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New Warriors #4 - The Kids Are All Fight Part 4 Review


It’s Evolution, baby!

The Good

The High Evolutionary has teamed up this right The Evolutionary? They weren’t ALWAYS together?...okay, if you insist. Chris Yost has brought together some of Marvel’s best B and C-listers (seriously, how is Darkhawk NOT on this team??) to take on the beings that are, apparently, keeping the Celestials at bay. That’s right, this issue we learn that the Evolutionaries are killing the few to save the many, but since the few haven’t actually done anything wrong, are they even close to in the right? This issue gives us a great fight that’s seemingly been building since the first issue, and it’s quite the brawl, involving everyone using their extremely diverse and interesting power set in a cool way. And, of course, Scarlet Spider being called Spider-Man is always a treat for his reaction.

There’s some incredible linework in here from artist Marcus To, giving everything a cartoonish, kinetic feel. Cartoonish doesn't mean lacking in detail, however, and there's a tremendous amount of small effects and characterizations that makes each panel stand out. Of course the colors by David Curiel are a massive part of what makes the visuals pop off the page and set the tone of bright, animated action. This is another book that uses tinting on panels to set a tone with incredible economy.

The Bad

I enjoy this book, but it feels somewhat paint-by-numbers, especially with what’s going on in other Marvel titles. This book feels very much like it’s going through the motions, even despite the sharp dialog, though there's been very little character development so far, which I'm hoping changes as the team coheres and we need less exposition. Also I can’t emphasize this enough: there’s a faction called the Evolutionary and a man called the High Evolutionary and they’ve never even heard of each other until the few months before this issue. That's not necessarily this book's fault as both factions existed beforehand, but It feels like if Kirk Langstrom had turned himself into, and called himself, Man-Bat without having heard of or met Batman. This specifically didn't affect the score, it's more a personal gripe.

The action jumps around a lot from page-to-page, and even panel-to-panel, at one point Speedball seems shocked to see Namorita, but it’s never made clear as to why and the action on the next page shifts entirely. That's just one example but are other times like this when it feels like dialog or even entire panels are missing. Ultimately this feels like two issues were hastily compressed into one.

The Verdict

This isn’t a bad issue by any stretch, and the good parts outweigh the bad to the point that I’m very much looking forward to what next issue brings. I think it’s a great shift to see a cast of also-rans taking on a massive, world-ending plot where none of the A-listers are even aware of it as it lends some really fresh, interesting perspectives to the whole thing. This isn’t the strongest issue of the four, but based on the other three, and the parts of this one I like, I'm optimistic there’ll still be plenty to look forward to in this book.

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Posted by Nova`Prime`

If I am not mistaken Dark Hawk hasn't been heard from since War/Reign of Kings.

Posted by ShadowX

@nova_prime_: Dark-Hawk was last scene in Avengers Arena actually. I think he survived the island but wasn't in good shape. not 100% sure on that last part. u he was in it. although i wish i ca wipe that whole series and undercover from exsistence.

Edited by tparks

@nova_prime_: Darkhawk disappeared just when he became much more interesting. I don't get why he is so unliked.

Posted by Maddpanda531

Wait, Namorita is back?

Posted by millennium

if and or when yost turns speedball back into penance then ill check out this book but from what ive heard about the last 3 books im not missing out

Edited by waezi2

Cant wait till I get my hands on this!

Wait, Namorita is back?

No, she just looks like her. Sorry.

Edited by RaggedScarecrow

@shadowx: No you're right. Darkhawk was last seen leaving Murderworld on a stretcher with the Darkhawk amulet, which Chase presumably gave back to him.

Posted by Maddpanda531

@waezi2: Aw man, I was so excited...

Posted by Nova`Prime`

@shadowx: Thanks for the disappointing update ;) Another of my favorite characters that was better off left where time forgot him :)

Edited by Dman1366

@undeadpool uh is that the best song by Pearl Jam? I think so!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@undeadpool Speedball was shocked because Namorita is dead and that character looks a lot like her

Posted by waezi2

@jonny_anonymous: But it seams that Water Snake has a connection to Nita. She said something about letting her down in issue three.

Edited by zhis616

@waezi2: actually Namorita is alive just in comic book limbo. At the end of the last Nova series, during Realm of Kings, Nova rescued a time displaced Namorita before she died in Civil War. Last alive with the rest of the Nova Corps

Posted by waezi2

@zhis616: I read somewhere that she returned to her own timeline.

Posted by zhis616

@waezi2: I'll have to recheck the issue but I remember Nova's thoughts were something like "screw the timeline rules, this is my old dead girlfriend". Maybe she did in between issues.

Posted by waezi2

@zhis616: Or maybe it's a off-screen thing some writer made up. Wouldn't have been the first time it happened.

Posted by Fallschirmjager

....still only reading cos Aracely and Kaine.

Posted by waezi2

@zhis616: I was wrong, my bad.

@zhis616 said:

"screw the timeline rules, this is my old dead girlfriend".

Good old Rich:)

Posted by Dman1366
Posted by Fallschirmjager

@dman1366 said:

@fallschirmjager: absolutely not! Scarlet Spider was the best book marvel had

I feel like we're agreeing but your comment insinuates otherwise.

Posted by Dman1366

@fallschirmjager: hahaha I admit I can be an ass, but I am dead serious. My favorite issue was the rodeo one, not the best action comic ever, but I love character development; and I was rooting for Kaine and Annabelle for almost a year. That is why the ending bummed me out...

Posted by Fallschirmjager

@dman1366: ...again I agree...I'm reading this cos Kaine and Aracely are in it...

Posted by Ms-Lola

Everyone's comments has confused me somewhat but yeah, I agree about Darkhawk, he should be on this team. To be fair, I only know of the New Warriors because of the whole Civil War thing so curiosity is propelling me at this point to keep buying this book. I don't mean that in a bad way because I do like it but as a new fan (who isn't rich), this might not stay on my pull list.

A couple of the guys remind me of 90's Gambit. In clothes and attitude.


Does anyone else find it hilarious that Kaine keeps getting called Spider-Man?

Posted by Tiamut

Didn't Nova bring Namorita back?