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Quantum and Woody #5 Review


How will Eric cope now that he's living with his obnoxious brother, Woody?

The Good

Writer James Asmus is doing something truly special with this one, folks. If you're looking for laughs, you'll get plenty and then some with Asmus' script, but the best part is there's also a lot of heart behind this book. Sure, it's totally wacky, borderline offensive at times and full of fun, but in the end, it's about two brothers who are essentially being forced to connect. Asmus does an excellent job bouncing their contrasting personalities off of one another yet still grants them time to shine when they're on their own. There's a good balance of attention between the two characters and the result allows the tone to take an organic shift from totally bonkers to somewhat moving. Besides, where else are you going to find unicorn hands?

While it is called a jumping-on point, there's a lot of zaniness to take in if you're a new reader. There's of course some exposition to cover this offbeat ground (it must be done when someone is living with a clone of a woman who killed their parent, after all), but for the most part, Asmus moves forward without hitting us with a big ol' info-dump. Regular fans won't be hindered by the mandatory introductions and new fans should be able to pick it up as they go.

Ming Doyle nails the facial work and captures all of the exaggerated expressions Asmus likely envisioned. The display of emotions is a great compliment to the script and really sells the funnier scenes. It's always a treat seeing Woody's look when he knows he slipped up but he's trying to work his way out of it. For Quantum, it's great seeing his eyes light up with excitement in a certain scene and really sells the hilarity behind the moment. The two never really use their vibrant powers in this one, but there's still moments sprinkled throughout which let colorist Jordie Bellaire liven up Doyle's work.

The Bad

This is a perfect example of loving a script and not being the biggest fan of the artwork. The style comes off as inconsistent and leaves some characters looking very rigid. For example, there's a fight in the opening scene and instead of it feeling like an energetic set of actions, it seems like the characters are holding those poses until a picture is taken. There's one moment where the old lady's hand is especially frightening, too. The facial expressions are great, but everything else comes off as rigid

The Verdict

The word "meh" is dropped at least twice in this issue, but I promise you the issue itself is anything but "meh." QUANTUM & WOODY might be too out there for some, but for everyone else, it's klangtastic. That's a word, right? Anyhow, Asmus is doing a beyond stellar job with a hilarious script and this issue absolutely ends on a note that'll leave you wanting more.

This book is yet another example of how Valiant has something for everyone. Character-driven? HARBINGER. Horror? SHADOWMAN. Action? BLOODSHOT. Unlimited laughs and fun? Well, you'll want to check out this issue of QUANTUM & WOODY. Seriously, you've earned a good time, so go buy this book and enjoy some much deserved levity.


Posted by AllStarSuperman

I looked through the old issues my store had 1-4 all in a row, i just cant get it because of the art

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Loving the series so far.

Posted by BattheMan008
Posted by AllStarSuperman
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I don't mind the art, although I can't REALLY say I've hated art in any book since I've been reading comics again.

Posted by BattheMan008


Seriously though, I 100% guarantee that you will love this book.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I lol'd last issue when woody was wearing black face

Posted by AllStarSuperman
Posted by BattheMan008

I think I have a future in used car sales. :)

Posted by CaptainHoopla

This issue was klangtastic. Yes Gregg, that is now an official word, because I'm the goddamn [removed to avoid a lawsuit from Warner Bros.]man.