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Quantum and Woody #10 Review


Has Woody turned to a life of crime? With his old girlfriend in town, this is going to lead to bad things.

The Good

Do you like funny comics? Do you like funny comics with superheroes? That's what James Asmus gives us month after month. Quantum and Woody weren't seeking out the superpowers they got. It happened and they're stuck with them and each other (they have to 'klang' the bracelets on their wrists every 24 hours or things will get really ugly). With the tension between Woody and Eric (Quantum) heating up and Woody's old girlfriend (who is nothing but trouble) in town, we're going to have a big old crazy mess.

Woody's old girlfriend got him into trouble. Now in town, she has a big score to pull with a crew and is bringing in Woody. One of the problems with this is it's going to put Woody directly up against his brother.

Adding to the fun of the story, Kano's art is perfect for the story. There's a lot of absurd moments and some of them call for detailed facial expressions. Going back and forth between the present and Woody's previous career in crime, it's an all-around fun read.

The Bad

This was another fun and enjoyable issue. In some ways, it felt like it was mainly just setting things up for the next arc. Because of circumstances in this this issue, the door has opened which will lead to even more trouble for Quantum and Woody.

Things often get absurd. That's part of the charm of the series. But sometimes they almost get a little too absurd.

The Verdict

QUANTUM AND WOODY is a great and fun read. Valiant is putting out a slew of great books but what James Asmus something else. Not only do you get big superhero action, you get issues packed with humor. Balancing the two can sometimes be difficult but Asmus has a great grasp on it. The art by Kano captures Asmus' script and humor nicely. This was a fun issue but it felt a little like it was just setting things up for the next arc. That's not bad as we can see big trouble is headed their way. If you're looking for laughs and big action, this is the comic for you.

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Posted by JTHood

I refer Booster Gold and Ted Kord fans to this comic.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

This comic never fails to make me laugh.