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X-Men #14 - First to Last, Part 4 Review


The secret past with the Evolutionaries is revealed, and now everyone knows what truly happened way back when in part 4 of "First to Last."

The secret past with the Evolutionaries is revealed, and now everyone knows what truly happened way back when in part 4 of "First to Last."

The Good

I really wish I had read the first three parts of this issue because this one was dynamite! I loved how a "forgotten" story was added to the X-Men mythos that actually affects current-day X-Continuity, especially when the story is pretty darn cool. The issue was exciting from front to back.

I'm loving the Evolutionaries. Not only is their place in the story awesome, they look pretty darn awesome as well. It's one of the few newer costumes that looks cool. The "we must kill all humans" bit has been going on in X-books since, well, since the first appearance of Magneto; however, the introduction of the Evolutionaries gives that story a little more meaning, even if it does feel a tad forced.

I usually am not a fan of two different art styles on a book, but it really works here simply because we're jumping between two different time periods. Paco Medina does the art for current times, which looks very contemporary and detailed, and Dalibor Talajic does the art for the past, when the X-Men were first running around, and I feel like he really hit those characters old looks right on the head, while keeping the art style in the 2000s.

The Bad

I missed out on the first 3 issues. That bugs me a lot.

The Verdict

I'm always weary about X-Men books because half of the time I feel like the stories just don't appeal to me, and the opening story to this series was just a bit shaky (Vampires!); however, this issue hit everything I love about X-Men right on the head. The art, by Talajic and Medina, is fantastic. It's a wonderful mixture of the old and the new. This story, by Chris Yost, is flat-out really cool, and I love the villains, the Evolutionaries. I highly recommend this issue, and I highly recommend I get off my butt and grab the first three parts of the story.

Posted by danhimself

Chris Yost does an amazing job when it comes to writing X-characters...if you can get a hold of the first 3 issues then you definitely should

Posted by Edgeworth_11

Second that.
Posted by sora_thekey

I approve of this review... I also agree!

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

What is the deal with the Evolutionaries? Are these the same characters from The Evolutionary War way back in the 80s?

Posted by hitechlolife

I'm in pretty much the opposite situation. I've bought and been underwhelmed by the first 3 issues to the point where I didn't pick this one up. A 5 star review though, maybe all the punch was in the last issue?

Posted by longbowhunter

Uh...How long has Chris Yost been writing this book? Because if he's in I'm in. LOVED his work on New X-Men!
Posted by Sobe Cin

story has been great, I almost dropped the X-Men due to the Spider-Man team up, may still after this is done. I get that the X-Men need to interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe- and they can still do that with this book. But storyarcs like this and yes Curse of the Mutants- should have been written in Uncanny or at least X-Men Legacy- Age of X was a let down and out of getting Legion to be normal for a while at least (waiting for the shoe to drop) and Frenzy as an X-Men- it could have just been as easily a three part story in X-Men Legacy alone- not crossed over into New Mutants.  
But First to Last has been awesome- I am really looking forward to what happens next- Because I feel that this book alone seems to be what is going to drive Schism- and if it isn't this book better get big shake up once schism is done. Because if Wolverine and Cyclops are still buddies in this book, but not in the rest I'll be pissed. An all out brawl is coming and whose siding with who is yet to be determined. Bring on Schism but don't let it spoil First to Last. 
@ Mat- read the first three parts. Seriously
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

that cover lol 
only emma frost can manage to show some cleavage in a mother f^*%($ straightjacket
Posted by keith71_98

MUCH better than last issue. I loved the first part of this story but it hit a small speed bump. This issue gets it back on track.