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Nightwing #5 - 'Til Death Do Us Part Review


Dick Grayson fights a demon and miraculously manages to keep himself intact. However, how the heck does this play into the current storyline?

The Good

For an issue that involves Nightwing fighting a giant demon, I was impressed at how well Higgins pulled it off. Usually the Bat family are best with the thugs-and-mobsters kind of villains, and a foray into the supernatural served as a good mix-up. However, it would have been nice to cross over with some kind of mystical backup for the case and making it an adventure instead of shoehorning it into the current arc (more on that below).

The final cliffhangers took me by surprise, but then I realized that it actually kind of made sense. I didn't equate this with bad writing or predictability because, well, I didn't see it coming. Fair warning: it may induce some groans, but I want to see how it develops. That's a good thing.

The Bad

For those of us who were interested in the current mystery storyline, this issue is kind of a write-off; Dick bumbles around with a voodoo priestess gone mad in a fit of love, and it ends with little-to-no explanation of what actually happened. Dick's clown co-worker (man, that feels weird to type) offers a cliche "it's best to leave the past in the past" line while shrugging off that his ex summoned a demon.

Comics, everybody.

Why does every clown in the New 52 have to follow the yellow-purple-green Joker color scheme? This isn't the first time I've seen this done. And really, why didn't Dick react to it? Wouldn't he have spent most of his adolescant life fighting the guy?

For being a master detective (or the protege of one), Dick seems to having an abnormal amount of trouble with figuring out the connection to a list of names. This kind of bothers me a bit.

The Verdict

I've been a pretty big fan of Nightwing's New 52 run so far, but this was the first time that a whole issue disappointed me. There were simply too many unanswered questions and bland panels for me to enjoy it like previous issues; it made no headway on the arc's story and kind of left us floundering.

Then again, the cliffhanger has me hooked at least until next issue, and if it delivers, it should erase this little snafu.


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Posted by djotaku

I think there's one thing I liked about this issue's tangent - it's how life is. Everything in life doesn't lead towards one goal. Sometimes there's randomness along the way. Batman could be solving a mystery when someone gets mugged across the street. Kinda the same thing here. But that was the only real good part about it for me.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I feel the same way about the clown, youd think it would be in bad taste 

Posted by Dernman

Sadly I did see it coming. :/ 
As for the clowns you would think because of the Joker they would go out of their way not to use those colors.

Posted by SmoothJammin

I'm picking this up today btw. Sounds like this is exactly why I can't stand the stigma of his being born into a circus. Dick spent most of his young adult life alongside Batman, why on Earth do we have to keep beating a dead horse with his origins? They didn't revisit his past so thoroughly in acclaimed Titans runs. I pray to God Kyle Higgins doesn't shift Nightwing into the dumb jock role who depended on Babs, was completely eclipsed by Tim Drake in detective skills and never good enough the way Chuck Dixon wrote him in his day. If Higgins is handing over Deathstroke duties to Liefeld then there's no reason why this title shouldn't improve in the coming months. I'm biting my tongue on assessing this issue until I get my hands on an actual copy..

Posted by longbowhunter

If it wasnt for the Night of the Owls tie ins coming up I'd drop this. Very mediocre issue.

Posted by imaginaryman

well its been going on for a while dick has been proven to be lacking in detective skill in comparison his co-robin tim drake.

The cliffhanger I agree with the groans

Posted by emerald_dawn

I wanted to love this run with nightwing. I thought it was going to great with nightwing traveling across the country fighting crimes, but so far I don't care. I just don't care what's going on with nightwing even with the cliffhanger.