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Savage Hulk #1 - The Man Within Review


Take a trip back to a Hulk story tying into an X-MEN issue from 1970 courtesy of Alan Davis.

The Good

Let me begin by stating the fact that I absolutely love Alan Davis' work. When I first saw his art in old CAPTAIN BRITAIN comics, he became one of my favorite artists. Since then, I've read and enjoyed pretty much everything he's done.

Here we have a new Hulk series. Alan Davis writing and drawing Hulk? That sounds great. Looks like we have the original X-Men as well? Sign me up. I did have a question as to where this story would fit in.

The answer is given immediately on the first page. This story ties into X-MEN #66 from 1970. I couldn't recall if I actually read that issue in my copy of ESSENTIAL CLASSIC X-MEN. Thankfully the issue is available if you're a subscriber to Marvel Digital Unlimited. But reading that issue isn't essential here because there is a recap on the first page and some flashbacks incorporated into the first few pages.

Classic is the key word here. It's fantastic seeing Davis draw Hulk from this era as well as the original X-Men. This story does feel like it fits in with the original and I found myself simply staring at Davis' art.

The Bad

From this first issue, it's hard to say just how crucial this story will be. Even as a huge Alan Davis fan, this just felt like a fun romp into the past. Because this story is tied to a past issue, we know it won't have any big drastic impact on the characters. Not all comics need to either. I will definitely check out the rest of this story but I can't say it'd necessarily be at the top of reading pile.

It seems like an odd choice to present this story today. We have the regular Hulk series plus the Original Sin tie-in mini with Iron Man that came out today. The X-Men are all over the place with the original X-Men in ALL-NEW X-MEN and UNCANNY X-MEN. I mentioned it wasn't crucial to read the original X-MEN #66 but for those that haven't, they might feel they're missing out on a little something.

The Verdict

Whenever there's a new comic from Alan Davis, my expectation immediately sore. As a huge fan, I can never get enough. Unfortunately with this issue, while it is pretty cool to journey back to a story with Hulk and the X-Men from 1970, I found myself asking if this was really necessary. Sure, you can ask whether any comic is necessary but with the limitations of being set in the past, we know there won't be any major developments for the characters. There is no questioning whether or not fans of Mr. Davis should pick this up. I will indeed continue to read this but sadly my excitement for the series has sunk a little.

Posted by Maddpanda531

Well, it's definitely a unique way to start a series.

Posted by staypuffed

I love you and your work, Tony, but there are a couple of typos in this review.

Posted by LiveForever

@g_man I think this is basically the Hulk version of "Savage Wolverine". Giving some artists a chance to write and illustrate some standalone, super continuity-lite arcs. Don't stress too much about where this fits in.

Posted by Cavemold

Its really the modern day version of Anthology i think.

Edited by HortonDrawsAWho

I really respect Alan Davis but i've never liked his artwork. It's something about the softness of his lines that I don't find appealing. I feel like i'm the only one that doesn't like his work. I actively avoid books he draws. I'm the same way with Steve Dillon, Pasqual Ferry, and Salvador Larroca.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch


Edited by TomHunter

Just the basic premise reminds me of a story in the old Hulk b&w magazine years ago. The Hulk met up with / fought with the original X Men.

Hopefully this will be a stronger story than that one was.

Posted by Killemall

I found the issue very average, not much to keep you hooked on really apart from the most expected Hulk villain showing up at the end.

The art likewise was sub-par , at least for me.

Posted by Grimoire

I liked this issue.

Posted by Teerack

Having a book that jumps around different time periods works really great in Savage Wolverine because he's over 200 years old and his life was really varied.... but for Hulk... this book shouldn't exist.

Posted by Rainhorse


I totally agree with you about Alan Davis's Art ... His faces and eyes always seem too Round!