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Scarlet Spider #18 - Wrath Part 2 Review


Kaine and Wolverine team-up and set their sights on the Assassins Guild.

The Good

Writer Christopher Yost makes a team-up between Kaine and Wolverine every bit as awesome as you'd expect it to be. It's not all claws, blood and chaos, though. Much to my surprise, putting the two deadly street levelers shoulder to shoulder generated plenty of chuckle worthy banter. From remarks about clones to snarky comments in general, I really dug the chemistry between the duo and it never failed to amuse.

When they weren't babbling, they were being used for some ridiculously entertaining action sequences. Witnessing these two going stealth mode against their enemies was seriously cool (most vicious neck snap panel ever?) and a great reminder of how lethal both truly are. Then, watching as they take on more goons head-on was pure bliss and there's a caption in there which is sure to please Logan fans. I know Wolverine is already in a gazillion books, but at this point, I'd be all for a "SCARLET SPIDER & WOLVERINE" book written by Yost and illustrated by Carlo Barberi.

While Yost does a stellar job filling the pages with sharp dialogue and an incredibly exciting turn of events (honestly, we're no longer friends if "Hummingbird's" scene doesn't make you smile), it's the art that brings these fantastic moments to life and makes them all kinds of jaw-dropping. Carlo Barberi, Alé Garza, Rex Lokus and Walden Wong all do a solid job turning this into a mighty fine looking chapter. The content is definitely dark and quite violent at times, but the visuals bring a crisp and animated look to the book, providing a fitting look for the moments of levity and a more polished appearance when the violence erupts.

The Bad

It doesn't take an expert to know Iceman was being downplayed in the last issue, and in this chapter, Yost's handling of the X-Men does a total 180. Yes, they're upset over Wolverine being "killed," but why wouldn't he use this same kind of measure when there was an assassin hopping around their home just moments prior? Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing Bobby use his powers more effectively (he basically threw snowballs last time) and seeing Storm utilize her potential is cool as well, but it's a noticeable contrast to his treatment in the last issue. And speaking of the X-Men, I've always believed Wolverine would survive such an attack (he did in 'Evolution,' after all), but to be fair, it's possible Yost believes he would have recovered in due time. And while I think Yost is doing a good job overall with Logan, it's odd seeing him stay down so long after an explosion and essentially cower behind a pillar in the conclusion (and then willingly held at gunpoint?). But hey, I guess he can't hog all of the spotlight, no?

The narrative with the Assassins Guild isn't really fleshed out all that much and the cliffhanger's a bit abrupt, but that's hardly a big complaint when everything else going on is so much fun.

The Verdict

This issue's cover basically sums up what you can expect from it. It's Wolverine and Scarlet Spider side by side, looking awesome and being equally awesome. If that sounds like a good time to you, you're sure to have a blast. The art is topnotch, Yost's dialogue is as sharp as Wolverine's claws and the action is downright superb. SCARLET SPIDER once again manages to prove why it's one of the most gratifying books Marvel has to offer.

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Posted by 34g3f3ert3t43

Can't wait to pick up this issue. I have been power-reading Kaine's latest adventures and I am very impressed by both him and his supporting cast. Only one question. Why did Kaine's suit magically turn into the original colored version? They slightly mention it last issue, but I was wondering why the random switch? Great review!

Edited by HollowPrince65

Still my favorite Spider book. He and Venom are my must haves for the month. SSM is getting good but I love Flash and Kaine more.

Posted by Mrgreenlantern

@n1colaspr1me: my theory behind the costume change is since madame web is in that coma maybe her "colour lock" isn't in effect but who knows im just glad this book is getting the attention it rightfully deserves

Posted by jaybefre

Dang!!! Kaine was on that Assassin's Creed sh!t!!! Loved this issue!!! If they ever resurrect Uncanny X-Force (original team with Wolvie, Fantomex, DP, Angel and Psylocke) He definitely should be on the team. He would be perfect!!!

Posted by 34g3f3ert3t43

@mrgreenlantern: I can see that! It is not a huge deal, just something that I was like "wtf" about. I guess my inner fanboy just desires explanations for everything!

Posted by HushoftheWind

Hummingbird is the future, she will be one of the best created side kick character ever.

Posted by kingjoeg

Dropping this after the next issue because the plot is rubbish and Chris Yost is only going to be doing plots not dialogue.

Posted by laflux

I enjoyed the issue. 4 stars is about right too :P

Right I'm off to bump the scarlet spider thread.

Posted by Deranged Midget

This review... I like it.

Posted by sparty-dbq

Loved this issue, but they screwed up a two-page splash near the end. Instead of adjacent pages, it started on the right-hand page and had to turn the page for the rest of it.

Edited by God_Spawn

@k4tzm4n I thought the Wolverine needing Beast to hit his chest was a bit shoddy, too. Aside from Evolution, Wolverine had his heart blown up in his chest before too and Logan was KO'd from it, but he recovered a page or two later and was up again. At least Beast mentioned he could hear him healing not long after he died.

Oh well. At least it was kind of funny.

Posted by batmannflash

very good issue! scarlet spider and wolverine are an awesome team-up

Posted by Ando123