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Quantum and Woody #1 - World's Worst, Part 1 Review


Get ready to meet the world's worst superheroes. Valiant did it again. They have unleashed another great new series.

The Good

Valiant is becoming known for releasing great new series after great new series. Here's a spoiler, QUANTUM & WOODY is another example of this.

As with their other titles, the first issue serves as the ideal jumping on point/introduction to the characters that have been around before. With the tagline as the "World's Worst Superhero Team, how could you not want to see what this is about?

We start out with the two heroes in action. This establishes who they will be. Then we're treated to a flashback showing who they were, leading up to the present. This allows us to really get to know Woody and Eric. Their relationship and personalities is what is going to set this series apart from others. James Asmus is setting it all up and we get many great little bits of humor thrown in that will make you chuckle.

Tom Fowler's art is great. You get a great sense of who the characters are by their expressions and the variation in the different locations really puts him to the test. It's hard to tell who will be having more fun with this series, the creators or the readers.

The Bad

There's not much to complain about but this is a set up issue. Obviously this is crucial for new readers and even those familiar with the characters from before. We have to know who the characters are and where they came from but you can't help but be on the edge of your seat waiting for it all to explode in action.

The art was great and we do see lots of different locales but some (hallways, lab) had plain backgrounds that distracted me a little.

And of course, there's no goat despite what we see on the cover.

The Verdict

This is where some people will get mad. Valiant has done it again. They have released yet another great comic you'll have to add to your pull list. James Asmus delivers on making this book have a distinct feel. This is not just another superhero book. It's the "world's worst superhero team" book. Getting to know who the characters are gives it a set up feel but this is crucial for anyone to be able to dive in and enjoy the issue. Do yourself a favor and check out what's going to become a new favorite. Plus, how often do you get to see a character pee in a bathtub?

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Edited by Ando123

I alredy read this , comics and was crazy awesome, looking forward to reading the next comic

Posted by Hawkguy

Looking forward to reading this. I've thought that Valiant books read better in trade but I can't help but pick up X-O Manowar and now hopefully, Quantum and Woody on a monthly basis. The review has me even more excited

Posted by DonFelipe

Yeah! Finally the long wait is over!

Posted by Renchamp

Is this series part of any other Valiant universe or does it stand alone?

Posted by Cap10nate

I am still not sure if I am going to pick this up. I am planning on continuing bloodshot after Harbinger Wars (currently reading HW, Harbinger, and X-O Manowar from Valiant) and am planning on picking up Eternal Warrior in the fall. Not sure if my Valiant budget can support this as well. Might be dropping the final two DC books I pull for more Valiant. Glad to hear Valiant has another quality title on their hands.

Posted by Reignmaker

Still not happy about Quantum missing the cape.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

The only Valiant title I'm collecting right now is XO Manowar I will check this out and I plan on getting Eternal Warrior.

Edited by CommanderShiro

Sadly my local comic shop didn't have this in stock. Was looking forward to reading it today.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Valiant continues to make keeping my pull list in check very difficult.

Posted by Nahuel

I've heard so much praises to this publisher that I asked my LCS to bring this series for me (and by the looks on their faces ONLY me) but I'll have to wait and see if they bring it. Loved the preview that was posted some time ago, so... I'm hoping I like this series.

Posted by sugoionna87

Really excited to pick this up this weekend. I've never read the series before but got a glimpse at the 2013 Free Comic Book Day. It has definitely peaked my interest and the good review makes me all the more excited.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

Loved the original series, one of the best comics I ever read and always made me laugh. My closest comic shop is a bit of a drive, so I have this pre-ordered by mail. I should be getting it tomorrow.

Posted by derf_jenkins

I never read the older series, but enjoyed this first issue of their return.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

And that's another one added to the list, Valiant can do no wrong at this point

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

Sounds too much like Booster Gold and Blue Beetle :/
Dunno if i should add this to the list yet.

Posted by Perfect 10

two complaints: not crazy about the art, it does its job but if it was the art on the cover i would LOVE it. the jokes are a hit or miss. i wish the writer of armstrong and archer could write this, that is funny stuff. this definitely had its moments. i like the dynamics of the characters and always love a family themed book. i couldnt help but picture this in movie form: tyrese as eric and zack efron as woody (i would choose woody harrison and wesley snipes if the characters were older or if they did the movie in the 90s)

Posted by emilie1220

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Posted by Mezmero

This might be the first Valiant comic I start reading.

Posted by Dman1366

Ugh.... I already dropped 3 Marvel titles from my list for Valiant books: X-O, Harbingers, and Shadowman. Now I have to find another one for Quantum and Woody

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Still not happy about Quantum missing the cape.

He has his cape he's just not wearing it on the cover