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Scarlet Spider #15 - In the Midst of Wolves Part 3 Review


Kaine has been taken over by the Other. Prepare yourself for a savage fight!

This review contains spoilers.

The Good

Whoa there, this issue was absolutely vicious. Sure, there's key plot points with Aracely, but after last issue's conclusion, the only thing I cared about was seeing an upgraded Kaine get a rematch with those two werewolves. Not only do we get this, but writer Christopher Yost goes above and beyond with this one. It's relentless, bloody and downright harsh. It is without question a clear choice for our weekly 'Best Battles' segment. There's at least two jaw-dropping moments tossed into this brawl.

This book is crowded with more than a few people on art duties, but this brutal fight looks great and really delivers on the truly horrific attacks. The attention to detail fluctuates a lot, but one scene managed to leave a strong impression. Witnessing people essentially bake in a container left in the desert was a disturbing sight due to the focus on such powerful facial expressions.

The Bad

The coming plot feels is a bit too out there for my taste (I'm fully aware of how silly that sounds based on the current story), but I'm sure Yost will change that opinion in time. As noted above, there's a lot of hands contributing to the visuals here and unfortunately that's transparent. There's a slightly jarring change and honestly, Khoi Pham's work feels very rushed in quite a few panels.

The Verdict

My personal feelings about the upcoming elements aside, SCARLET SPIDER continues to consistently be one of Marvel's most entertaining books. Always packed with exciting action, an interesting supporting cast and a firm focus on Kaine's development, it's truly a surprise this book is only $2.99 in a world of $3.99 titles. The only thing really holding this issue down was some seemingly hurried artwork. Aside from that, it's yet another must read for any Kaine fan.

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Posted by The Mighty Monarch

The 'world' of $3.99 titles is just Marvel. DC makes sure the only comics that cost that much have the content to match. Marvel just slaps an extra dollar onto the ones they know will sell the best. And since Scarlet Spider's not a big A-Lister, he won't get that extra dollar. Not that I think ANY of them need it unless I'm actually GETTING something for that extra dollar.

Posted by dreamfall31

Got so used to Stegman's wonderful art in this book that now Khoi Pham's just doesn't look right at all. I will maybe pick this up in trades, but even then I just don't like Pham's art!

Edited by k4tzm4n

@the_mighty_monarch: And, as I'm sure you know, the world is much bigger than just Marvel and DC. A lot of the other stuff I follow (Valiant, IDW, Image, Dark Horse) is usually priced at $3.50-$3.99. The remark wasn't meant to start a conversation on publishers, just to imply you're getting a great deal for a great comic -- nothing more, nothing less.

@dreamfall31Yeah, Stegman was a perfect fit for the book.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

@k4tzm4n: I just end up throwing that around a lot because it bothers me. What's the page count for the Valiant or Dark Horse stuff? Image tends to give you enough pages for the price difference, it's just that with Marvel there's no page count difference between the $2.99 and $3.99 stuff; wheras DC there is. And I think the same with Image, in fact I think I've seen Image comics with higher page counts at less cost. The average comics is 20 pages (of story, not counting ads) and the lastest Morning Glories was about 50 pages, but only $3.99, the usual cost for a 30-page comic. It just bothers me that Marvel charges an extra dollar for comics that aren't longer, just ones that headline major characters. It's not even a pure quality basis or else Award Winning-Critically acclaimed series' like Hawkeye and Daredevil would easily be $3.99.

Edited by karrob

Doesnt marvel include a free digital download code for all there comics? If thats the case the extra dollar is justified IMO. IDK if any other publisher does that though.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

@karrob: A: Maybe, if there were the option to NOT get the digital copy. I don't see why I should HAVE to buy the digital copy for an extra dollar if I don't want it.

B: Marvel was charging an extra dollar for a bunch of their comics before they introduced the 'free' digital copy, look at the recent Ultimate Comics, or Amazing Spider-Man specifically (those were the ones I was getting when they didn't have the digital copy.

C: When I'm being charged an extra dollar, the digital copy is not 'free', IT'S A DOLLAR.

But yes, that's their justification, except it's not because they'd like to pretend they're giving it to us 'free.' So in their own marketing, they're not justifying the extra dollar, just trying to hide it by pretending they're giving us free stuff; which is a lie, they're charging you a dollar. And I wouldn't mind it if I wasn't REQUIRED to buy it if I want the comic at all. They don't make you buy a paper copy when you buy digital, so why should I have to buy digital when I want the paper copy? At least DC has the OPTIONAL Digital Combo-Pack.

Posted by AWeekInGeekdom

I seriously didn't get why Superior Spidey is 3.99 when it's pretty much the same size as Scarlet? :( $$$

Regardless, I loved the issue but I'm not a fan of Khoi's art, it's just not for me. Thankfully I loved "The Other" so it's been great to revisit the concept and it's implication for the spiders. :)