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Scarlet Spider #17 - Wrath Part 1 Review


Kaine still owes the Assassins Guild a favor and they've come to collect. Their demand: kill Wolverine.

The Good

SCARLET SPIDER, I think I'm in love with you. This issue's essentially an overload of fun. From the way the Assassin's reach out to Kaine to the jaw-droppingly awesome conclusion, this issue never fails to entertain.

The first thing you'll probably notice is a new direction for the art -- and it's a damn good direction! With Carlo Barberi on pencils and Rex Lokus on colors, this is the best looking issue of Kaine's solo in quite some time. It's vibrant, detailed and animated, drawing strong parallels to the book's earlier and stunning visuals provided by Ryan Stegman. Everything from stabs and the reactions they produce to Kaine's costume is a real eye-pleaser.

Covers are notorious for being misleading, but this one delivers on the promise of Wolverine vs. Scarlet Spider. The fight is a bit short and sure to upset some Wolverine fans, but I thought it was really cool and a total blast. It definitely gave credit to Wolverine's durability and his speed. Even though Kaine is clearly stronger and faster, putting Logan down is no easy chore and he's almost taken out of the game after Wolverine throws his very first strike.

Prior to this good time, Scarlet Spider also goes head-to-head with two original members of the X-Men and it's a real joy to read. The attacks are every bit as amusing as the banter and it's clear writer Christopher Yost has a good grasp on these characters, even if one of them is sold a little short. Just like many other chapters in this series, Yost manages to keep the entire issue hugely entertaining. When there isn't a brawl, odds are you're smirking at the dialogue, Kaine's aggressive mentality or Aracely's passion over the mission ("My super hero name is Hummingbird."). It's an impressive issue from start to finish and no scene feels like a waste of space.

The Bad

If Kaine has a file on Wolverine, how does he seem relatively surprised when his punches aren't enough to keep Logan down for the count? That must be one sloppy file if it doesn't detail his high tolerance to blunt damage and accelerated healing factor. Wolverine's been in more than enough public brawls for the world to know the basics of his abilities and shady organizations to know even more. Regardless, it's a really minor critique.

The Verdict

This is what SCARLET SPIDER is all about, friends. It's packed with brutal action, solid writing, terrific visuals and always manages to take a dark turn. I was really curious to see how Kaine's relationship would be handled, but in the meantime, I'm more than happy to have Yost put that on the back burner because this latest mission is pure bliss.

Posted by Trevel8182

And this book isn't selling better than Inferior Spider-Man why?

Posted by WWAJfan


Exactly, This issue is pure Ass-Kicker : ), my fave Scarlet issue so far

Posted by Mrgreenlantern

oh that aracely...i cant explain in words how much fun this character is JUST GO BUY IT

Edited by Saranth

This issue was fantastic. This title, along with Venom, is the best Spider-Book out there at the moment. I loved watching Kaine provide Logan with a taste of his own medicine.

Posted by w0nd

@trevel8182: Angsty clone, or an angsty bad guy in a body that looks like peter...they are both the same thing..two angry spider-men running around.

Edited by Geonettazombie

This book just gets better and better with every issue and Carlo Barberi really delivered on the art, much better then Khoi Pham's work. Give me an issue of this over Superior Spider-Man any day.

Posted by HollowPrince65

This and Venom remains my favorite Spider books on my pull. SSM gets good sometimes but Bunn and Yost really write these characters out of the park. In my opinion Yost does a better job with Spidey-Ock than Slott does.

Posted by Revendawn

I love where the Spider books are at right now. Personally I'm a huge fan of Superior Spider-Man. I totally get why people aren't, but that's a discussion I have no interest in. What I like about SSM, Venom, Scarlet Spider, and Avenging Spider-Man (soon to be Superior Team-Up), is that they are giving you really high quality stories beyond one character's scope.

I mean already on this board we have "Inferior Spider-Man" "Venom remains my favorite Spider books..." and me the only guy who likes Superior Spider-Man EVER! My point is unlike the days of eighty (exaggeration) Spider-Man books you get 3-4 very different, but in the same same vein. I personally don't think they need to be in contest with each other, I think the books actually add a lot to one another. More importantly though the fact that people who maybe hate Superior they still have access to some awesome Spider titles.

Now before someone yells and says it's not the same, they want Peter, or we shouldn't have to settle for alternate titles because of whatever... I got nothing for ya. I wish more people could jump on the Superior bus, I've been having a blast on it, but I also gave up ALL comics for a few years after Brand New Day so... I get it.

Anyway I love this book. Aracely is amazing, it's fun, I'm so glad that there is a Spider book almost every week, because I'm loving it.

Edited by Phaedrusgr

At least, we still have one Parker that keeps rocking the crowds. Kaine is a great character, Yost proves his quality in every single Scarlet Spider Comic book. #17 was simply amazing and superior.

Posted by HushoftheWind

Aracely deserves to shine further, one of my favorite "sidekicks"/partner character that has been created. Im pretty sure Marvel is gonna f*** up her character sooner or later though.

Posted by Revendawn

Favorite moment in the whole comic:

Aracely: Can I rent a movie? Did you know the drinks are free? I want to see a show when we get there. We can see a show, right?

Kaine: They're sending me to kill someone, Aracely.

Aracely: The whole time?!

Posted by WWAJfan

@saranth said:

This issue was fantastic. This title, along with Venom, is the best Spider-Book out there at the moment.


Posted by bookerman20

I can't wait till he goes up against Spider-Ock....

Posted by victorcheenoanleu

I loved this book so much! Yost should be writing an X-Men book cause he understands them so well. Kaine on the other hand, can I just hug you?! :)

Posted by sparty-dbq

Man, Chris Yost is really kicking Wolverine's ass lately, isn't he?

Posted by stetson12

This book never ceases to impress me

Posted by TheGwailo

This was my favorite book of the week by far. Seriously, if this book is not on your pull list, make some changes.

Posted by wolverine1610

I find it funny that Kaine is a clone of peter but he looks nothing like him

Edited by victorcheenoanleu

oh & @babs if you're doing Best Covers this week this is like a prime candidate lol :)

Posted by dreamfall31

So much goddamn fun! So glad that Pham is off of art. Barberi's isn't as good as Stegman, but it's extremely similar in some ways!

Edited by PunyParker

They said in September that they're gonna kill off that's happening now?

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

Love this book. I was going to drop it to narrow my pull list, but I just don't know if I can. I was able to get the awesome variant cover. Every character in this issue talks bad about Aracely's Hummingbird costume, how it's horrifying. I thought it was pretty awesome. It kind of reminds me of Gamorra's old costume.

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Love this book.

Posted by dreamfall31

I find it funny that Kaine is a clone of peter but he looks nothing like him

Wasn't he an imperfect clone though? I thought that's why Jackal disposed of him in the first place.

Posted by DarkxSeraph
Posted by PunyParker
Posted by pmacaveli

Best damn comic I've read in a long time...Can't wait 4 Scarlet vs SpOck

Edited by evan342

@revendawn: I like SSM too, you're not alone

Loved this issue, and pretty much every issue of SS so far. My only question is... who is the Jean being mentioned in P17? Cause Jean Grey has been dead for like.. a while right?

Posted by Adriell2124
Posted by Revendawn

@evan342: In All New X-Men Beast went back in time and brought the original X-Men team into the present in the hopes they would remind Cyclops of what the X-Men are supposed to be.

Posted by redcordialman

the real superior Spidey story. 5/5

Posted by dreamfall31

Did #18 come out last week? and solicits have it coming out June 5th but there are no reviews and my comic shop didn't have it at all.

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