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Nightwing #15 - Cleaning House Review


Joker has Nightwing in his sights. Find out how personal Joker gets. Kyle Higgins isn't holding back in bringing the terror to Dick Grayson.

The Good

There's been a big question seeping through the Death of the Family crossover issues, does Joker know everyone's secrets? If he doesn't, trying to figure out how and why he would target those closest to the heroes is a tricky question. Dick is convinced Joker does know despite Batman thinking otherwise. He's going to wish Batman was indeed right as Dick starts seeing people close to him getting attacked.

Joker has had many different methods of attack over the years. While he's become more cold and calculating, seeing how he attacks those around Dick has an almost nostalgic feel to it. Up until now, it's almost felt as if Joker has been holding back. The title of the story may be metaphorical and more about Batman and his relations but we're finally seeing some actual death at the hands of the Joker (when was the last time, at the police station?). This is a reminder of how deadly Joker can be.

Kyle Higgins takes off the kid gloves in this issue and makes the attack against Dick personal. There is a level of suspense as see Nightwing operate knowing he's under the gun and has to try to protect everyone around him.

To make the story even better, Eddy Barrows tackles the scenes with an eerie touch. The layouts, use of shadows and detail make the story even creepier and darker than you would think. Nightwing has usually been a more lighter character but Higgins brings on the darkness in this issue.

The Bad

The different Joker issues have been getting a little monotonous but this issue amps up the suspense and delivers some consequences to having Joker as a nemesis.

The Verdict

The return of Kyle Higgins on this title will bring joy and make you feel sorry for Nightwing. Joker is taking his Bat-Family attacks to a personal level with Nightwing and it's not going to have a happy outcome. The big unknown is how much does Joker know and we may be seeing some answers here. Eddy Barrows heats things up by making each scene work completely. I may be getting too much Joker in all the different Bat-titles but this combination of writing and art can make me easily overlook the Joker-overload. I'm almost afraid to see what Higgins has planned next for Nightwing and Joker.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I don't know how anyone is going to be able to write a Joker story after all this Death Of The Family stuff is over.

Posted by Outside_85

@Mucklefluga: Probably like everyone did after KJ.

Posted by BatWatch

Yeah, I'm not with you at all on this one G-Man. This seemed like one of the weaker tie ins to me. Joker's actions here were completely predictable and by the numbers, and he does not do anything to get under Nightwing's skin other than hint that he might know his secret identity which was a given of any tie in. I felt like this issue was just going through the motions.

The BatWatch Review is up.

Posted by jsphsmth

Thank you for returning Mr. Higgins. The two issues from DeFalco were, well, not good. Glad to see Nightwing is back under your pen.

Posted by bob808

I can't wait for the Death Of The Family to be over.

Posted by RoastedRay

Kyle Higgins was at a local comic con recently and he said that the ending of DOTF has a huge impact on Nightwing and where the his story goes from here.

Posted by fran24ksawtgpb

I loved this particular issue, and also think it'll be very interesting to see the whole Bat-family in the aftermath of this arc, loving it so far

Posted by Twentyfive

Times like this, I kinda wish Batwoman wasn't doing her own thing. I want to see how she would deal with the Joker.


It's doing well enough on it's own that it is one of DC's 5 best books though. So that's a big plus.

Posted by MrShway88

@Twentyfive: curious how do you know that? if there is a site, can you send me a link? I would love to know how well (or bad) a comic sells.

Posted by Twentyfive

@MrShway88: I am so sorry. I guess my comment was misleading. It isn't in DC's top 10 books in terms of sales. I was just stating my opinion that Batwoman is one of the best books DC is putting out in terms of content. It isn't easy to compete with it.

As for comic sales tracker sites, try the diamond comics website or comic book revolution.

Posted by KnightRise

DIck's dialogue while holding Raya's body made me legitimately sad

Posted by soumya

imo,this is the best nightwing issue ever.

Edited by secondfallen616

I bet Joker was under EVERYONES bed in gotham over the last year, listening and doing creepy stuff under there, maybe planting bugs while undercover as cable repairman or something/anything, he's had a whole hes just trying to see who cracks first and spills the secrets, so many loose ends and Joker wants to grab hold of all of them. This one of my fave issues of DOTF, brought me back to the book in fact, may stick around.

Posted by zachkastner

Glad to see Nightwing is back on track after that two issue stumble without Kyle or Eddy. Both came back at top form in this one and I can't wait to see what next issue has in story.

Man, with Raya being targeted I wonder if Joker will harm Sonya. She and Dick are definitely something.

Posted by longbowhunter

One of the better DotF issues to be certain. Does Joker know the Bat family's identities? I think we got an answer to that question in here. I like seeing Sonia stick around. Dick has never had a strong supporting cast and Sonia is someone with actual ties to him, as opposed to Batman.

Posted by UrbanChill

i might drop this book after this arc is over it just hasnt been doing it for me

ive only been sticking on cause its dick but i think its time i stopped reading this book

Posted by G-Man

@UrbanChill: Big changes are coming after this arc. You might wanna stick around an issue or two after to find out.

Posted by darkwingdan

My pull list isn't nearly as expansive as most others, so the only DOTF tie-ins I've read are Batgirl (which I've enjoyed) and Batman & Robin (the ending fell flat for me). Therefore, I'm not getting as much of a Joker overload as other people are.

That said, this was probably the best issue of Nightwing since Night of the Owls. When Raya showed up at the end, I wasn't expecting it and literally said aloud "Oh man, that's messed up!" I'm loving this book when Higgins is writing it. So please Kyle, don't subject us to another two issues of Tom DeFalco again!

Also, what can I say about Eddy Barrows' art? It was top notch here. His interpretation of this Joker is probably my favorite after Capullo's. And that splash page of Dick and Sonia was simply amazing.

Posted by batnight

@bob808: I gotta ask, Why do you say that?

Posted by zackattack529

THE BAD section kinda confused seems like you listed a compliment in what is supposed to be a bad section..or am i interpreting it wrong??

Posted by Donaldgloversbrother

Love Love Love the artwork in this one 

Edited by Mistah_B

personally I'm having a blast with the entire crossover

Posted by dreamfall31

@zackattack529 said:

THE BAD section kinda confused seems like you listed a compliment in what is supposed to be a bad section..or am i interpreting it wrong??

I think Tony likes to sometimes put a sentence or two in THE BAD section stating why there wasn't anything bad, rather than just saying "nothing bad" or something like that.

Posted by DocFishstick

this was one of the best nightwing books so for. i think also one of the best DOTF books as well and thank god kyle is back. G Man was giving a five star just topped the cake.

Posted by SuperJedi17

This was a great issue.I DO think that joker knows.I not,then scott snyder better have a damn good explanation for why he attacks who he attacks.Can't wait for the next issue of this,B-Man and B&R.So awesome.

Edited by Reignmaker

Decent issue. 3/5 IMO. That's coming from someone who doesn't regularly read Nightwing though. The deaths obviously have a big impact on Dick, but it was difficult to feel any real emotional attachment when I'm just a visitor for the tie-in. The artwork was aces though. Damn shame you're losing Barrows to the Teen Titans.