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Original Sin #0 - Who Is the Watcher? Review


Nova has a chat on the Moon with The Watcher

The Good

ORIGINAL SIN follows Sam Alexander, the current Nova, as he tries to get to know Uatu The Watcher a bit better. The Watcher has been on the moon for quite a long time but no one has ever really asked him why he is there. In addition, Sam has some questions for The Watcher about what is going on with his life as well.

This issue really reads as the perfect introduction to who Uatu is and where he comes from. Whether you know part of the story or you think you know the whole thing, this is a fantastic introductory story to this character and his people. Writer Mark Waid not only gives the reader quite the enjoyable read, but he also delivers new insight into one of Marvel's most interesting and weird cosmic characters. Most of the questions about Uatu any fan has are answered here, and also, there's a pretty big revelation about the character as the reader learns he's watching a lot more than we ever imagined.

On the other side of things, this is a pretty depressing issue because it's two characters looking for something and only one of them finds an answer, but not a straight forward answer. They find more of a clue. This issue doesn't really give the reader giant insight into the whole "who shot the Watcher" story solicits say we'll be seeing in upcoming ORIGINAL SIN issues, but it does give insight into who Sam Alexander and Uatu are.

On the art side of things, this is a really pretty issue thanks to Jim Cheung with Paco Medina on pencils, and Justin Ponsor on colors. There's four people credited, technically five, as inkers, and at times it shows, but what really shines is Cheung's art and Ponsor's colors. This is the perfect team to tell this story. Ponsor really understands how to connect color to tone so this story gives the reader the fullest emotional effect. As always, Jim Cheung is one hell of an artist. He really puts some great expressions on these characters faces, especially Nova.

The Bad

While this book is pretty dang new reader friendly, the reader will still need a bit of understanding of what's going on in NOVA. Waid does a good job at catching new readers up, but to really get a full scope of this character and why his talks with Uatu are so important, fans will need to be reading the current NOVA series, but don't worry, it's a pretty good read.

The Verdict

There were a lot of doubts about this book, as Marvel seems to be jumping from event to event; however, this #0 issue is extremely interesting and a ton of fun. Waid gives this book a ton of heart, with an underlying depressing story about a boy trying to find his father. As far as the creative team goes, there's a lot of big talent on this book, coming together to make a fantastic introductory issue. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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Posted by Legendary_StarHero

Yeah this was pretty depressing in a few places.

Edited by GrenadeFlow

That last page made me sad man

Posted by Maddpanda531
Posted by Legendary_StarHero
Posted by GrenadeFlow
Posted by Maddpanda531
Posted by CaptainHoopla

I didn't know what to expect going in to this, but this was pretty good. I haven't read any of the current Sam Alexander Nova series, so I have to ask. Is it as good and well written as this? I think Waid did an excellent job with this. It certainly made me interested in Sam.

Edited by The Stegman

I'm actually gonna pass on this event...I don't particularly care for Sam or the Watcher. The comic didn't do it for me.

Posted by eamon542000

This issue sold me on this event, great writing and genuine moments between Sam and Watcher

Posted by HumanRocket

I'm on the 50-50 side with this up coming book. On the one want I do want to finally see how Steve will react when he gets his memories of the events that took place in New Avengers and now that will play out, but on the other hand I really don't care for the other stories tied in to the book.

Posted by ScarletBatman

I'm on the 50-50 side with this up coming book. On the one want I do want to finally see how Steve will react when he gets his memories of the events that took place in New Avengers and now that will play out, but on the other hand I really don't care for the other stories tied in to the book.

I am in the same boat. I plan on just waiting for the issues I am not super enthused about to be released on Marvel Unlimited.

Posted by and891

I kinda like it. It was sad but I loved it, the back story of the Watcher is just kinda heartbreaking. And the last page just make me more sad because we know what's going to happen next (a part of it, the assassination part). But it's awesome! I've been waiting this issue all year and i'm really excited about this!

And I just really want to know what's going to happen whit the characters when they found out what they don't know. Really, I just can't wait but I don't want to see because i'm kinda afraid of how some of them are gong to react but.. i just really can't wait.

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18

Just got done reading it.....pretty damn good comic. Maybe Marvel can still make good events. Because after AvsX and Age of Ultron (comic) i really though events and Marvel didn't click anymore but this issue was pretty good if they can keep it up. Still find it odd that Deadpool is going to tie into it. I love Deadpool and his current run is amazing but why Deadpool? This seems like a pretty serious event.

@captainhoopla I just jumped on the current Nova run not that long ago. I didn't read last weeks issue yet i need to get caught up on last weeks and now this weeks comics but the issue i did read (i mostly picked up for Cosmo) I thought was decent enough to make me keep picking it up. He reminds me alot of Peter Parker but without the reptitiviness of the same crap over and over. Marvel Studios could use him as their answer to Peter Parker. I'd say give the series a shot.

Edited by detective38

Was considering getting this series but this issue was so bad I changed my mind. Seems to deep into the cosmic stuff for my tastes.

Posted by Shango

Im glad I read it though. But Uatu must be the loneliest character in all of does he remain sane?

Posted by Cap10nate

Does Worldmind not talk to Sam like it did with Rich?

Posted by Bl00dwerK

I wasn't crazy about it, but that's probably because I don't care a thing about Nova...

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Here is Watcher's original origin from Tales of Suspense #53

Waid did a great job of updating it.