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Serenity: Leaves On the Wind #1 - Part One Review


We finally get to find out what's next for the crew of Serenity after the events from the movie.

The Good

If you've ever watched the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity, you're likely feeling a sadness inside as you miss the characters and wonder what their fate will be. This series picks up after the events of the movie. The crew of the Serenity experienced some hard times as they lost two of their own. Standing against the Alliance, they are being sought out by bounty hunters and enemies they've made across the universe.

Scripted by Zack Whedon, we see some pretty big developments since we last saw the characters. With fans waiting for more of the story, Whedon delivers a few punches to make the wait worth it. It's not often adaptations of this sort hit the ground running like this. There are plenty of surprises here.

I've long been a fan of Georges Jeanty. It's always interesting to see his take on different characters that we're familiar with. Laura Martin provides the colors for a wide variety of settings that helps bring the pages to life.

The Bad

It's great to see some of the developments, like what happens with Mal and Inara, but there is that "what's going on?" feeling as well. It's understandable that with this being a miniseries, there wouldn't be time to dwell on small details. It just makes the pain of the show being canceled more evident and painful.

Jeanty's art is always great to see but there are a couple times the characters look a little off.

This is absolutely not new-reader friendly.

The Verdict

We're finally getting some answers. Fans waiting for more on the characters from Firefly and Serenity can rejoice. Dark Horse and Zack Whedon are continuing the story of the characters fans of the series have been missing. The story jumps forwards a tiny bit as we discover a few surprises. Georges Jeanty and Laura Martin's art and colors provide the visuals for so many familiar and new locations. If you aren't familiar with the characters, you won't know exactly what's going on. All the more reason to check out the series and movie. Serenity is back. Let's hope this is just the beginning.

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Posted by Hit_Monkey

Binged the series, comics and movie in preparation of this.

Posted by iceman228433

When does this even come out I don't see it on Comixology

Edited by batmannflash

interesting. Firefly is an awesome show

Edited by myerlanski

I'm hip. I can't wait for this to make it to my local comic shop.

Posted by MatKrenz

@iceman228433: Darh Horse isn't on Comixology for some weird reason.

Posted by ruckus24
Posted by Aeron_Glyndwr

Loved this so muchhhhhhhh

Posted by blackkitty

This was the first Firefly book that actually felt like a sequel to the movie, as such I LOVED it so much. Also, not to give anything away but, it also incorporates elements from the series to boot! If you love the show, saw the movie, you must get this book.