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Free Comic Book Day: Project Black Sky #1 Review


The world is about to end and it's up to Captain Midnight and Brain Boy to try to save it. And what the heck is Project Black Sky?

The Good

Dark Horse is cranking things up. As we've been seeing signs of Project Black Sky, it's all starting to come out in the open. In a story written by Fred Van Lente, we see a team up between Captain Midnight and Brain Boy. If you've been following the adventures of either character, you're going to love this.

There's is a great amount of tension between the two characters. Being from different time periods, the clash is exactly what you'd want and expect but doesn't come across as too forced, as we sometimes see in comics. The dialogue between the two is perfect. That's an essential bit when you have different characters clashing. The building threat of Project Black Sky is pretty cool.

I've long been a fan of Michael Broussard's art. He has a great style and really captures the look of the characters. It gets intense when the action kicks in. The two heroes end up fighting a giant gorilla with enhancements. A gorilla! We're talking fun times here.

The Bad

Dark Horse is doing cool things with their Project Black Sky line of books. In today's market, it's not easy to introduce a new line of superhero comics. With the quality of creators they have involved, they're doing it right. This books gives a taste of what they're doing.

The Verdict

If you've read CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT or BRAIN BOY, you're gonna dig this book. Seeing these two characters forced to team up is handled perfectly. They're from different time periods and have different outlooks on things. Fred Van Lente does a superb job on the dialogue and bickering between the two. When the action kicks in, you'll be in awe over Michael Broussard's art. They have to fight a giant enhanced gorilla! What more could you ask for? Newer readers will be able to dive into this issue and should get a good taste of what they've been missing. Dark Horse does a great job in showing what their Project Black Sky line of books are about.

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Posted by Legendary_StarHero

I hope my store still have this when i get there because this looks amazing.

Posted by longbowhunter

I'm saving this for tomorrow. I haven't kept up with Capt. Midnight or Brain Boy but I'm excited to read this. Art looks great.

Posted by HolySerpent

Will be checking it out

Posted by frankcal460

glad to see this was reviewed, and loved the review. @g_man any chance we could see more Project Black Sky books get reviewed on here?

Edited by MasterBelmont

Didn't even know the characters before PBS started, but I'm really interested due to the creation of a shared universe. Hope to read this sometime soon.