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Red Lanterns #27 - Hot and Cold Review


Bleez and Rankorr track down a wayward ring while Guy Gardner tries to keep Zox and Skallox out of trouble. But will his new mustache be up for the job?

The Good

Ya know...BEFORE Charles Soule came along, I had a good thing going. Everyone (from creators to characters) was taking Guy Gardner too seriously, his arrogance was completely unchecked, my hatred for him was totally justified. Then Mr. Soule comes along and has to go and RUIN a perfectly good hatefest by making the character’s ridiculousness be acknowledged by others. And acknowledged by HIMSELF. And actually form him into an interesting, different kind of character. And now? He’s given him a SWEET MUSTACHE. Review over. Five-star mustache...yeah, okay, the rest of the issue’s great too. We get to see the Reds survey their work having liberated their first planet from injustice, but now it’s time to account for some unanswered questions. So while Bleez and Rankorr go off in search of their fallen comrade’s ring, the other Reds head to Earth for a tour courtesy of Guy Gardner. I’m a big fan of this tactic of splitting up the two human Red Lanterns as it always feels a little redundant when they’re around and starts to smack of the Green Lantern books a little too much. And, of course, Soule does a fantastic job of differentiating the characters and injecting some much-needed levity into this book from both groups, with Zox’s burning question in particular getting a chuckle.

Art is divided amongst the series’ regulars and they alternate throughout the issue with Alessandro Vitti taking the earthbound Lanterns while J. Calafiore handles the space cases and this division of labor serves the book quite well. It’s clear when it happens, but the fact that it’s got a clear divide and setting change stops it from being too abrupt and unexpected as well as ensuring a continuity of tone. That’s also helped by colorist Gabe Eltaeb across the entire issue, and the art stands out amazingly. There’s not much in the way of action, but the character interactions, and especially the expressions and body language, are absolutely perfect and even someone with seemingly a single expression like Skallox is able to get so much across with the rest of his gestures and stances. The colors, as always, stand out on the page and, have a wonderful diversity for a book that has the color red at its core. And I haven’t even mentioned the reappearance of an old Gardner flame (for a hint, check out the cover. And by “hint,” I mean she’s clearly on the cover).

The Bad

There’s very little dislike about this book. I’d say I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see more of Zox and Skallox’s globetrotting adventures in exchange for the two space exploring Reds, but frankly the banter between Rankorr and Bleez was very well done and worth reading. I’ll say that I wish both groups had gotten their own issue.

The Verdict

After some forays into a bit of confusion and heavier subject matter, Red Lanterns is back to being the hilariously over-the-top ultraviolent title that it’s at its best at. We’re delving a bit into Guy’s past and we’re seeing him try to legitimately improve himself and his way of living to have another chance with the one that got away, and I think it’s ripe for both comedic and romantic tension. Also: Five Star Mustache.

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Posted by CantDance93

I don't know why, but I think puns are always awesome XD. Loved how Atrocitus was just chilling in that house till Rankor and Bleez showed up

It's awesome how we only have to wait a week for the next issue!

Posted by batsymyplaything

Gardner looks good with the beard and stache. He looks cooler, like "I'm the s**t here and you know it" kind of cool, lol.

Posted by timelord

So glad we only have to wait till next week for our next issue with the flip book. But really great issue month in month out this book will always put a smile on my face.

Posted by The Stegman

The cold never bothered Guy anyway.

Posted by Iron_Turtle
Edited by Saren

A year ago, this used to be one of the worst books DC was putting out --- now it's one of the best and the two main GL books have been run down into the ground. Time.

Posted by Ando123

The best book in the shells :)

Posted by SoA

so glad everyone is liking the reds , i remained faithful since issue 1 . im glad everyone is accepting this lol

Posted by Ostyo

Is that Ice on the cover? 0.o

Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Wow, who ever is running the Green Lantern division of DC is doing a damn good job. These Lantern books are practically bullet proof, none have been canceled, and they're adding more as time goes on. A while back this book was staggering and getting bashed by critics, then Guy shows up and all the sudden this book is getting great scores all across the web.

Posted by HeraldofGanthet


Is that Ice on the cover? 0.o

Yay!!!! I hope she's still a demi-goddess in the New 52 continuity (*crosses fingers*)!

Posted by Mezmero

I've been loving this series. Skallox and Zoxs' whole bit on Earth was probably my favorite part of this issue. I'm especially happy that they didn't shoe horn in any of the Forever Evil stuff though clearly there are some hints that it is in fact happening. I really hope Guy's form of leadership stays once Atrocitus returns. I like seeing Reds actually living on their curiosities and desires instead of seething with rage until Atrocitus tells them to fight something. I doubt Rankor will side with him over Guy but I wouldn't put it passed Bleez to flip flop like as she tends to do. I had one small nitpick. I was under the impression that by bathing in the blood of their fallen comrades the Reds gain some sort of enhanced ability but they didn't seem to do that with Rachet or perhaps it was off panel. Can't wait for next issue.

Posted by TheMagicStik

@mezmero: They gain the power to create constructs when they consume the blood of Red Lantern who can create constructs.

Posted by Mezmero

@themagicstik: Oh I see. I guess it makes sense that they wouldn't inherit racial bonuses from their dead or they would be super over powered by now.

Posted by blackkitty

I found something to dislike about this book, it's the cover!! I had no idea that was ice, she looks WAY too masculine. I think the artist had no idea what the character looked like.

Edited by lifeboy

@blackkitty: I thought she looked great on the cover and in the pages. I liked this comic. But once supergirl is out of the red, so am I!

Edited by blackkitty

Seriously? She looked like a man. I showed it to a friend of mine who didn't even know who that was till I told him. But yeah, I rarely get it. Now mind you, Ice looked much better inside the actual issue.