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Princess Ugg #2 Review


Ulga might be battle-ready, but she's not at all prepared for Princess Academy!

The Good

It's called UGG, but this book definitely isn't hard to look at. Ted Naifeh's illustrations are dynamic and interesting, fusing different styles for a totally unique effect. Bold lines evoke woodcuts, but there's a soft quality to some of the panels, and despite her rough-and-tumble persona, Ulga looks downright adorable in some sequences.

I've got to give my compliments to the letterer and designer (Warren Wucinich and Jason Storey) -- the logo and caption boxes on this title are so perfectly on-tone. The narrative font in those captions is stylized enough to plant this tale firmly in the realm of fairy tale/adventure, but it's not difficult to read, and isn't distracting.

Ulga/Ugg is going through a tough time, but her voice remains consistent and unique throughout, and there's a lot of potential for her to have a compelling arc. The 'ugly duckling' scenario and Ulga's relationships with the other princesses make for a great, relatable young-adult read, but Ulga's fierce, battle-hardened edge keeps things interesting and fresh and steers the title away from after-school-special territory.

The Bad

The pacing of this book is a little bit on the slow side. On the one hand, this makes for a great read-aloud tale (with the sort of repetition that younger readers might really enjoy), but on the other, it feels like the narrative is idling. I'm hoping to see a fresh conflict in Issue #3.

The Verdict

Gorgeous, inventive illustrations and a spunky protagonist make PRINCESS UGG an enjoyable title with a lot of promise for readers of many ages. The action isn't aggressively paced, but Naifeh is laying plenty of groundwork for a heartfelt coming-of-age story with lots of relatability and a diverse cast. I'm picking up hints of Wicked, Red Sonja, and Brave, which seems like a solid recipe for a story about strong female characters with more than one dimension.

Posted by MK5

I haven't read this, but I find it interesting how varied the other princesses are. Even though one looks like Dracula and Bride of Frankenstein, Ulga still doesn't fit in. That's what I get from the cover.

Posted by Ms-Lola

I picked up the first issue and I picked up this one and I will pick up the next. While I wouldn't say it's top of the line in terms of pacing and story, the question of why she is there at the school at all is at least acknowledged at the end of this issue.

I like stories surrounding characters who are out of their element comfort zone wise, and this fits.

Posted by sashawhite

Where can I buy this book?