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Night of the Living Deadpool #3 Review


Deadpool stumbles upon a town that's apparently safe from the zombies. Will he be their hero or will he bring nothing but death and destruction to the seemingly peaceful place?

The Good

Well, that was unexpected! With this third chapter, writer Cullen Bunn has certainly made sure this book isn't following a specific formula and avoids repetition. So far, each issue's narrative has excelled for totally different reasons. While the first was action-packed and the second was hysterical, this third installment jumps deep into Deadpool's emotions -- yes, believe it or not he has those. Sure, this issue is packed with great lines and gags that'll likely make you laugh, but it's a surprising look at the Merc with a Mouth and the developments leave me legitimately guessing how Bunn will conclude this limited-series. Oh, and bonus points for a very funny opening recap page!

Roman Rosanas continues to impress. Not only does he do a more than thorough job delivering on the visual punch lines (e.g. the opening sequence, the first splash page, Deadpool's helmet), but his take on Deadpool is full of so much heart. The expression in Wade's eyes alone can speak volumes and it really builds an emotional connection to the character as he tries to start anew and eventually realizes what has occurred. While Rosanas is more than capable of letting emotions sink in, he also brings the violence and gore to life in a disturbing effective manner. Each bite and organ is grossly detailed and vivid, especially if you're reading digitally and the size of each panel is increased. It's also worth praising how the use of coloring compliments the plot's developments in a key scene. It's a subtle yet creative addition.

The Bad

Bunn reveals how the infection spread, and if this is how it began, then it's kind of tough to swallow that it effectively wiped the heavier hitters and more intelligent teams. I thought maybe the infection struck people at random and that could explain how some important characters were taken out of the equation, but if it spread in a more traditional sense, it's a little difficult to believe it took over on a planet with so many exceptional and powerful beings.

The Verdict

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL is a real blast. Okay, maybe that's not the best word to use considering the darker tone of this issue, but it's a legitimately fantastic experience if you're a fan of either Deadpool or zombie stories. And if you happen to love both, then it's safe to say you'll share my enthusiasm for this limited-series. Bunn is really bringing his A game with this series. Each issue hits us with a completely new atmosphere and he has apparently planted the seeds for a very promising plot point in the finale. Bunn's managed to juggle a story that's funny, gruesome, and surprisingly emotional. Throw in Rosanas' brilliant artwork and you've got a fantastic limited-series. Now it's time to see how Bunn plans to wrap it all up.

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@inferioregodoesn't like any of the comics other people like.

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@inferiorego: you thought Luigi's Mansion was a horror game.

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Deadpool isn't a character I read alot of but based on your review I think I'm going to check it out. Hopefully I can pick up the last couple of issues at my store. Or if not this one may be a digital pick up.

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Cant wait for this to become a trade

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This has been one of the better Deadpool limited series. Bunn writes DP extremely well as usual, but the real x factor has been Ramon Rosanas' art. I don't know why this guy doesn't do more comics work but he is a genius at DP. That sequence between the gun-toting grannies and DP was masterful, especially that reveal. wow, just wow!

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Can we maybe not refer to Deadpool as 'DP'?

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Loving this series! And the art and covers are great!