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Red Hood and the Outlaws #17 - Don't Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out Review


'Death of the Family' may have ended but it doesn't mean the story is over...

The Good

As with NIGHTWING, we're getting some follow up over the events from Death of the Family. As I mentioned in my NIGHTWING review, it's great to take the time and see these sort of events. Jason went through some major things and we know he and Roy and Kori have grown close throughout this series. Seeing their reunion was crucial.

The aftermath continues as Jason has Roy and Kori brought to Wayne Manor (at least I think it was Wayne Manor, it looked a little different). It turns out there are others there. This means we get to see some other interactions. What does Jason have to say to Damian? What about Nightwing? Will there be any acknowledgement about Dick and Kori's past? Will Bruce get to say anything to Jason? There's a lot to see here.

With some of these interactions, we get to see some growth between the characters. There are some things that shouldn't be ignored or overlooked. Thankfully Scott Lobdell doesn't cut corners with the opportunities here.

This may sound like a light-hearted issue after all the events in recent issues but that isn't quite the case. It should be noted that this issue will end with a bang. You won't want to miss it.

The Bad

It is great seeing Jason, Dick and Damian back at the Mansion and Batcave. It just seems a little strange given the emphasis placed on the wedge in BATMAN #17. It is noted but you have to wonder how long they 'stayed away.' Them being together drives the events in this issue but it just felt strange.

The art had some inconsistencies. That's not to say it was bad. The problem was having three different artists. There were some moments when the differences were really noticeable and became a little distracting.

The Verdict

There's more fallout and follow up in this aftermath issue of Death of the Family. It's great seeing some follow up from the big crossover. Even though BATMAN #17 ended with the Family being separate, you have to overlook that in order to see the interactions presented. This was the opportunity to see details on some of the relationships that weren't able to be seen before the story took place. While the interactions were fun, the art was a little mixed given three different artists which resulted in some noticeable inconsistencies. This may close the chapter on Death of the Family but paves the way for a new direction for the series. Do not skip to the last page.

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Posted by Booster_Bronze

I absolutely loved the interactions between Roy and Damian. Pure Gold. It was a great interlude issue that focused on character development.

Posted by The Stegman

That cover is ten types of amazing. 

Edited by noj

The interactions between all the characters were awesome and really rang true. I also have no complaints about the "family" hanging out after the Death of the Family. The wedge that was created at the end of DotF wasnt really between Red Hood, Nightwing, or Damian it was more of the Death of the family for Batman. They lost trust in Batman not each other.

Posted by spartan626

I found it really strange that Roy and Starfire were just chillin out at Wayne Manor, tossing the pigskin around with Damian. It wasn't bad, it was just.....strange

Posted by VaizD

This issue made me want to see the Outlaws and the Bat Family interact more often. Kori and Dick have to come face to face eventually, after all. Jason's moment with Bruce was especially poignant, as I and, I'm sure, other readers have long been wanting some moment of clear reconciliation between the two.

Posted by JohnnyGat

What happened with the mask... called it.

Posted by dondave

One of the better issues in recent times

Edited by WonderHunter

@Booster_Bronze said:

I absolutely loved the interactions between Roy and Damian. Pure Gold. It was a great interlude issue that focused on character development.

Hell yes!

And i couldn't helped, but when Dick appeared, it gave me chills. This was one of the best issues of this series. The part between Jason and Batman was great, also.

And the end..... I can't wait till next month to see what's coming next, it's too long. Damn it.

Edited by Dark_Vengeance_

And Richard in your mouth haters. (see what I did there)

Posted by JamDamage

This issue was great. Really liked the interactions with the Bat family and the Outlaws. Awsome book.

Edited by frankcmu

I guess I was so into the story that I didn't even notice the art change... Great story... Great interactions... I love this book!!!!

The only thing that drives me crazy is that all the bat family books are not meshing together... Can we just get a meeting set up for all the Bat writers to figure out how it all fits.... :/

Posted by viin

good issue...the story is just beginning...

Posted by namtabmi

ahh! Favourite book at the moment...can't wait til next month!!

Posted by entropy_aegis

Jason just cant catch a break can he?

Posted by akbogert

I loved this issue, may review it later. Meanwhile?

Can we all take a moment to appreciate how perfect the title of the issue is?

Posted by WonderHunter

@entropy_aegis said:

Jason just cant catch a break can he?

It seems he can't, poor Jason :/

@akbogert said:

I loved this issue, may review it later. Meanwhile?

Can we all take a moment to appreciate how perfect the title of the issue is?

I never thought i would be saying something like this about a book written by Lobdell, but i must give the man his credit. Yes. Of course we can.

Posted by UrbanChill

best 17th bat family issue ive read yet

Posted by Outside_85

@JohnnyGat said:

What happened with the mask... called it.

Soo...did Lobdell, of all people, add the punch that should have fallen in Batman #17?

Posted by Kesho_Ronin

another win for joker in death of the family.great issue

Posted by Munsu

I thought Dick felt so out of character in the issue. Him hiding in the dark, brooding talking about not wanting to get close to anyone ever again while looking on at Roy and company from the dark was so counter to who Dick is as a character and a hero. Such a bad showing.

Posted by Jobbeybob
Posted by Scantenii

Jason needs to interact more with the Bat-family. I feel like I saw him kill a lot of people Pre-52 and I can't get that "Red Hood" out of my head. However, the more they interact, the more I will get over it.

But maybe I just liked Jason better as a villain. This was a good issue though.

Posted by ccraft

@JohnnyGat: what happened?

Posted by spiderturtle

Love this issue!

Posted by sethysquare

:( Jason!!!!!!!

Posted by sethysquare

This is the only book that made Damien kinda awesome. Loved Roy/Damien and Jason/Damien

Posted by circusrock

Great series continues to impress. Looking forward to #18. Would love to see more Jason and Damian teaming up.

Posted by hqn

i liked this issue even if some elements just let me bummed.

Jason sends a self-driving car to pick up Roy and Kori maybe just to keep them from guessing the destination (not that they were blindfolded or anything tho), and Roy makes a generic comment about the the place being even more upper class than Ollie's pads but if it was Wayne's manor then the Outlaws know Batman's secret identity and if it was just a detached hunting shack (with tunnels connected with the Batcave) why is Jason old room there?

also, the previous incarnation of the Teen Titans has been retconned in the TPB as never existing but it would appear Dick and Kori still share some past.

Jason since the new 52 has been slowly taking the prodigal son route, in the end it appeared clear they were making him sort of a jerk with a heart of gold and in this issue he's the one bringing the bat-family close again (except for Babs) basically undoing the ending to Death of the Family. So much for building up to a climax, which i found to be a tad lackluster anyway, and leaving Batman and his sons estranged.

I just hope the leaked WTF cover with a disfigured Jason is a gimmick because he can be far more interesting than another self-pitying, angst riddend vigilante

Edited by pedroescamoso22

I very much enjoyed this issue. The scene with Jason and Damian was adorable, and cute, and just plain awesome. As for the scene with Jason and Dick, it was nice that they aren't ignoring the past relationship of Dick and Starfire. I like that at least their past relationship was maintained after the New 52.

Bruce and Jason's scene was very, very cute. But it comes to question how are they all so "good," after the events of Batman #17? I mean I love that they are "good" again but couldn't they have waited a least a bit to show them back together?The only good thing is the surprise that Joker ins't done "playing" yet. I'm very interested in where this story is taking us.

As for my last point, i just can't get over how ridiculous Starfires costume is... seriously?

Posted by deadpool_jr

After the little surprise the Joker left him I hope Jason beats him with the crow bar again

Posted by knightofthechronicle
Edited by june27