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Red Hood and the Outlaws #22 - Dangerous People Review


Starfire and Essence are at odds are Jason Todd finds out why the League of Assassins are so interested in him.

The Good

Why'd the assassins pick Jason Todd? What exactly is going on with this impending war? What will Starfire and Arsenal do to save their friend? This issue focuses on answering those questions and dives into the deep end when it comes to moving the narrative forward. There's basic re-introductions here and there to characters, but the real focus here is building up the momentum for what's to come. This issue is essentially one big hype train going full speed ahead and I expect it to reach its destination in the next issue. This chapter is all about giving us the details -- and the next one? Well, that seems to be where the real fun will begin. In the meantime, writer James Tynion IV smoothed out this issue with some nice bits of banter from the likes of Cheshire and Lady Shiva, but it's too not frequent. Additionally, it's also worth noting this chapter brings about some interesting changes to Ra's al Ghul and Jason Todd's origin stories. Apparently, we can now assume Jason's return is because of Talia and not the epic time punch?

The consistency of the art is all over the place, but some scenes really stand out in a great way. For example, the opening page has an impressive amount of detail and the coloring is fantastic. In fact, a majority of the scenes with Roy and Starfire look fine to quite good, it's mostly the scenes with Todd which tend to provide a far rougher and, at times, more rushed appearance.

The Bad

Holy exposition, Batman! Last chapter opened the door to a lot of questions and this issue pretty much spends the entire time answering them. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but having them spread out would have been preferred. I'm not sure if Tynion IV is facing some kind of limit when it comes to how many issues he can spend on this story, but this issue basically boils down to "answer all of the questions anyone may have here and explain everything possible." It's a bit much for just one issue.

The change in art quality is totally noticeable and definitely jarring. One minute we have a clean and polished look, the next, characters have extremely rough edges and massive amounts of shading on their faces. It's inconsistent and the different styles don't always work in the respective moments.

Minor points: In the previous issue, Ben implied every time he transforms it takes something out of him. So, why keep up the transformation when you're just having a standard chat with Jason Todd? Seems unnecessary to me. Also, Starfire's eyebrows keep fluctuating in length. Truthfully, this is something I probably wouldn't have noticed if they weren't so prominent in the previous issues. And just to be clear, Roy has built the most powerful weapon in the world, and it's something he can just carry around and presumably fire on his own? I knew the dude was a gifted inventor, but that seems like a bit much.

The Verdict

This is definitely a read that'll fit far better in a collected trade. It's essentially one big opportunity to give us as much information as possible about what's about to go down and rushes it all in before the final page. Truthfully, I would have preferred if these details were more spread out, allowing for each to get more focus and therefore be delivered in a more organic manner and given more depth. Regardless, it does manage to answer most of the questions I had going into this issue and successfully builds up the excitement needed to make that final moment worthy of a splash page. It seems like everything will hit the fan in the next issue and hopefully it'll be worth all the build-up.

Though honestly, it does kind of look like Roy just time traveled here from the '90s with that amount of gear on him.

Posted by ImagineMan16

Dropped this book not long after Lobdell left. I had really high hopes for Tynion, I like Talon and enjoyed his backups in Batman so I was expecting a really good run once he stepped on, but it just seems like he doesn't understand the characters he's working with here.

Edited by blkson

Minor points: In the previous issue, Ben implied every time he transforms it takes something out of him. So, why keep up the transformation when you're just having a standard chat with Jason Todd? Seems unnecessary to me.

EXACTLY! So dumb.

Posted by daredevil21134

I am really getting annoyed with the pace of this book along with many other things.Jason Todd's memory lost is starting to annoy me.This book used to be such a fun read for me but now it's losing a lot of it's steam.The only reason I find myself reading this book is for Bronze Tiger.I also wish Jason would get a solo series and lose Kory and Roy.I do agree that this story would be better collected in a tbp.

Posted by gorillazman2012

Enjoyed this issue, it was cool. However, I still don't get the final panel with Roy and his Rob Liefield inspired 'Arsenal'. Just seemed a bit moronic, but looking forward to this massive untitled thing coming to a climax, think it could be pretty cool

Edited by clayscarface

God I miss Rocafort so's so sad that this went from being pretty much the prettiest book that DC had to being one of the ugliest. Just from the cover I can tell I'll be disappointed. Star looks anorexic or something.

Posted by GUBBE345

i Think this issue was Great!! i love roy in the end. the next issue gonna be awesome roy will kick some assassin.

Posted by lifeboy

@clayscarface: you should research the cover artist. He's produced some of the most beautiful art I've seen...

Posted by OmegaAgent1

@gorillazman2012: You took the words right out of my mouth. The worse thing about this issue is Roy stupidly looking like a bad Liefeld Cable.

The issue explained a lot of things without dragging us for five or six issues of Roy,Kory and Todd melodrama. I really don't care about these three as a team at all. Bronze Tiger and the League of Assassins is the pull. And the last two books have been good reading.

The writer has introduced BT and the LOA perfectly and has built the interest to a point where they could break off into their own story line. The way he linked Jason and Roy to the League is brilliant. Hope the battle finale is epic, cause when the League leaves I am too.

Posted by clayscarface

@lifeboy: Touche. A quick Google search showed he's done some amazing stuff. I stand by what I said that this cover looks terrible, though.

Posted by TDK_1997

I'm glad that this series finally got better than before because under Lobdell it was nothing interesting and good.

Edited by Guerraa

Honestly, I don't understand people sometimes. Everyone hated on Tony Daniel for taking too long on his stories when he was writing Detective Comics, but now we want to criticize Tynion for telling it too fast. Personally, I loved Daniel on Detective. I like stories to take longer - gives me a chance to enjoy the story, the drama, and think about everything that's happening over several issues instead of rushing in and out of stories. In the end, what I've come up with is fast or slow, as long as it's well-written then that's good enough for me. I think All Star Western 22 was rushed, but I LOVED it cause the writing was awesome. I loved this issue of Red Hood. Red Hood was great under Lobdell, and it's still great under Tynion. The LOA vs Untitled storyline has been pretty much awesome. Enjoying everything about it. They have so many ways they can go with Jason's memory loss that I look forward to that down the road. All the Bat books have been good lately except for Catwoman. Exciting time to be reading the Bat family titles, and I hope they stay that way.

Posted by The Stegman

I'm really getting bored with this "Untitled/All Caste" plotline.

Posted by AColombia

Didn't Roy and Kork break up in this issue? I read that somewhere