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She-Hulk #1 - Motion Review


Charles Soule reminds us that comic books can still be fun and enjoyable.

The Good

How many layers are there to She-Hulk's character? We've seen different versions of her over the years (although not quite as many as we've seen of her cousin). For me, her time with the Fantastic Four (during John Byrne's run) and the two series by Dan Slott are some of my favorite stories. Recently we saw Jen in the pages of FF. Again, there was that whimsical tone full of big adventure. She may have been a "Savage" She-Hulk at one point but it's clear she works very well in books that contain a hint of humor.

That's what Charles Soule is doing. Welcome to the life of Jennifer Walters, part-time superhero/part-time lawyer. As an All-New Marvel NOW title, it hits the spot perfectly for new readers or those familiar with the glamazon (as Soule put it in our interview). As a lawyer himself, you know Soule will be paying close attention to lawyer-y details and he does so without making this as boring as that might sound (to those that aren't into straight lawyer dramas).

There is something really enjoyable about seeing She-Hulk during her day job at the office. Regardless of how composed she usually is, there is that gamma-irradiated nature fighting to get out sometimes. It's because of her day job, we see the current situation she gets involved in.

Javier Pulido's art is a good fit for the tone of this series. You're likely familiar with his work from HAWKEYE #4 & 5 ("The Tape") or ROBIN: YEAR ONE. Along with colors by Muntsa Vicente, who's work you should know from THE PRIVATE EYE or DAREDEVIL, the art has a vibrant feel that looks really solid on each panel.

The Bad

This is a really good first issue but it does go by a little quickly. It's a fun story but it's not Jen saving the entire Marvel Universe during this mission. That's alright. We do need more comics like this but it's possible that those who only want purely serious books might frown upon this issue. The story leaves you hungry for more, which is both good and bad. I'm definitely curious to see how the rest of the series progresses.

Since the very first images have been released, there has been a bit of disagreement over the art. It absolutely works for me. It's part of what sets this She-Hulk series apart from her other series and appearance. All comics should not look the same but this could, unfortunately, be disparaging for some.

The Verdict

As there are many different types of comics, Marvel and Charles Soule are showing us we can get different kinds of superhero comics. Soule includes humor as well as big action while we see a part of Jen's life we don't often get to see, She-Hulk in action as a lawyer. Soule is known for writing several different titles now and he's showing that there is a wide range to the types of stories he can tell. Javier Pulido's art and Muntsa Vicente's art adds to the tone Soule has created and it visually sets the book apart from the average She-Hulk/Avengers stories we've seen time and time again. It's great to see another new book that has a lighter tone to it. A lot of today's comics can be dark and dreary. SHE-HULK is a fun and intelligent book that you'll have a blast reading.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

Well meh art or not, this should be pretty entertaining, I'm looking forward to reading this.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Hmmm another 4 stars... looks like this won't be that good.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

Well meh art or not, this should be pretty entertaining, I'm looking forward to reading this.

I concur. Excited for Soule's work.

Posted by G-Man
Staff Online
Posted by Alertcircuit

Seems like a nice contender to Daredevil and Hawkeye, I'll pick it up.

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: Good review Tony! It looks like this issue is gonna be fun and unlike others I will enjoy the art! :-) I love the whole Lawyer angle because we need more superheroes with dayjobs. That's what I really miss these days from other heroes except Daredevil and Spider-Man.

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@g_man said:

@madeinbangladesh: nice sarcasm!

haha kidding TOny. I'm excited for this book. Looks really fun and out there like a lot of Marvel comics nowadays. Great review!

Posted by The Poet

Yeah, definitely think I'll have to check this one out...

Posted by admwriter

I'll give this one a shot. I like She Hulk a lot but Soule is really hit or miss for me. I love his Superman/Wonder Woman but his Red Lanterns bores me. So we will see.

Posted by Maddpanda531

@g_man: 4 Stars, huh? Well, despite my reservations about the art, I think I might just pick this up tomorrow. You should always try everything once, I suppose. Nice review, by the way!

Posted by Bigwalt

Hooray for fun books!

Posted by kalorama

When did Tony Stark start drinking again?

Posted by feedonatreefrog


...though I don't think anyone really needed to be reminded that comic books can be fun and enjoyable...

Posted by staypuffed

Absolutely despise Pulido's art. I considered picking it up, but... ugh

Posted by scouts1998

I like Pulido's art in Hawkeye and Robin: Year One and Soule's Writing in Swamp Thing and what i have read of Red Lanterns

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Also has anyone noticed that this book is $2.99 and it comes with a digital code.

Posted by sheldipez

Absolutely despise Pulido's art. I considered picking it up, but... ugh

Same here, I'm all for fun and cartoony (I think Superior Foes is comparable) but She-Hulk looked like she was lazy eyed in the preview.

Posted by That60sGuy

I'm glad someone else noticed this. I think the book's trying to capture the FF style art but is falling far short.

At least Marvel are trying different things though. look at the difference in art from two of their books this week - She-Hulk and X-Force.

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'Genuine rain forest teak from Madripoor', oh aren't we just vogue...

I'll pick this book up though. Jen's the only Shulkie in my world and if the review's going to throw names around like Byrne and Slott then I'm curious to see how this stacks up.

Posted by powerplay

If it is anything like Slott's She-hulk run i am all over it. She is so much more fun when she is dealing with wacky superhero law.

Posted by jdp180

I read the first 3 Dan Slott She Hulk trades and they were all about Jen as a lawyer doing lawyer stuff in the Marvel universe. Looks like this series wont be any different. Count me in... just dont give me any time travel crap like Slott did. Oh and bring Southpaw back. I liked seeing her and She Hulk go back and forth.

Posted by ArmeisV

All-New She-Hulk AKA Single Female Lawyer

Posted by sparty-dbq

Really liked this issue. Tony still came off as a bit of a jerk, though, even with his deniability to his employees' actions.

Speaking of Tony, someone should tell Pulido that he's had a goatee for like, 15 years now.

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This was absolutely fantastic.

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thank the gods for the writer cause solid solid issue. did my girl justice. there was a HUGE plot point that did nag me and could have ended this issue in like 3 pages. as she-hulk has said several times in the issue "a large part of lawyering is conversation" instead of just showing up at stark industries couldnt she have called him either on his phone or avengers communicator and avoided all of the foolishness between her getting the case and her actually talking to him in person? sorry im logical thinker lol. still not a fan of the art (some of the faces of she-hulk are cringe worthy, for some reason everyone else looks fine) but it didnt bother me as much as i thought it would and as you said it fits the tone of the book which has a very daredevil like feel to it with the art and the humor. the cover artist would have worked better for me but i digress. on the first page i took a pause and thought of daredevil because of the art and she-hulk being a lawyer and i thought why doesnt she have her own firm yet. she's had so much drama with keeping or finding a firm to hire her because of her heroics it just seemed like the logical thing to do, hey if matt murdock can do it so can she. turn to the last page and my psychic powers never fail lol. hope the book does well cause i need a courtroom series in my life (blame ally mcbeal). have to give it a 3.5 if better art would jump to a 4.5