyone will fight for the gag.

I was hoping that's not the case. I really like Superior Spider-man because it's been much better at avoiding that. I don't think I'm going to read Amazing Spider-man because of that. I used to love Spider-man so much, and it's really bummed me out post Back in Black. There's been some really good stuff, but that's because they didn't make Peter an annoying clown.

Posted by The Stegman

Don't like Surfer much, and the art doesn't do it for me, I'll flip through it at my LCS, but I'm not expecting much.

Edited by G-Man

@dark_guyver: There's also a second review at Crave giving it an 8/10.

Edited by Dark_Guyver

@g_man: Glad to see it's getting some good reviews too! I hope it does well.

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@punyparker said:

It's Slott......everyone will fight for the gag.

I was hoping that's not the case. I really like Superior Spider-man because it's been much better at avoiding that. I don't think I'm going to read Amazing Spider-man because of that. I used to love Spider-man so much, and it's really bummed me out post Back in Black. There's been some really good stuff, but that's because they didn't make Peter an annoying clown.

Indeed,Sueprior was/is the best work Slott put into a comicbook......i really hope it continues into Amazing,although i dont think so.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

@g_man: I know you like the Allreds but normally you're not a fan of bright and colourful cosmic books since you think it looks fake, was that not a problem here?

Edited by ForeverMan

I enjoyed this issue, although I can definitely understand how it's not the Silver Surfer some might have been hoping for. It had very much the same general feel as FF.

Posted by StretchPants

Really enjoyed this! Super emo Silver Surfer can be hard to read sometimes, this light hearted take was pretty refreshing.

Like others, I can see why there is some backlash since this take was not likely expected. Oh well, bring on the next issue!

Posted by kennybaese

@jonny_anonymous: I think he's said that mostly in reference to Star Wars comics, and in that I'd tend to agree with him.

With the Allreds on this book, it's kind of to be expected, and most superhero cosmic stuff is super colorful and goofy. It's doesn't always fit sci-fi, but it works here.

Posted by Mezmero

Heh. I was half expecting to get to the bad section and see you write "I love the art but... the colors..." I can understand why you didn't go that route because I think Laura's colors are great too but I'm starting to get why you typically complain about colors in sci-fi books. It's just hard looking into the dark void of space when there's almost no black whatsoever. Regardless I think the art was neato torpedo, just not as drop dead amazing as I expected.

Overall I'm really digging the vibe of this book but it's really hard to say where it goes from here. Dan Slott seems to be going for a Ron Marz Silver Surfer. I don't mind that sort of tone but it's certainly not my favorite era of SS comics. I know Slott said he was going for a Doctor Who feel as well but calling this arc "the most important person in the universe" is a bit on the nose in reference to Catherine Tate's companion character Donna. I'm willing to continue following this series but it has yet to really blow me away in the first issue. Thanks for the review.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I was really disappointed in this book. I was expecting it to be more on the light and goofy side and yea it was jarring but that wasn't my main problem, the art was. Now I'm a fan of the Allreds, I do like them but I thought the art on this book was halfassed. Space is meant to be massive and awe inspiring and yet in this book it was comprised of what looked like bad photoshops. I want to see ligit drawings of the galaxy not some photos with some computer fx on them. It's meant to be gigantic and dwarf the characters but it looks like the Allreds squashed it all into a panel so there was like 5 randoms plants in every background. It was almost if they spent all their time drawing that stupid impericon thing than the rest of the issue. And since when is space blue?

Posted by derf_jenkins

Allred always makes me give it a try.