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Quantum and Woody #4 Review


Quantum breaks into the E.R.A. facilities in order to break Woody out, and he finds a whole bunch of clones.

The Good

Quantum goes on a lone wolf mission to break into the E.R.A. facility in order to rescue Woody, who is being tested on. Also included in this issue is The Goat and a whole bunch clones that Woody wants to hook up with.

Sometimes, you just need something fun to read, and everything about this book is fun. Writer James Asmus, artist Tom Fowler, and colorist Jordie Bellaire are the perfect fit for a book as awesome/silly/amazing as QUANTUM & WOODY. We're only 4 issues in, but this series delivers a lot of fun in a bite sized package, all while adding a dash of some fantastic action sequences. These characters are still coming into their own as well, so the mishaps they get into make sense, since they've only been heroes for a short while.

This book is hilarious. It's not just the dialogue that makes this a fun book though. In this particular issue, there's a character who I truly love: Beta-Max. He's the first human cyborg, but he was created in the 80s, so all of his parts are extremely dated. The other characters play off of this, and the dialogue follows suit. We get to see some quirky back and forth between Beta-Max and the other characters that truly is some funny stuff.

The villains in this book are pretty dumb, but I love a good, dumb villain now and again. The staff of the E.R.A. come off as more mindless brutes than anything else because they don't really understand anything about the world they're in nor the technology they are using. We get to see the Goat in this issue, and by golly, he's the best part of the issue, especially the way the bad guys react to him. It's a priceless moment.

The Bad

The only concern with this book is that it seems a little out of place in the Valiant Universe. It feels a bit too wacky. While it's true that ARCHER & ARMSTRONG has a lot of comedic elements to it, QUANTUM & WOODY is a bit more over the top and not just with the main characters. Lots of people within this book are over-the-top goofy, and normally, this wouldn't be a huge problem, but Valiant books are all very connected. It's only a minor concern though.

The Verdict

QUANTUM & WOODY is pure fun. If it were a candy bar, it would be too good to exist and immediately shut down by the candy consortium. We get to see some team work between our two heroes in this issue, and while the book focuses heavily on the comedic follies of these two characters, the reader is still treated to some fantastic action. The creative team for this book is a perfect fit as well. The only concern, which is a minor one, is that the book may be a bit too "out-there" when compared to the rest of the Valiant universe. Aside from that, though, I highly recommend this issue and this series.

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Posted by BattheMan008

Great! Can't pick up my books until Friday though. :(

Posted by johnny_spam

Don't read other Valiant comics so I don't get that feeling. But it is a fun book every month.

Posted by That60sGuy

Got myself The Goat variant - nice!

Edited by Mezmero

This book has made me laugh with every issue. I mean a reverse chupacabra for goodness sake! The moment that it was revealed was very Monty Python. I want to see more of the potential of the quantum energy. I really like the spear and shield combo between the two of them so it would be cool to see them form a proper attack pattern even though these guys are total goofballs.

Edited by Meteorite

I'll probably pick this up in trade. Hopefully it won't disappoint me as much as X-O Manowar.

Posted by SWagner017

I love how over-the-top goofy this comic is. It makes me laugh every issue. Personally I like that it feels a little separate from the rest of the Valiant Universe. I know the Valiant Universe is very connected, but these are the world's worst superheroes and to me it makes sense that they are not connected to the rest of the titles. It's not like Toyo Harada is going to recruit them for the Unity battle (though that would be pretty funny to see).

Posted by sagejonathan

I love this series and this issue was a perfect 5/5 for me. This is one of the few things that can make laugh out loud out of nowhere. The book is wacky and although it may not look connected to the Valiant Universe right now, it's only 4 issues in and I'm sure it'll come together in it's own weird way.

Posted by Dman1366

I loved this issue. I loved the goat scene, it was almost reminiscent of the rabbit from Monty Python, don't you think @g_man? I cannot wait until these characters get tied in with A&A and other Valiant characters. Can you imagine Toyo trying to deal with these guys? I can see Charlene sleeping with Woody hahahah