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Punisher: War Zone #3 Review


Thor takes on the Punisher in the latest issue of this series.

The Good

The thing I love about Greg Rucka is the way that he makes writing superheroes look so easy. I think a lot of times you read a series and you get the feeling that the writer hasn't really found the "voice" of a certain character. That is definitely not the case here. Rucka captures these characters with ease and it makes reading this series a complete joy. Thor shouldn't sound like Black Widow and Spider-Man, and he doesn't. and it goes beyond the dialogue he writes for his characters, too, it is also reflected in Rucka's plot in the decisions these characters make. Early on in this issue, for example, Black Widow lets Punisher get away but not without "saving the lives of 117 boys and girls." It's a great showcase of her personality and her decisions on the battlefield.

Additionally, the answer to who would win in a fight between the Punisher and Thor is not so easily answered. Rucka does a great job executing a crazy battle between these two characters without making either one look weaker than the other, he really plays to their strengths.

This book really has everything a comic fan would want. It is a great portrayal of these characters and it highlights their conflict with one another in a very interesting I loved the fight between the Punisher and Thor and I thought the resolution to this conflict was fantastic.

Additionally, Carmine Di Giandomenico does an incredible job illustrating this issue and depicting these characters in a fight that is well organized and easy to read. His work is really, really stunning here, and I can't stress that enough.

The Bad

I heartily enjoyed this issue and highly recommend it to any Marvel fan.

The Verdict

Rucka proves that he has found the balance between writing a fantastic fight and character development, because what he delivers in the third issue of this series is nearly perfect. There's not too much fighting, and it isn't without reason. The writer plays to the strengths of the different characters in a way that is interesting and moves the story forward. But perhaps what is most impressive about Rucka on this issue is the way that he captures so effortlessly the respective voices of these characters. He pays a lot of attention to detail and executes them in a way that is just great. I really recommend this series to any fan of Marvel comics and the Punisher.

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Posted by MadeinBangladesh

So sad to see Greg Rucka and this badass Punisher go.

Screw you Marvel, Daniel Way and his terrible Thunderbolts book.

Posted by cacarl

Thanks to Marvel and their really bad schedule, I didn't buy this today because I didn't know it was out. I hope I can get a copy tomorrow.

Posted by Bionder

Great book ! Only Greg Rucka to execute the Punisher like this, i can risk to say that this is the best Punisher i've seen in years.

Posted by VictorVonDoom_1

I was so pumped to see Thor up against Frank when I got it. Except, there's one panel in the comic where Thor's face looked odd. Other than that, great issue. Rucka coming through.

Edited by Manbehindthewires

You can tell Rucka loves the characters he's writing about when he can feature a scene

about Thor and Punisher...sharing a Six-pack...while discussing War and Peace...and make it all appear entirely believable!
Posted by Manbehindthewires

@Bionder: if you haven't already, check out Punisher: Nightmare too, another great rendition. Can't decide which of the 2 I prefer at the moment!

Posted by longbowhunter

I wasn't sure Rucka was gonna nail Thor at first. At the beginning of the story he felt a bit flat to me with the repetitive dialogue. But once Thor and Frank shared a six pack his personality came through really well. My favorite part of the series is the way each Avenger relates to the Punisher.

Posted by Bluefox170

@MadeinBangladesh said:

So sad to see Greg Rucka and this badass Punisher go.

Screw you Marvel, Daniel Way and his terrible Thunderbolts book.


Posted by SavageDragon

Man like everybody in the comment section I freaking love Rucka's run on Punisher. I have read his whole run before this and this issue was another great installment. The dialogue is crisp and I so agree with that Rucka did Thor really well. The last 4 pages of this book was pure gold. This was probably my favorite book of the week.

Posted by danhimself

I just can't believe that Marvel is crazy enough to cancel Rucka's Punisher in favor of moving the character to Thunderbolts....Insane

Posted by Billy Batson

@danhimself said:

I just can't believe that Marvel is crazy enough to cancel Rucka's Punisher in favor of moving the character to Thunderbolts....Insane

Pretty sure it was due to the low sales.


Posted by Scantenii

This mini-series has caught me off guard with how good it was. (Probably because I missed the Rucka Punisher series when it was out. And I know that if I had actually bought it when it was coming out it probably would not have gotten cancelled. my bad) After issue 1 I was worried that the series would have a drop off of quality. However, at this point I have so much faith that I am cool just sitting back and enjoying the ride. This is way way better than that AvX stuff. (Yet I still have no interest in Thunderbolts. Hopefully in a year they will try a Punisher: Agent of Shield...or something like that.)

Posted by Bionder

@Manbehindthewires: Yes i have already view and reviewed in Punisher Central Blog, this nightmare series is a great surprise for me.

Posted by KnightofSteel

This issue was fantastic. I loved the interaction between Thor and Castle, amusing and exactly what Thor would do if he confronted Punisher.