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Nailbiter #1 - Chapter One: There Will Be Blood Review


Get ready for a creepy trip to a town that has birthed several serial killers. The investigation into a missing FBI Agent is only the beginning.

The Good

The concept of stories focusing on serial killers has been seen many times. Joshua Williamson takes it and runs in a new direction. Many times the focus is simply put on trying to capture the killer but NAILBITER delves more into what causes an individual to become one.

The premise of the story deals with an FBI Agent determined to figure out why one particular town in Oregon has birthed so many serial killers. Just as he figures out what's going on, he goes missing. It's up to his friend to try to pick up where he left off in order to uncover the truth about his disappearance and the history of killers.

It's easy to see that Williamson has everything mapped out completely. With every tiny detail we discover in the town, the creepier things get. With the fact that the FBI Agent has gone missing, it's easy to assume a killer is currently active. It just might be there is more than one.

Mike Henderson provides the art. Henderson has worked with Williamson before on MASKS AND MOBSTERS. His style captures the feel of Williamson's script nicely. With Adam Guzowski's colors, the mood is complete. Buckaroo, Oregon is clearly not a town you'd want to visit.

The Bad

Once you get to that last page, you might find yourself cursing over the cliffhanger. Having to wait until June 4 is going to be rough.

The Verdict

Horror and thriller comics aren't easy to do. Because of the comics medium, they often fail to truly deliver the chills and suspense the creators are trying to convey. Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson show us they have a pretty damn good idea how to do it right. It's a joy to see a dark story make its point without relying on over-the-top or gratuitous scenes. With a big mystery and a killer (or killers) lurking about, you won't know if the main characters will survive for many issues. The tension created in this first issue sets the tone for the series and you won't be able to resist coming back for more. Just be prepared for a cliffhanger that will keep you waiting in anticipation until the next issue.

Posted by NewComicGuy

Sounds pretty cool but adding Southern Bastards last week tapped me out on my pull list.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by longbowhunter

Probably my most anticipated book tomorrow.

Posted by NewComicGuy


Ha! Did you write the Southern Bastards review? That got me interested and the first issue sold me the rest of the way. Aaron is a great writer.

Posted by ZbvmX

I'm a fan of Ghosted, so I'm in this as well. Can't wait to pick it up later :D

Posted by Lena_Dante

Ahhhh, this looks like another really good book coming out of Image.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by averywetfrog

ill check it out

Posted by Ms-Lola

Woah! Just the cover has me interested in picking this up.

Posted by mak13131313

Probably my most anticipated book tomorrow.


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Super excited for this book.

Posted by Maddpanda531

This looks really cool! Too bad I'm way, way, way over the amount of books that I should be buying each week. Otherwise, I would totally pick this up. Maybe if I have a couple extra bucks...

Posted by Nahuel

@maddpanda531: Same here! I'm almost bankrupt because of Image and Valiant. I think I'll save some money to buy the Trade, but that's not for sure either... :(

Posted by iaconpoint

Damn you Image! Give us some breathing room!

Posted by NewComicGuy

@g_man: damn you G-Man, I ended up getting this. Looks good.

Posted by LiveForever

@g_man: damn you G-Man, I ended up getting this. Looks good.

Ha! Same. I pretty much came here to post the same comment...

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I really want to get this, but super cheap image first trades!

Posted by longbowhunter

Buckaroo and its citizens feel like they're on a different plane of existence. The tone for this book is both terrifying and whimsical. So far its off to a good start. Looking forward to issue #2.

Posted by skyjumpermike

Excellent first issue. The art and story are good partners and creepy!

Posted by Paul2814

Loved it. Has a True Detective feel.

Posted by NICKXH

Anyone know if this is ongoing or a limited series?

Posted by Ms-Lola

I am so glad I picked up this book. I didn't know what to expect since horror isn't really something I go for but this is good. Creepy and scary and good.

Posted by J_HickmanIsGod

Damn you Image! Give us some breathing room!


quite literally 85% of my pull list is Image titles.....

Posted by GrenadeFlow

This was a great read. Added it to my pullist