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Prophecy #2 - Book Two Review


Red Sonja, Vampirella, and Dracula go after Kulan Gath to stop him from destroying the world with the help of scientist Herbert West.

The Good

What a solid, great crossover book for anyone to read. Too many times, crossovers alienate new readers who are unaware of the characters and the world the book takes place in. With Prophecy, new readers can easily jump in with little to no knowledge of these characters, and it works fine. I know this because I'm familiar with these characters, but I've never really read any of their books, yet I feel very welcomed into this series. Sure, there's a few things I don't know about, but Ron Marz does an amazing job of keeping this book new reader friendly.

One of the first things I do, when I read a book, is look to see if it falls into "Medium Shot Syndrome." Too many books rely on static medium shots and no variations on angles and number of panels on a page. It may seem dumb, but too many books fall into this. Walter Geovani does a great job at keeping these pages fresh with different shot lengths, angles, and different page layouts each page. There's one page in particular that I found very refreshing. When Herbert West first meets Vampirella, Red Sonja, Dracula, and others, the shot is a long shot and at ground level. It's almost like it's from the POV of the grass. Little things like that keep pages fresh.

While we're on Walter's art, he does a great job on this book, and he really knows how to set a scene with background art and nice establishing shots. His splash establishing shots are great, especially at the opening of the book. It opens with a shot of Miskatonic Asylum, and while everything about looks great, I loved that he added lightning behind the building to add a bit of creepiness to page and sets the whole tone of the scene.

The Bad

I felt like Walter Geovani's facial features, during smaller panel medium shots lost a bit of detail. Obviously, the farther away the character are, the more detail will be lost, but it seemed like a couple of times the facial features got blurred with the shading and inking.

According to this issue, Ron Marz and Walter Geovani, in this world, are in a mental hospital. Their talent is going to waste.

The Verdict

This book has been awesome so far, and it's cool to see these characters, from different books, interacting each other in a singular story. This book is the perfect example of how a crossover book doesn't have to be just for dedicated fans. Anyone can pick up, read, and enjoy Prophecy. Walter Geovani keeps each page fresh with his art by mixing up the composition and layouts, and on top of that, the art looks pretty and sets a great tone. The only problem I had with the issue is that the faces could get a little blurry in medium shots, but it was a big deal.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue and series.

Posted by Inverno

What a pimptastic cover.

Posted by LordRequiem

Not the same Kulan Gath from Marvel then?

Posted by inferiorego

@LordRequiem said:

Not the same Kulan Gath from Marvel then?

Nope. It's the one from Dynamite. Red Sonja's nemesis.

Posted by Jake Fury

Fun series so far, the bit with the writers being prisoners was great.