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Peter Parker: Spider-Man #156.1 - Old Haunts Review


It's another point one issue. One for a series that isn't even being published. That makes perfect sense, right. But the story will make you not care about the numbering.

The Good

It's still hard to believe that it's Spider-Man's fiftieth anniversary. The fact that this title is brought back with a 'point one' issue doesn't make sense but it doesn't really matter. We get Roger Stern writing a Spidey story and that's all that matters.

For a 'point one' story, it does stand on its own. There are references to Peter Parker's current job status but new readers can jump in here and easily figure out what's going on. When Peter's old friend, Norah Winters calls him and wants to cash in on the fact that he owes her, he's taken to a familiar place, a place we haven't seen in...fifty years. Norah's favor takes them to the old Acme Warehouse. That's where the burglar hid out after killing Uncle Ben. This isn't the main focus of the story. There is plenty of other things going on involving the warehouse but it's the return to the location that makes it a little harder to handle.

The main problem wasn't anything earth-shattering. There's a problem for Spidey to solve and there won't be any major repercussions afterwards. But what we get is a good Spider-Man story, showing what kind of hero he is.

To spruce up the story, we're treated to Roberto De La Torre's art and Matt Hollingsworth's colors.

The Bad

The story looks good but it feels a little weird not having a full fledge Spider-Man villain in an anniversary issue. It was great to see the old warehouse brought up and mentioned. But because the story is completely self contained, there really isn't anything to take away from it. There won't really be any repercussions after this. I suppose that's better than there being some strange dark secret involving Uncle Ben.

The Verdict

The 'point one' stories are still coming out. Originally they were meant to be 'jumping on points' but since this series isn't actually in publication, there won't be a next issue after this. We do get a self contained story in honor of Spider-Man's fiftieth anniversary. Part of the story takes place at the old warehouse where Spider-Man confronted the burglar that killed his uncle. It's fitting and a little creepy at the same time. It's a story that doesn't contain any major villains but it does have Spider-Man doing what he does best. If this is meant to be a tribute to his character, what better way than to show him risking his life in order to save others and bring down the bad guys?

Posted by Jet jaguar

omg he was in the weeds on okaara!

Posted by Dernman

It was ok I guess but it seemed like an unnecessary filler.

Posted by THEBATFoE

@Dernman: I agree I read it seampt... off...

Posted by Teerack

so is this another spider-man ongoing now?

Posted by Dernman
@Teerack: No it's just one in a series of one shots titles after old Spider-Man series. It's for the upcoming fiftieth anniversary.
Posted by Teerack

It still makes sense for it to be a point one because it is true point ones are supposed to be jumping on points for series, but the reason they are perfect jumping on points is there disconnected from the main series and are able to stand alone as a one shot.

Posted by broo1232

The John Romita Jr cover is pretty bad. Might pick this up.

Edited by Lvenger

So is this series getting brought back or is it just a one time story? That makes 3 Spider-Man ongoings.

Posted by Dernman

@Lvenger: It's just one issue for the anniversary. His other series like Web of Spiderman will get one also.