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Nightwing #19 - Second City Review


Dick moves to Chicago to find Tony Zucco, the man who killed his parents who he thought was dead.

This book takes place in Chicago, my old stomping grounds, during my 20's. Prepare for me to get extremely ecstatic about a city I no longer live in.

The Good

In NIGHTWING #19, Dick moves to Chicago and settles in with a new roommate. As Nightwing, he finds out the Chicago Police Department don't take kindly to masked folk, as he tries to find out where Tony Zucco is located.

Numerous times, during this issue, I found myself smiling from ear to ear because finally, there's a super-hero I love in my neck of the woods. As soon as I see that someone is on Milwaukee about to cross Fullerton, I'm taken back to my old apartment, a few blocks away. I could actually sit here and talk about how much I love specific things from Chicago here, but it would be pointless. Again, I'm happy Chicago has a hero.

What writer Kyle Higgins does well here is develop a nice detective story and Nightwing has to start at the bottom of the crime syndicate in this new city, in order to make his way to the top. This isn't going to be something he can solve in one or two issues. Dick may be here for the long haul. The reader finds out by the end of the issue that getting close to Tony Zucco is going to be a real tough task for Nightwing.

This is the perfect starting point for new readers. It doesn't matter how much you know about this character. You'll have no problem hopping on board here. Even if you don't know Nightwing's back story, Higgins does a great job and bringing new readers in with a tad of exposition, but at no point will on-going readers feel bogged down with the brief retelling of his story.

When I heard that Prankster was going to be in this book, I thought "the dude who looks like a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman, who occasionally asks to stay for dinner?" Luckily, he get a pretty awesome redesign. I like the yellow and black color scheme, as well as the mask. This is a giant step up for a pretty lame villain.

The art team on NIGHTWING #19 is top notch! Brett Booth (pencils), Norm Rapmund (inks), and Andrew Dalhouse (colors) all do an amazing job here. From the first to last page, the art here is consistent and beautiful. You can tell from the two page spread, on pages two and three, that you'll be in for an artist treat for the rest of the issue. The amount of detail that went into this opening spread is fantastic. Each page afterwords continues to amaze, and the action sequences here are breathtaking.

UPDATE: The mayor of Chicago has a really sweet beard. I approve.

The Bad

I have no problems with this issue. I really loved it.

The Verdict

NIGHTWING #19 is a great place to start, new readers! If you've ever been interested in this book, find this one at your LCS. This is a brilliantly written and beautifully drawn book. It's a solid start to a detective story that has a fantastic balance of action and intrigue. Plus, it takes place in Chicago. Have I mentioned how happy I am about that yet?

This is an awesome issue and the start to a fantastic new story line. Overall, this is a must buy issue if you've ever been interested in this series.

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Posted by The_Lunact_And_Manic

It just keeps getting better and better.

Posted by Dark_Guyver

Can't wait to read this later! Nightwing has always been a must have since the new 52. Looking forward to see what Booth does with Nighwing also.

Posted by theoreo

I have to agree with the review. I didn't think the change in direction and environment would be such a huge benefit for Nightwing. Overall, the new direction is an added welcome as it made me reconsider cancelling my subscription to this series. What a great pick up in comparison to the last issue (Nightwing #18 - Slow Burn).

Posted by Mucklefluga

Brett Booth is such a great artist, so underrated. Also Kyle continues doing fantastic stories with Nightwing, his level hasn't really dropped on this book in my opinion.

Edited by nightwingnerd

I loved this issue amazing art and amazing story.


Posted by doordoor123

YAY! CHICAGO! Disappointed not to see my apartment... None-the-less -- CHICAGO!

Edited by nightwingnerd

Love how Brett is now on the book but of course I loved Eddy Barrows. But Brett's art is AMAZING!

Posted by Mrgreenlantern

great jumping on point for new readers , you can open this book up without any prior knowledge and not get lost

Edited by BatWatch

I had a few very minor nitpicks with the issue. For instance, how does Dick get caught unawares that the entire city is gunning for capes. Still, it's an absolutely great issue. I'd say it's the best Nightwing of the DCNU.

