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The Punisher #2 - Coyote Review


Punisher wages war against crime in L.A. However, he runs across something maybe too big for him.

The Good

I really enjoy the direction writer Nathan Edmondson is taking this book and this character. I like seeing Frank Castle out of his element and in a new city. The backdrop of the California desert works so well for this book and for the Punisher. It's an area that is explored quite a bit in television, but not so much in comics, and there's so many things that can be done with this setting because it's lawless, vast, and a lot like a modern day Wild West. New York City has become tiresome and redundant for Marvel books. The move to California is the most exciting part of this series.

There's three sentences of narration which brilliantly describe why Punisher exists in the Marvel universe and why he keeps going on, while he chases down some bad guys: "too dangerous for cops. not big enough for the super heroes. but a proper fight for me." This was the moment that felt like Edmondson was the perfect fit for this book. This shows a great understanding for who this character is and his roll in the Marvel universe. We see Frank working with cops here as well, which is not necessarily a new thing in this series or previous volumes, but it's always interesting to see Frank walk that thin line between lawless vigilante and honorary deputy.

Design-wise, there was a pretty cool scene where Punisher is chasing after some bad dudes and on top of the already cool flak jacket with the Punisher logo on it, Frank also wears a full ski mask that also has the Punisher logo on it. This is an awesome look and a good way for Frank to hide his identity, even though he's never been too shy about showing his face in the past.

Overall, Mitch Gerads does a phenomenal job with the art on this book. He and Edmondson sync up incredibly well and he is one hell of a visual storyteller. He's given this series a great look and feel which will keep old and new Punisher fans happy.

The Bad

There's not an incredible amount of stuff to pick at here. It's a new take on Punisher, which is pretty cool, but the series, thus far, it just isn't an amazing book for me, yet, but it's getting there. Probably one of the most interesting runs of the book since PUNISHER: WAR JOURNAL.

The Verdict

It's always a bit scary when a new team comes in to work on The Punisher because he can be an insanely tough character to build a good story around. He's a guy with a bunch of guns, killing criminals, at his core. Either his stories are utterly amazing or his stories are absolutely awful. Luckily, Edmondson and Gerads are crafting something that is already off to a fantastic start. I highly recommend this issue and jumping onto this series.

Posted by CheeseSticks

Being a fan of Ennis and Rucka's run, i wasn't excpecting a lot. But this is very good.


Posted by longbowhunter

Good issue. I'm unsure about the mask though. Is Frank trying to have a life outside of being the Punisher? Why conceal his identity?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by infernopig

@longbowhunter: I think its cause the girl from the coffee shop was there and he doesnt want her knowing hes the punisher

Posted by infernopig

Im iffy on the art with this comic. Like the one panel where hes on the motorcycle and says secure this area. looks like crap.

Posted by longbowhunter

@infernopig: I think so too. But shouldn't she already know? I mean this is a guy who's killed a thousand people over the years and done so without ever hiding the fact that he did it. I would think Frank Castle would be a household name and his face would be as familiar as Alex Trebek's.

Posted by 8008S

Who's the big bad?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@longbowhunter: I have no idea who Alex Trebek or what he looks like

Posted by brainwins

Being a fan of Ennis and Rucka's run...

That's something I haven't heard before. After the end of the Ennis' MAX run, I hated the return to the "cartoony" Punisher. I had to take a pretty long break to read Rucka's Punisher again and kind of enjoy it.

Posted by longbowhunter
Edited by infernopig

@longbowhunter: youd expect the LAPD to know but i think their going with the fact that hes in a new city so ppl dont know him or something like that

Posted by AllStarSuperman
Posted by Cavemold

Tough going grader!! I REALLY LIKED THIS BOOK. SO MUCH!. I thought art was great for this book and is perfect style of the theme. Nathan Ednmosn is becoming a big star comic writer very quickly for me

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by AllStarSuperman
Posted by longbowhunter

@infernopig: That's kinda what I'm thinking too. It seems pretty far fetched, but not when compared to people with telepathy and laser vision. I like the series so far.

Posted by Hawkguy

I really enjoyed this. The only punisher I'd read before this was ennis' run, so this lighter punisher is odd to take in at times but these issues have a cinematic feel, almost like it's a TV show happening right in the pages in front of me. I really like Edmonsons writing and I'm looking forward to more of this.

The art is great too, like a mix of Lark and Aja, killer stuff.

Posted by BeaconofStrength

I love this cheesy Punisher. By far one of my favorite titles in a long while.

Posted by Maddpanda531

I love the trend in these street-level solo books. They're starting to adopt a very Hawkeye-vibe, which I'm loving. Especially loved that one scene with the Hawkeye shirt.

Posted by Cavemold

@longbowhunter: I think it part of his gas mask. He uses that purple sleeping gas

Posted by CaptainHoopla

I've really enjoyed these first two issues. Nathan Edmondson seems to have a good grasp of Frank, while also adding a bit more personality. Definitely going to keep reading this series.

Posted by longbowhunter

@cavemold: Yeah maybe. He did have it on when he used the gas didn't he? Good observation.

Posted by Fenderxx

Th is book is great, i have been checking out all marvels new titles but i did not expect punisher to make the cut to the pull list but after this issue it earned a spot.

Posted by manwithoutshame

Another solid issue, as a longtime Punisher fan I like what these guys are doing.

I also love Frank's new mask, it makes perfect sense.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by Bionder

Edmondson and Gerads are nailing it... I hope they continue to improve this book.

Posted by jdp180

@longbowhunter: He didnt want that cop chick Sammy to see his face I guess?

Posted by Nightwing_22

I can't be sure, but when he's in the diner towards the start, is he wearing a Hawkeye shirt?

Posted by cerial442

I was a big fan of Rucka's run. First issue was ok, but I didn't enjoy this one. I don't like The Punisher wearing a Hawkeye shirt, being light hearted, and the Punisher mask. I'll give it a couple of more issues. Shame I was looking forward to this book.