I have a strong hunch as to the identity of the Prankster, and it's not the obvious suspect. I'd love to hear some feedback on it if anybody has the time to check it out in my review.

The BatWatch Review is up.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

should I pick this up? I dropped Nightwing after issue 14. It got stale after that.

Posted by mpierce2690

I love Brett Booth's art, but I'm glad to see him down to one hero. Every member of the Teen Titans looks exactly the same, even between the two sexes most of the time, short of maybe one or two tiny differences.

He's going to be fantastic on Nightwing because he's perfect for Nightwing's acrobatic movement style.

Posted by darkwingdan

@madeinbangladesh: In a word, yes. This issue was a great jumping on point and a tonal shift from where the series was back at issue #14. Plus, issues 13 and 14 (written by Tom DeFalco, not Higgins) were terrible.

Edited by darkwingdan

@madeinbangladesh: In a word, yes. This issue was a great jumping on point and a tonal shift from where the series was back at issue #14. Plus, issues 13 and 14 (written by Tom DeFalco, not Higgins) were terrible.

Posted by AWeekInGeekdom

I think I might just get Nightwing because of Brett's art :) !!

Posted by Nazab

The idea of moving out Dick Grayson from Gotham was really needed. I can't complain on Higgins' work. He's done an amazing Nightwing and now that he's teaming up with Booth, it's awesome. One of my favorite DC characters.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

dang i wish i would have got to the store today!

Edited by TheLog

I have to say, I'm glad to the see the finger-stripes again. I hope they're permanent.

Maybe next they'll make him blue again, really miss the old look pre-52.

Edited by Jawshco

@batwatch: I liked reading your theories of who the Prankster might be, but I'm leaning toward it just being a character we haven't seen before. One thing I did notice was how quickly the word spread about Nighwing working with Spades to find Zucco. I was thinking that Spades was a likely double agent for the Mayor & Zucco.

As far as Stephanie Brown goes, she's Carrie Kelly's roommate that we saw in Batman & (red)Robin 19 right?

Posted by NICKXH

I find Brett Booth's art a far better fit to Kyle Higgins' writting.

Edited by Nightwing4

Nightwing has consistently been the unsung hero of comic art in the N52. Flash and Batman get most of the praise but this book hasn't missed a beat.

Edited by Fantasgasmic

Prankster seems kinda crappy to me. I wasn't familiar with the character prior to the the reboot, but it seems like baby Batman gets a baby Joker. Are we supposed to think it's the crazy chick from the bar? It seems like that to me, although that could be a red herring.

Posted by KnightRise

I was skeptical of Booth's contribution (he's talented, but the faces in Teen Titans persistantly bothered me) but that first spread reeled me right in. Thank you for the finger-stripes, Brett. Thank you.

Lol "Not for you."

Posted by KnightRise

@fantasgasmic: I don't know, I dig what he(?) was doing. The part with the alderman and the ultimatum was pretty sinister.

@batwatch: I like your theory. It could be interesting if Mike finds out his identity.

Posted by Ellie_Knightfall

Kind of regretting dropping back to trades for this book.

Posted by Dernman

A few nitpicks.

  • The police just open fire on someone who doesn't seem to be a danger to anyone.
  • Nightwing being unaware as to something so big as the city being so Anti Hero
  • Pranksters look
  • WTH I know the Batfamily have some for of protection but to just have bullets bounce off of Nightwing as they were nothing from what appears to be a high powered rifle is dumb.
Posted by DocFishstick

Brett Booth is one of the best things to happen to Nightwing. His art is so great and I love the way he draws Nightwing. The red around his eyes make him look even cooler.

Edited by nightwingnerd

Kind of sad there's no explanation for the new costume but i love this book 100/5

Edited by KnightofSteel

Brett Booth is a great fit for this book due to the acrobatics Nightwing does. I hope he stays on for a long time. Amazing issue, loved it!

Posted by PhantomArtist

i love the artwork in this issue i really miss it in issue 26